WWE Smackdown ResultsMarch 17, 2016Cincinnati, OhioReport by: Alex Kahrs that surfacetoairnewyork.com

“WWE: Then. Now. Forever.”

We open with a look back at Monday Night RAW, wherein Roman Reigns made his return to precise revenge ~ above Triple H for around a month ago. The brawl goes every the method backstage, wherein Roman unleashes with everything he can find and then some. Native there us go to the packed group in Cincinnati, whereby Roman Reigns provides his way out via the stage for the very first time in forever. Commentary talks around Roman’s injury and also return this Monday as roman inn gets come the ring, climb the turnbuckle with his fists increase high. Commentary hypes the WWE people Heavyweight Championship complement at Wrestlemania as roman inn paces the ring, mic in hand. Roman claims we’ve seen the footage; that’s what happens once you operation your mouth. Triple H to trust in money, power, and also respect, but I’m a tiny different. I think in the huge fight, and the huge fight knocked Triple H into next week. Triple H isn’t here yet he’s watching, he’s constantly watching. You’re tho the champ, yet I’m the male standing in her arena. I’m just the male standing in her ring, and going ago there eating your catering on her dime because I can, and also I’m gonna do it every main till you and I are in the same area code…and then I’m gonna beat your ass again, since I can. On April 3 at Wrestlemania, in former of the entirety world, you’re gonna view me ruin Triple H and I’m gonna win the WWE human being Heavyweight Championship, and also hold it end his body because I can. Triple H, if you’re as smart as you say you are, you’re gonna believe that! roman drops the mic together his music dram while he stares in ~ the Wrestlemania sign, looking all set as ever for his upcoming battle. Commentary talks around the rivalry in between Jericho and Styles leading to the implosion of Y2AJ ~ above RAW two weeks ago, and Jericho’s words versus AJ styles last week on Smackdown. We go come Jericho’s promo ~ his match with Neville this previous week on RAW, interrupted by an AJ formats attack. Backstage, Renee Young is with AJ layouts as she talks around the deterioration of the friendship between AJ and also Jericho. AJ states the WWE Universe can chant everything they want, yet Chris do this personal. This past Monday that felt really great dropping Jericho in the middle–AJ is interrupted by Kevin Owens, who claims AJ sounds just like Sami Zayn. “My friend assaulted me, and made this personal”…you and Sami should acquire your own present on the WWE Network where you hold each other and also cry, due to the fact that you’re both too stupid come realize that in this business, friendship doesn’t matter. All the really does matter is this, together he looks at his championship. AJ claims that Owens sounds similar to Jericho: smug, arrogant, jackass. Owens claims it’s weird you didn’t point out we’re both Canadians, yet what’s your point? AJ says they have a match tonight, therefore you obtain to put your money wherein your huge mouth is, and also I gain to closeup of the door it. Owens simply chuckles, saying they have actually the exact same haircut prior to walking off. Earlier at ringside, Dolph Ziggler renders his method to the ring because that the opening challenge of the night together we go to commercial!


Back native commercial, The Miz renders his way to the ring because that this “Battle for Ohio” together the enhance starts.

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Dolph Ziggler vs. The Miz

Ziggler take away Miz down, but Miz reverses till Dolph it s okay a rollup because that a nearfall, not once however twice. Miz grabbing the ropes come break points up. Some technical wrestling occurs as Ziggler gets another nearfall, yet Miz transforms things approximately with a headlock takedown that Dolph reverses right into a nearfall. Dolph v a couple of headlock takedowns of his own, yet Miz gets back to his feet. Dolph against the ropes now, yet gets a shoulder handle on Miz. Dolph goes for a dropkick, yet gets recorded by Miz who monkey flips him into the ropes. Dolph skins the cat, lacking a kick yet rolling Miz up for a nearfall. Dolph with a i know good toss before dropping one elbow top top Miz repetitively until Miz rolls out of the way. Miz records Dolph ~ above the peak rope, yet Dolph responds v a large dropkick once Miz comes ago in, getting a nearfall! Dolph slams Miz in the corner however Miz responds by whipping Ziggler difficult into the corner, sending out Dolph the end of the ring with a baseball slide together we walk to commercial!


Back native commercial, Miz fall Ziggler v a twin axe manage for a nearfall. The stomps top top the chest the Ziggler, locking in a bodyscissors and also grabbing Ziggler’s hair as Dolph yells in pain. Dolph it s okay to his feet and to the corner, wherein Miz runs right into a shoulderblock through Ziggler. Ziggler responds with some clotheslines and also a neckbreaker, and also finally a bodyslam prior to getting a nearfall. Dolph misses a kick, and Miz rolls him up for a nearfall. Miz misses a boot of his own, but blocks the DDT to drop Ziggler v a boots for the nearfall. Miz looks because that Skull Crushing Finale, however is blocked together Dolph rolls him up for a nearfall. Miz locks in a figure Four Leglock as Ziggler inches toward the ropes. Ziggler bring away the bottom rope, breaking the hold before dropping Miz with a superkick because that the win!

