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A couple of years back Wal Mart was offering Winchester version 70 rifles (in a number ofcalibers .270, 30-06, 7 mm Mag, and also 300 Win. Mag) with fabricated stocks andscopes in ~ greatly lessened prices. Go anyone know anything the quaility ofthose rifles and their basic accuracy?Graciously,Rifle Man
Many will most likely respond negatively, yet both me and also a girlfriend of mine bought among them... Super shadow models I believe they were named, mine is a 270 and his is a 30-06. In any event ns left mine stock( other than totally free floating the barrel and good barrel prep) and it shoot\"s under half inch teams all day through Handloads if I carry out my component and very an excellent with Federal Power-Shocks. He replaced his stock through an HS Precision and also it shoot\"s as tight as you would desire in any kind of rifle and rivels mine 270.... Wonder what mine would do if I placed an HS on that ? 8)I heard around some negitive things about ther WSM and also WSSM chamberings because that these models, however for constant chamberings, nothing however good.Hope this helps....-Aaron
I bought a 300 WSM earlier then, excpept ns bought mine native an individual. It has a camo plastic stock. The human being who marketed me the rifle had put a lightweight Tubbs firing pen in the bolt and also the safety and security was tough to operate. I lastly put a Jewell create in it and had as much in the trigger and also gunsmithing as I paid because that the rifle.Works perfectly now and also I to be happy through the outcome. Wish every my rifles might have Jewell triggers. Worth every cent. Rifle shoots good too. I have never shooting a 1/2\" team in mine life yet I check out a lot about them, so based upon what everyone else is claiming, I suppose my mode 70 is as great as anyone elses, if not even better.
I have a mod 70 BLACKSHADOW,chambered in 7MM Rem Mag.It shooting factory,and handloads very well. I\"ve bring away a few Whitetails v it.I won this rifle ~ above a pistol ticket,not a bad $20 investment.

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I also bought mine used. I have actually it in .300 WSM and love the brute. She shooting anything native 150 gr. To 220 gr. I placed a Nikon 3-9x scope on it:


This total is partial come 75,85, and also 100 gr bullets. I have actually a Burris Fullfield II scope on her. Ns love this one also. Civilization think that low cost method cheap. Not so!
Just an additional voice in the crowd!!!

I have actually 2 that the $400 Super zero rifles, 270WSM and 300WSM...........they were a steal, both shooting MOA and also better, i would like to have actually one in 325WSM, not certain if they make them though.............
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