Gigabyte GA-H97M-D3H Micro ATX LGA1150 MotherboardandCorsair 200R ATX Mid Tower Case

PCPart Picker claims no problems,.

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What is Mid Tower vs Micro ATX?Will there yes, really be no problems?

Mid Tower is the kind of case you have, a tower deign that"s mid sized.

Micro ATX is a motherboard size, gift the medium of the 3 most popular mobo size (ATX (larger), Micro-ATX and Mini-ITX (smaller)).

An ATX size case, choose the mid tower you have actually selected, will certainly usually have mounting holes for 2 or 3 mobo sizes so you should have no problems with the fitting.

If you want to do doubly certain you can usually hit increase the manufacturers web page to obtain dimensions and make sure everything will fit.

Your Sample 1 construct has, depending on your use, some issues imo.

submitter5 year 7 months ago

Thank you for the response.

What room the worries in my sample build?

5 years 7 months ago

You"re welcome :-D

Depends ~ above what you"re act on the tbh, yet regardless the evga g1/nex psu is not widely recommended unit, their g2 design is much far better (different manufacturer) and also around the same price atm i believe.

You additionally have a redundancy network card together the mobo has wired ethernet already.

I"ll go into much more detail when you allow me understand what you"re doing, and also I"m not replying top top a tablet :-D

submitter5 year 7 month ago


I appreciate the feedback! I always like to hear various other peoples opinions on facility subjects.

My present PC is ok, its from 2009, and I was thinking of at some point upgrading. Moores regulation has broken down, therefore the speed increase in CPU is increasing really slowly now. I"m no a hard core game player, yet I figured the if I store a pc for 7-9 years, i don"t mind overspenda little bit (though I"d quite not if ns don"t have actually to).

I just want a decent system, and am open up to suggestions. I detailed that power resource based ~ above a preliminary watch on PC component Picker. However it"s not set in stone. I most likely don"t need also 500 Watts. Despite I"d pay more for a quieter PC and also power source.

5 year 7 month ago

A 500w psu would be around right for the develop atm i think, a many of modern psu designs don"t have actually the fan spinning until it"s actually necessary to assist keep noise down :D

What will you be utilizing it for?

submitter5 year 7 month ago

I use my computer for a combination of:Excel ModelsWeb Surfing / Emailoccasional gaming

So I most likely don"t require a beast

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