Winner via pinfall: Dolph Ziggler

Dolph celebrates v the crowd together commentary talks about the organization of Nation’s assault on brand-new Day top top Monday night. They exaggeration Kofi Kingston taking on King Barrett later on tonight, and a face off in between Charlotte, Sasha Banks, and Becky Lynch!


Back from commercial, we obtain a video clip hyping Wrestlemania in Dallas comes in less than 3 weeks! us go ago to raw on Monday night, wherein Ryback obstacles Kalisto for the United says Championship in ~ Wrestlemania. Previously this main Kalisto embraced the challenge, and also commentary hypes the match now made official for Wrestlemania! we go earlier to raw on Monday together Dean tested Brock to an additional fight together they get ready for your No hold Barred Street Fight at Wrestlemania, before Mick Foley gives Ambrose some advice and his barbed wire baseball bat! we go to previously today, together Dean Ambrose look at on at his hometown. Cincinnati, Ohio: the Queen City, the fountain City, a better looking Cleveland. Brock Lesnar has actually been training for a hit his whole life, NCAA, UFC, WWE, yet down over there you train come fight for your life. Girlfriend train come fight because that a much better life. Down there, every work is Wrestlemania, and the comb couldn’t be higher. The pressure is turn off the charts, and pressure provides diamonds. For this reason every time I acquired a brick thrown at me, every time I acquired jumped, i learned a lesson. Cincinnati taught me everything: how to fight, just how to live, exactly how to survive, exactly how to be Dean Ambrose and also I plan to pass that learning onto Brock Lesnar in ~ Wrestlemania. Ns hope he’s ready, due to the fact that from my experience nothing harms like an education! ago at ringside, Bubba ray is accompanied to the ring by D-Von as he provides his way to the ring because that the following match. The Dudley Boyz go into the ring together we walk to commercial.


Back from commercial, comment hypes the room of Fame course of 2016 as Goldust makes his means to the ring. This match is underway!

Bubba beam Dudley vs. Goldust

D-Von traction a table out from under the ring, distracting Goldust long sufficient for a sneak attack by Bubba. Bubba tells D-Von to placed the table away together he throws Goldust right into the corner twice over. He mocks Goldust together he drives an elbow into the ago of Goldust, followed by some ideal hands together he traction Goldust up for a neckbreaker. He mocks Goldust part more, and also takes some best hands because that his troubles. Bubba blocks a sunset flip, but Goldust evades a sit drop by Bubba Ray. Bubba mocks Goldust through a Bionic Elbow shades of his dad Dusty Rhodes, but Goldust responds through a absent to the gut and a ideal hand come the face! Goldust gets part momentum, control his fist into Bubba beam in the corner before hitting a bulldog into the center of the ring because that a nearfall. Bubba rolls out of the ring, and Goldust follows dropping D-Von with a right hand. Goldust goes back into the ring yet is captured with a punt by Bubba because that the win!

Winner via pinfall: Bubba beam Dudley

D-Von operation in after ~ the complement to strike Goldust, before R-Truth runs down to do the save! that unleashes some appropriate hands top top both Dudley Boyz before getting to reduce by Bubba Ray. The Usos make their method out next, scaring the Dudley Boyz the end of the ring. Bubba and D-Von regroup ~ above the stage as the Usos’ music plays. Comment talks about the showdown between Shane McMahon and Undertaker this past Monday, and the face off in between Charlotte, Sasha Banks, and Becky Lynch up next!


