Some tiktok users have actually been reporting an error blog post that mr up saying “you are visiting our business too frequently,” staying clear of them indigenous logging right into the app.

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With the quantity of tiktok users farming by the day, together with how quickly the app is updating and also adding new features, it’s only herbal the servers will suffer some issues, and cause some bizarre or frustrating bugs.

In January, numerous were even reporting a strange pest that made green and also black glitches to appear in the middle of videos, and even cause the app to freeze altogether, making watching videos nearly impossible.

This time, however, some people aren’t even managing to get past the login stage, as an error message shows up telling them the they are, “visiting our business too frequently.” The message has baffled plenty of users, who space keen for the issue to be resolved so they deserve to use tik as normal again.

TikTokTikTok has come to be a hub for every sorts of viral trends.

How to deal with “you visit as well frequently” an insect on TikTok

It’s not actually clean what causes this issue, as tiktok themselves have actually not confirmed it, however many theorize the the message shows up if you space using a VPN (Virtual private Network.)

It could also be together a an outcome of activity that might cause your account to get significant as spam, such as logging in and also out continuously or signing up to multiple account in quick sequence from the exact same device.

While the complying with methods aren’t guarantee to aid get rid the the error message, it could be a great start in establishing whether the issue is emerging at your finish or TikTok’s end.

Disable her VPN.Reboot her WiFi router.Change which router/internet resource you are linked to.Delete and re-install TikTok.

Again, these room by no means foolproof methods, but running with these different alternatives might aid resolve the worry until tiktok comes out with a much more permanent fix.

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While these type of errors are usually just temporary, if the trouble persists it may be a an excellent idea to call TikTok support straight from their website.