Kate: Rajneesh’s agenda was merely to progressive consciousness. That was his goal.

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Female voice: It to be beautiful.

Male: It was about love.

Kenan: Me? I execute it because that the ass.

Sheila: The world of Oregon was so blinded by your bigotry that they couldn’t even witness the miracle that was happening appropriate in prior of them.

Kenan: ns mean, there to be ass everywhere. Damn!

Melissa: I don’t recognize where they come from, however I wish they’d go back.

Alex: We weren’t simply gonna sit earlier and let some cult move in and take over our town. Ns mean, this was our home.

Kenan: lock would do these meditations. Everybody acquire butt naked and just wiggling their flappy parts. I placed on my old adidas track suit and also blended in v them hippies. And before i knew it, ns was knee deep in happy ass. Ain’t no hip!

Beck: once I experienced Rajneesh in person, i was so conquer with joy and emotion. I cried favor a baby.

Kenan: I check out this long caravan the cadillacs roll up and also I’m thinking, “Hmm, that need to be the OJ or somebody.” then this brother measures out pull in every red and also everybody adhering to him were dressed in every red too. And I claimed to myself, “Oh, lord. Right here come the bloods.”

Alex: He to be a conman. He had those civilization brainwashed.

Melissa: ns don’t favor that guy.

Aidy: He was incredible. The spoke through this, unbelievable power. So much grace.

Kenan: Man, i ain’t know a damn word he to be saying. I just know 10,000 horny white women showed up the town wearing no bras overnight. So, i told my old lady, “Look, baby, ns think we’re farming apart.”

Aidy: The city was a bunch of trash hicks.

Pete: They all have actually this weird dead look at in their eyes. Ns don’t understand if it’s drugs or satanic.

Beck: There to be no medicine in the community.

Kenan: I’d perform a little bump prior to I left the house. And also then one more one just outside the house. And then one more before going ago in the house. However that to be it. Whoow!

Sheila: totally free love to be certainly part of it. It was important to our spiritual journey.

Sheila once she to be young: Okay, that want’s to Sheila?

Kenan: Man, Sheila was a freak. She make me harder than trigonometry.

Alex: We’d hear them in ~ night loudly having sex like animals.

Kenan: Oh, it to be wonderful. You can smell the sex funk native miles. It was thick. Smell prefer a karate course for monkeys.

Aidy: and also it all changed.

Kate: A bomb went off.

Aidy: they bombed out hotel and it was a intended attack.

Sheila: If i didn’t take steps to defend our community, no one else would do it.

Sheila as soon as she was young: They desire to play rough? Okay. Would certainly you kill for Bagwan?

Kenan as soon as he to be young: Who’s bagwan?

Kenan: every one of a sudden, everybody to be walking roughly with pistols. Ns said, “I knew y’all was the bloods. Don’t you gain me recorded up in this mess.” girlfriend see, I’m native Compton. I left because of the crime situation. I committed bunch that crimes and it became a situation.

Beck: It’s a shame that western would certainly couldn’t accept us.

Kate: us were free.

Sheila: us were a religion.

Kenan: we was the bloods.

Male voice: Sheila, whatever your plans are, we don’t desire the Rajneeshs. We don’t want the orange people in our town.

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Sheila when she to be young: What can I say? difficult Kenan: you one stunner ass Puerto Rican lady.

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