Back from commercial, Charlotte renders her means to the ring attach by Ric Flair. Charlotte it s okay a mic, and talks about defending she Divas Championship in just over 2 weeks versus two women that I’ve practically known my entire adult life. We’ve laughed, we’ve fought, we’ve make up, and we have fallen apart, however I honestly would certainly not it is in standing out here today if the were no for the two of them. Sasha, Becky, I’m asking you come remember our history and expropriate my invitation. Becky Lynch makes her method out come the ring now, mic in hand together Charlotte remarks “just you? No BFF?” Becky states the critical one didn’t job-related out for this reason well. Charlotte says she verified up, and she can count ~ above Becky, and Becky agrees; she can count on Becky taking that title at Wrestlemania! Charlotte starts to respond, however is interrupted together Sasha banks makes her means to the ring v a mic of her own. Charlotte claims look who finally showed up, however Sasha claims as The boss you can’t phone call me as soon as to show up! Becky asks if they’re going come litter the road to Wrestlemania v bickering and nonsense, but Charlotte states she won’t. She’s been thinking back to NXT, once we trained every single day together. This is what we’ve functioned for! i remember the job I dubbed my dad and said ns met the many amazing, talented women. Her dad said they sound like the Horsemen, and also said possibly they’re the Horsewomen. She assumed Ric would disown her, but he claimed if they’re as good as she stated then maybe they are. Charlotte hates to admit once she’s wrong, however that’s why I brought the two of you out here…to apologize. In former of all these people, I want to apologize. Dad, I’m sorry…for every thinking these two were worthy the being dubbed Horsewomen! Becky wondered when the real Charlotte to be going to present her face, and also Sasha asks if Charlotte carried them out right here to it is in embarrassed. Charlotte has actually felt guilty due to the fact that her dad’s faction granted the surname to 2 women who didn’t worthy it. Becky doesn’t care, Charlotte can contact her everything she wants but come Wrestlemania, she is taking the title! Sasha disagrees, saying she’s the one who pinned Charlotte for the NXT Women’s Championship. In fact, due to the fact that she’s arrived she hasn’t been beaten. She deserves to it is in here an ext than Becky Lynch, who demands to gain to the earlier of the line because that the Divas Championship! Becky claims she only shed that match due to the fact that of “Daddy Dearest” and hasn’t gotten her rematch since Royal Rumble. Where she’s from, that takes an ext than a self-entitled ego and also some dollar store jewelry to be a Boss! Both women drop your microphones, shoving each other prior to going ~ Charlotte! They drive the champ out of the ring together Sasha’s music hits while Charlotte and Ric regroup on the ramp. Commentary hypes AJ formats taking on Kevin Owens later on tonight, and also Kofi Kingston bring away on King Barrett up next!


Back indigenous commercial, WWE promotes great Dogs in WWE history with a video clip package on the british Bulldogs before…


The brand-new Day make their way to the ring delivering some bags filled through something as they go into the ring, large E mirroring off a box of Booty-O’s as we go earlier to raw on Monday when the brand-new Day get attacked by the league of countries after the Tag location match. Woods has actually a mic in hand, speak they’ve been recuperating with a delicious crate of Booty-O’s cereal…they make certain you ain’t booty! You more than likely thought we’d be upset and do something like this…Big E yells that they’re gonna kick Sheamus’s pasty behind from tower to post! huge E interrupts Woods to continue on, prior to Kofi says they accept the league of Nation’s challenge because the organization of countries is yes, really just four bags…of warm garbage! They operation down the organization as they kick the bags of trash the end of the ring. Yet we, the brand-new Day, room your WWE world Tag Team Champions due to the fact that New…Day Rocks! They’re interrupted through the organization of Nations, together King Barrett gets ready for this match! commentary hypes The new Day vs The league of nations as this enhance begins!

Kofi Kingston vs. Go Barrett

Barrett going because that a clothesline but takes a dropkick from Kofi, who starts a one man unicorn stampede before Barrett slides the end of the means to regroup v the league of nations as us go come commercial.


Back native commercial, Kofi is quiet in control with some kicks and punches prior to Barrett reverses an ireland whip. Kofi gets distracted top top the apron by the League, as Barrett autumn Kofi with a boot to the face! The new Day was standing off through the league as Barrett it s okay Kofi earlier in the ring for a nearfall. Increase on the turnbuckle is Kofi together Barrett lays into him with some ideal hands and also a punting to the midsection, bringing Kofi under for a nearfall. Kofi gets some momentum together he access time a springboard crossbody for a nearfall. Kofi evades a clothesline because that a unique DDT and also a nearfall. Del Rio top top the apron because that the distraction, together Rusev autumn Kofi before big E stop him. The organization beat up on big E together Kofi gets earlier in the ring, hitting a spinning heel kick as the League get up top top the apron. Big E and Woods fall Rusev and also Del Rio, and also Kofi soil a superkick on Sheamus prior to rolling up Barrett because that the win!

Winner via pinfall: Kofi Kingston

New work regroups ~ above the stage, celebrating together commentary hypes the schedule for the WWE Network because that the main of Wrestlemania: stone Cold Podcast v Mick Foley, NXT Takeover: Dallas, the WWE hall of fame Red Carpet and also Ceremony, and of course Wrestlemania! us go to another vignette of Dean hitting the town, this time at Madonna’s Bar and also Grill. It’s a good place come lick her wounds, numb her pain, and there’s a hell of a open mic night on Thursdays. End the years, you learn a lot around yourself native bars favor this: girlfriend think about the fights girlfriend won and lost, and dream that fighting for large money…and then you realize it’s all crap, and none of that matters! What problem is fighting for pride, for who you are and where girlfriend come from. In ~ Wrestlemania I’m bringing the entire city that Cincinnati with me! Brock Lesnar doesn’t recognize what ache is, the doesn’t recognize what a street struggle is…not yet. He’s gonna discover out, and he’ll discover out at Wrestlemania! bottom up!

