AMSTERDAM is located in brand-new York, US. The ZIP code for AMSTERDAM is 12010. For much more information, please view details below, together as: AMSTERDAM an easy information, ZIP code list, ZIP+4 password list, interactive map, and also etc.

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AMSTERDAM simple Information


U.S. - unified States

State: - new York

The city the AMSTERDAM belongs come the Multi-counties.

CountyCity Name
Fulton CountyAMSTERDAM
Montgomery CountyAMSTERDAM
Saratoga CountyAMSTERDAM
Schenectady CountyAMSTERDAM

City Name:


ZIP password 5 List

ZIP password 5 add to 4

What is the 4 plus zip password for AMSTERDAM, new York? What is the zip expansion for AMSTERDAM? What is the critical 4 number of zip password for AMSTERDAM? listed below is the zip expansion list for AMSTERDAM. You can inspect the AMSTERDAM, brand-new York 9 number zip password according to the address.

ZIP password 5 plus 4 deal with
12010-0001 PO crate 1 (From 1 come 31 ) , AMSTERDAM,
12010-0041 PO box 41 (From 41 to 71 ) , AMSTERDAM,
12010-0081 PO box 81 (From 81 to 111 ) , AMSTERDAM,
12010-0121 PO box 121 (From 121 come 151 ) , AMSTERDAM,
12010-0161 PO box 161 (From 161 to 191 ) , AMSTERDAM,
12010-0201 PO box 201 (From 201 come 231 ) , AMSTERDAM,
12010-0241 PO crate 241 (From 241 to 271 ) , AMSTERDAM,
12010-0281 PO box 281 (From 281 come 311 ) , AMSTERDAM,
12010-0321 PO box 321 (From 321 come 351 ) , AMSTERDAM,
12010-0361 PO box 361 (From 361 to 391 ) , AMSTERDAM,

If friend can't find the 12010 plus 4 zip code you require on this page, us recommend girlfriend to usage the the attribute of quick Select.
AMSTERDAM Envelope Example

This is an example of U.S envelope. To fill in the sender"s details at the peak left and the recipient information at the bottom right. The necessary information is sender/recipient"s full name, street address, city, state and zip code. The recipient address information has actually been given for her reference. Generally, If you room not certain of the complete 9-digit zip code, you have the right to only fill in the 5-digit zip password to avoid loss of package.

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