When i go come this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CuCn6mNJjpA i gain this blog post "Your web browser does not currently recognize any type of of the video clip formats available"Yet once i walk look at https://www.youtube.com/html5, it states my Firefox web browser supports everything there. And chrome theatre the video with zero problems. What the heck google..

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If you use any extensions choose YouTube speed Player, YouTube Flash video Player, or any type of others that pressure Flash top top the site, uninstall them since Flash is background on YouTube. Hopefully that will enable HTML5 playback to work-related normally.

If no one of the replies help, what windows version execute you run and see https://support.mozilla.org/kb/fix-video-audio-problems-firefox-windows

I've been having actually the same issue with new youtube uploads the past few days, I've tried disabling plugins, for sure mode, clearing cache and so on to no use, any type of other suggestions?

It works fine in Chrome despite I just tried in Opera and failure there on the exact same videos.

Any various other suggestions?


Does my link work for you now? because it started to work for me there is no doing something on my part, my uncertainty is the youtube offer a various format to different browsers users and possibly convert the video to that format is done later/slower 보다 the format they space delivering to other browsers.

media.mediasource.enabledmedia.mediasource.webm.enabledmedia.mediasource.mp4.enabledEnabling the very first one here fixed mine issue.I tried every the encourage fixes consisting of safe mode and also this is the just thing that did the trick.

Late come the party yet hopefully this helps in the future for others looking for a fix.

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Thank you!!! I've been having actually the same trouble with Chrome, which make me store on switching between various browsers to play YT clips. I've been maintaining up v the updates, clearing cache, cookie etc., nothing worked. Sometimes videos would certainly play if you preserved on refresh the page but it was annoying and also random. I just uninstalled flash and also it's all playing effortlessly again!


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