Commentary hypes what walk down in between Shane McMahon and also the Undertaker, and we’ll see much more next!


Back indigenous commercial, us go earlier to Monday Night RAW for the life Rebound! Vince McMahon talks around what Shane has to say gift a dream that will turn into a nightmare due to the fact that of MY instrument of destruction, The Undertaker! Vince states Undertaker doesn’t mind acquiring his hands dirty doing the devil’s work, he’s not gonna mind at every Shane’s spirit merely in a puddle beneath her feet. Some speak to this one unholy alliance, ns simply call this best for business. Shane interrupts, speak he will avoid at nothing to loss Undertaker at Wrestlemania…and Taker says that won’t it is in enough! Shane calls that Vince’s puppet…and bitch, prompting an strike by the Deadman! Vince shoves Shane into the course of a chokeslam by Taker, together commentary hypes the Hell in a cabinet match in between Shane McMahon and The Undertaker at Wrestlemania! earlier at ringside, social Outcasts room sitting on the apron as Heath Slater insists we’re looking at top-grade talent! Bo Dallas states at Wrestlemania, society Outcasts will be the an initial team in background to success the Andre the huge Memorial battle Royal together! Heath states he’s the leader and he’s gonna success this fight royal, yet Curtis says he to know a thing or two around battle royals. He was never removed from the 2015 royal Rumble match, but Adam increased interrupts to humiliation Curtis as Dean Ambrose provides his way out to the ring! Dean’s got a kendo stick in hand, swinging it in ~ Heath and Bo as Curtis and Adam seek him, prior to both acquisition shots come the human body by the insane Fringe. Dean bring away a mic, questioning if the society Outcasts were done. That doesn’t matter, since we’re in the ‘Natti tonight baby! Dean was walking around town as soon as he heard a rumor the Brock Lesnar is comes to Smackdown next week. Critical week friend walked far from a fight v me, so following week I’m gonna it is in standing in the middle of this ring prepared to rock and roll…so let’s watch if you’ve got the baseballs to step up to the plate! Dean’s music hits together commentary talks around the impending collision between Ambrose and Lesnar next week on Smackdown. We watch AJ Styles and also Kevin Owens go backstage before their huge match coming up next!


Back from commercial, Kevin Owens provides his means to the ring because that this large main event! Kevin poses v his location in the ring together AJ renders his means to the ring now as comment hypes AJ’s debut in the imperial Rumble match before being eliminated by Kevin Owens. We go back to 2 weeks back on RAW once Y2AJ imploded after ~ Jericho dropped layouts with 3 Codebreakers, and also last main on RAW as soon as AJ responded through an assault of his very own on Jericho!

Main occasion (Non-Title Match)WWE Intercontinental Champion Kevin Owens vs. AJ Styles

Owens it s okay a headlock top top Styles, who powers out and also hits a dropkick on Owens prior to laying into the champ v some chops and a forearm. AJ top top the apron, yet Owens autumn AJ v a rib breaker, giving him a boots to the outside as us go to commercial.

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Back indigenous commercial, Owens is in control with a sleeper hold before AJ gets earlier up yet Owens shoves him come the mat. Owens going for the running senton, yet is met v knees through AJ who sends out Owens into the steel post. The ref starts the count together Owens rolls ago into the ring, right right into a flurry of violation by Styles! formats looking because that the layouts Clash, but Owens fall him v a ago bodydrop. AJ sends Owens out of the ring, and also lands a springboard forearm prior to bringing Owens earlier into the ring. AJ has Owens ~ above his shoulders, hitting a Ushigoroshi for a nearfall! AJ v a waistlock, however Owens reverses. AJ goes for a moonsault however Owens evades, setting up what appears to it is in a parcel piledriver(!) however hitting a Blue Thunder Bomb because that a nearfall. AJ acquiring some steam now with some kicks and also an enziguri, however Owens responds with a substantial lariat! Both men trading blows now, and AJ unleashes part offense just to take a superkick by Owens! Owens goes for the Pop-Up Powerbomb, but AJ block it and hits a Pele Kick! AJ elevator Owens into a torture rack into a large slam because that a nearfall! AJ gets to the height turnbuckle, however takes a forearm indigenous Owens. Owens set up because that a superplex, however AJ knocks Owens turn off the turnbuckle through some headbutts before Owens stops any type of further offense. AJ looks to go for a springboard forearm but Y2J’s music hits, distracting AJ together Owens it is intended a boot and the Pop-Up Powerbomb because that the win!

Winner via pinfall: Kevin Owens

Owens celebrates through his title before leaving the ring together Jericho enters, standing over AJ with a smirk on his face. He picks up Styles, dropping him with a Codebreaker before getting a mic from ringside. Jericho mocks the crowd’s chants the “AJ STYLES” as he looks end the fallen Styles. He raises a fist v a smug grin top top his challenge as the show involves a close.