All tough drives top top laptop and desktop computer computers run on the same technology: they conserve data ~ above magnetic-coated platters that spin and also record data.

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If you have an old laptop, you may decide to repurpose its components and use castle in other setups.

You may want to know if you can use your laptop’s HDD top top your desktop computer computer.

Although they have the very same technology, room there any type of limitations that don’t permit you to use a laptop HDD on a desktop PC?

Will A Laptop tough Drive job-related On A Desktop? (Everything to Know)


Yes, friend can, yet there are numerous compatibility concerns to consider.

To make sure you can use her laptop’s tough drive top top your desktop computer computer, it’s much better to know exactly how they compare.

Laptop HDDs VS. Desktop HDDs


While tough drives for laptop computers and desktop computer PCs work with the same technology, they’re various in numerous ways.

A tough drive has actually several disks that spin and store data ~ above the magnetic platters.

These non-volatile storage contents can be outside or internal, straight attached come the motherboard.

Here room the main differences between a laptop and also a desktop HDD.

1. Storage Capacity

A tough drive’s warehouse capacity depends on the number of platters rotate on it.

Since a desktop hard drive has more platters, that has more storage capacity, reaching over 3 terabytes.

However, the highest possible capacity readily available so far is 20 TB.

On the various other hand, a laptop drive has fewer platters and also lowers storage capacity that may reach as much as one terabyte in high-end devices.

One of the main reasons the a laptop’s HDD can’t reach the volume of a desktop HDD is the dimension limitations.

Since a laptop needs to remain as compact and also thin as possible, yes sir not lot chance for the HDD to grow in capacity.

2. Speed

Since desktop computer computers have a much better cooling system, they can use a much bigger and also stronger HDD through platters that spin an extremely fast.

A typical hard disk in a desktop computer PC operation at 7,200 rotations per minute, when some have the right to run in ~ 10,000 rotations per minute, which creates a good deal that heat.

On the other hand, laptop hard drives spin at 5,400 rotations every minute to alleviate the resulting heat, noise, and also power consumption, to decrease HDD performance.

This lower speed affects the whole performance that the system, causing a lowered speed of the computer because the drive demands to spin much more to retrieve the data.

3. Size

Historically, difficult drives to be 5.25 inches, yet with the advancements in technology, they prospered smaller.

Generally speaking, the tough drives provided in desktop computer PCs space 3.5 inches, while those supplied in laptops are 2.5 inches.

A desktop HDD is roughly 4” wide, 5.8” long, and 0.8” thick, while a laptop tough drive is frequently 2.8” wide, 4” long, and 0.4” thick.

These dimensions do a laptop-grade difficult drive approximately ¼ the dimension of a desktop HDD, make it lot lighter, too.

While a 2.5-inch HDD weighs 0.2 pounds (90 g), that 3.5-inch cousin weighs 0.9 pounds (400 g).

4. Performance

While both laptop HDDs and desktop computer HDDs execute a an excellent job of save on computer data, the last has better performance due to its size and also larger capacity.

You deserve to rely on them to keep data, pack games, videos, and other applications in a very short time.

However, since desktop HDDs have more platters and also are bigger, they have a much faster performance in loading all these applications, specifically games that are heavy and have a long loading time.

However, the much less memory-intensive tasks such as looking the net or checking emails aren’t different in the 2 HDD types.

Are desktop And Laptop hard Drives Interchangeable?


Sometimes, you may decide to usage a laptop’s HDD because that a desktop computer computer to save power or diminish the warmth that desktop computer HDDs are well known for.

Alternatively, friend may take into consideration using a desktop HDD for her laptop for better performance and also speed.

Desktop HDD In A Laptop


As pointed out earlier, among the key differences between a laptop and desktop HDD is the size.

That’s among the key constraints that may make them non-interchangeable.

Since a desktop HDD is much bigger than its laptop counterpart, yes no way to fit it into a laptop PC.

However, a laptop HDD can quickly fit into a desktop computer computer due to the fact that there is many of space.

A laptop HDD can enter a desktop PC, size-wise.

Plus, a laptop HDD uses less energy since the device runs on a battery.

Still, you deserve to use the externally making use of a USB cable to connect it through the laptop computer.

However, there room some other considerations.

The most important one is the kind of interface they use for the connection:

A. Principle Connectors

Older gadgets use concept (Integrated device Electronics) cables to attach the difficult drive to the motherboard.

They function three connection points: one because that connecting come the motherboard and also the various other two for connecting two HDDs or other pieces the hardware to the computer.

Depending on the cable offered in the connection, concept connectors deserve to transfer data at a rate of 16 come 133 megabytes per second.

B. SATA Connectors

On the various other hand, newer computer models, both laptop and desktop, usage another kind of interface dubbed SATA (Serial Advanced an innovation Attachment).

Unlike concept drives, SATA doesn’t have actually the master-slave relationship in between the parallel drives.

Instead, each drive connects come the motherboard through its very own adapter.

They have actually a much quicker transfer rate and also are much cheaper than EDI connectors.

Plus, they have the hot-swap attribute that permits you to affix or replace tools without turning off the entirety system.

They’re also slimmer, much easier to manage, and take much much less space, making lock a much better choice over the ide type.

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Their many important advantage is their fast transfer rates: while concept cables can transfer data at a maximum price of 133 MB/s, SATA’s rate is as much as 600 MB/s.