v Night the Champions just three work away, Seth Rollins and also Sheamus" “friendship” dropped on tough times, The brand-new Day combated in defense of mother Nature and Team PCB crashed a less-than-stellar “Bellabration.”

surfacetoairnewyork.com SmackDown results, Sept. 17, 2015: Dean Ambrose & roman Reigns triumphed over Seth Rollins & Sheamus front of Night of champions

Sheamus and Rollins shared a “friendly” encounter

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — through Night the Champions just three days away, The Architect and The Celtic Warrior’s “friendship” dropped on hard times, The new Day dealt with in defense of mommy Nature and Team PCB crashed a less-than-stellar “Bellabration.”

surfacetoairnewyork.com people Heavyweight and United claims Champion Seth Rollins kicked turn off Thursday’s sexy show, seemingly unfazed ~ being compelled to tap out to Sting’s Scorpion Deathlock ~ above Raw, together he predicted success in both his matches this Sunday at Night of Champions.

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Photos: Sheamus interrupts Rollins" SmackDown address

But when the titleholder started talking around SmackDown’s main occasion — pitting Rollins & Sheamus versus Roman Reigns & Dean Ambrose — Mr. Money in the bank arrived. Sheamus reminded the arrogant champion that he would certainly be researching his strengths and also weaknesses throughout their main event match, in preparation for a potential Money in the financial institution cash-in. 

Naomi & Sasha banks def. Paige & Becky Lynch

After gift tagged right into the dispute by Becky Lynch, Paige easily took out both Naomi & Sasha financial institutions in imposing fashion. A short disruption native Becky pulling The ceo off the ring apron suddenly curbed The Diva of Tomorrow’s momentum, however, opening the door for a quick  pinfall victory for Team B.A.D.

Night the Champions: Nikki Bella vs. Charlotte - Divas Championship Match

Will Team PCB’s turbulent patch continue this Sunday in ~ Night the Champions once Charlotte difficulties Nikki Bella for the Divas Championship? 

Kofi Kingston def. D-Von Dudley

Before Kofi Kingston stepped into the ring with D-Von Dudley, The Dreadlocked Dynamo and also his new Day cohorts continued to struggle for mom Nature by happen a petition to conserve the tables come SmackDown.

Night of Champions: The new Day vs. The Dudley Boyz - surfacetoairnewyork.com tags Team location Match

Although D-Von threw away their plea to save the environment, the optimistic trio controlled to escape Thursday’s hottest display with a table in tow. But even more importantly, the high-flying Kingston took benefit of his distracted enemy — that was busy fighting turn off Xavier Woods — by rolling the up for the victory. Can this be an point out of those to come as soon as the Dudleys attempt to win the surfacetoairnewyork.com tags Team Championship indigenous The brand-new Day at Night of Champions?

Big present def. Cesaro

Before his match versus Cesaro, huge Show was handed what appeared to be a peace offering in the kind of a movie manuscript from The Miz, i beg your pardon The World’s largest Athlete quickly tossed aside.

Watch: Stardust looks come the cosmos prior to Night that Champions

Inside the squared circle, the large Superstar was moved to his limit by The Swiss Superman who matched his enormous foe, strike for strike. In the end, however, The King of Swing fell to a jaw-rattling KO beat from his substantial foe.

Kevin Owens def. Dolph Ziggler by Disqualification

Dolph Ziggler and Kevin Owens traded high-impact maneuvers inside and outside the ring as both Superstars combated just 3 days prior to their respective contests in ~ Night that Champions. It was the prizefighter’s Intercontinental Championship complement opponent who ended up rushing the ring as soon as it looked choose Owens was ready to injure The Showoff with a relocate on the outside.

Night the Champions: Ziggler vs. Rusev |  Ryback vs. Owens - Intercontinental title Match

K.O. Escaped before Ryback might hit his covering Shocked, yet it remains to be watched if the awful fighter will be for this reason lucky once he war The big Guy this Sunday.

Nikki’s “Bellabration” to be a vast let down

Nikki Bella's celebration blows increase in she face: SmackDown, Sept. 17, 2015 "}>,"takeover_bg":"/f/2018/10/Network_Video_Splash_Image--857cdd913705083d053590c09b1a91b9.jpg"}">Nikki BellaSee just how Nikki Bella would certainly react to she party"s surprise turnout, set up to celebrate her becoming the longest-reiging Divas Champion of all time.

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Nikki Bella’s “Bellabration” in respect of her ending up being the longest reigning Divas Champion ever included plenty the hype, but ended up being a substantial disappointment for the titleholder. Not only was “The Fearless” Nikki met with an empty room, but Team PCB and Charlotte ended up getting here as the No. 1 contender to she butterfly-emblazoned title reminded her the she can lose her title this Sunday in ~ Night of champion by pinfall, submission, count-out or disqualification. 

Night of Champions: Nikki Bella vs. Charlotte - Divas Championship Match

Summer Rae approached Dolph Ziggler

Summer Rae philosophies Dolph Ziggler: SmackDown, Sept. 17, 2015 "}>,"takeover_bg":"/f/2018/10/Network_Video_Splash_Image--857cdd913705083d053590c09b1a91b9.jpg"}">Summer Rae philosophies Dolph Ziggler: SmackDown, Sept. 17, 2015How walk The Showoff define the gift he gave to Summer Rae on Monday night?

The recurring drama between Summer Rae, Dolph Ziggler and also their corresponding partners ongoing on SmackDown together The Showoff readily available a quite ambiguous explanation for carrying a gift to Summer on Monday night. 

Dean Ambrose & roman inn Reigns def. Seth Rollins & Sheamus

During a turoulend main-event clash, Seth Rollins and Sheamus ended up suggesting after The Celtic Warrior pulled away from his partner’s sign attempt, prompting The Architect to take it Mr. Money in the Bank’s briefcase. Between the commotion, the surfacetoairnewyork.com world Heavyweight and also United says Champion was at some point able to tag in the ireland Superstar, opening up roman Reigns and also Dean Ambrose come take treatment of the rest with a Superman Punch and also Dirty Deeds combination for the win.

Night of Champions: Reigns, Ambrose & partner of their picking vs. The Wyatt Family

The night was no over, though, as The Wyatt Family appeared on the TitanTron, informing the brother in arms that it doesn’t issue who their companion is because that this Sunday’s huge Six-Man sign Team match at Night that Champions, they will all autumn down.