There are so numerous things in this fandom that make me crazy. This is my ar to keep all that insanity. Destiel will never be canon. Megstiel is canon. Sam Winchester is wonderful and also the most vital person in the people to Dean. Dean is not abusive. John Winchester to be a great man that did the best he could. If these opinions do you nuts, this is not the blog for you.

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Zimbio is law a poll because that the favourite TV Couples in March. Of course, any level headed human being will recognize that the vote is pointless. But the hellers space behaving prefer destiel will become canon if they will the poll. Haha, and also they suffering, due to the fact that despite winning various other polls v the help of amount say accounts, this time they are suffering. Ns don’t understand why a frivolous poll is making lock flip out so much. The doesn’t take much to create a heller, i guess.

Apparently, over there is an additional ship dubbed Posie, that is winning.So the hellers are anywhere the comments, screeching that Posie is winning since they room cheating with bots.Maybe they are not aware of this, yet Destiel is very unpopular. They are making the very same noiseonZimbiothat lock do, on Itshilarious.

Some the the comments

The men who are now sitting and also voting for the Destiel will not work, this year the poll is no fair, the ar was originally purchased so the we would certainly not perform it. We will certainly still lose, there space no bots, nothing, the website itself increases voices and promotes the one that paid, that’s all

we, destiel, were at 50.03 and also in 10 minutes we’re in ~ 49,50….not possible when for 2 hours we were at 49.90/50.00 -.-’

Oh come on! space the posies yes, really trying come pretend they acquired destiel come drop 10% in a an extremely short period, without utilizing bots? We can see what you males are doing, friend know?

And Posie is continuing to bot against Destiel. Because that’s the only way their tiny ship might possibly to win the behemoth the is Destiel. And also they know it, also as castle cry victim. Aw diddums.

One Posieshipper shooting back

Wow the Destiel fandom is full of toxicity bitches

Destiel’s craziest heller , the one who claims she is possessed by the yellow eyed demon, made decision to take under the posie shipper for discussing the obvious. Now apparently, clever shipper gets fits. I speak to bull shit because she insurance claims a the majority of things.


Zimbio is, like any kind of smart entity, simply ignoring them. Why is it the everytime they shed something, also something together silly as this, they upper and lower reversal out and also accuse others of using bots. This made my cheeks hurt indigenous smirking. If i didn’t have other things to do, ns would have actually read the comments all day. The is for this reason funny.

The thing is, destiel shippers are the ones in reality cheating and using bots. Mine friend witnessed them top top reddit supplying to pay human being to configure bots because that voting before the polls started.

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What the fuck? Why is a poll that important? that the hell cares sufficient to pay because that votes? It’s not going come make your fanon ship end up being canon. Posie (the delivery they’re increase against) is an yes, really canon ship so ns really don’t think the fans room using bots. They currently have what castle (and part destiel shippers) want: canon. Likewise that comment screenshot native Minerva? That’s Goob. Ghost that Bobby, intelligent shipper, whatever. Even without the name you have the right to tell through the barely meaningful writing complete of misused large words and also a hodgepodge that buzzwords the she thinks renders her sound smart. Plus she needs to use“like” a lot therefore she have the right to pretend she’s down v the teens.