After the latest update (or a really recent one if no the latest; usually it confirmed up at some point leading approximately or consisting of Version 47.0.2526.111 (64-bit), i beg your pardon is what is currently running), the Chrome symbol is mirroring a character one in the bottom-right corner (see picture below). This doesn"t appear to exchange mail to downloads, as I"ve cleared the download list on both profiles. It likewise doesn"t appear to exchange mail to profile, together the circle through a 1 in that doesn"t correspond with either that the file (I came across an post stating the the pizza symbol that had displayed up for someone was corresponding to the user), and also it doesn"t change based on active window.

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Does anyone recognize what this is for?




The number represents active downloads...

Those if you have a move pending (or paused, or possibly corrupted), it may not present up in the download list, yet it"s quiet "active".

Click the Chrome icon, and choose "quit", if friend have any kind of pending/active/paused downloads, that will market you a possibility to release or proceed them. Publication them, exit Chrome, and the number overlay have to go away.

For more info/discussion perhaps examine out this Google groups posting.


There space some applications/websites the don"t usage the google download function. I had actually the very same issue... Battered Chrome (confirmed download cancellation). Climate remembered the I had used Whatsapp web on my Mac ~ above a large video then never seemed to end up downloading. I deserve to recreate the Number in the Dock icon by reclicking top top the Whatsapp video... No worries


Sometimes downloads space suspended due to the fact that Chrome has actually deemed the website "suspicious." these suspended download are detailed as not complete so a number will certainly pop up on the symbol showing how countless downloads room not complete.

You can see all her downloads by selecting Window -> Downloads. You"ll see something like this:


In my situation Chrome thinks that Tumblr is a danger website and has rely downloading photo from there.

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If you desire to proceed downloading the file, click Keep (and confirm when the popup asks you to verify), otherwise click Discard to remove the paper from the download list. This need to take treatment of the distracting numbers in her icon.


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