The Galaxy S7 is an great phone, however it"s no without the problems. Here are several of the most usual issues and also how to settle them.

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A common occurrence, specifically in an ext recent months, has been Galaxy S7 units randomly freeze while in use, restarting, or what"s well-known as boots looping, which finds the phone grounding in a cycle where it attempts come boot right into Android but somehow gets stuck and performs the process all over again.

Like v all the above issues, there space a variety of potential problems causing this, native errant apps leading to overheating to troubles with an Android upgrade to a corroded or damaged mainboard.

To troubleshoot, occupational from easiest solution to many difficult.

If your phone boots right into Android however is randomly restarting, it may be overheating or have actually a problematic app. Follow the instructions above to isolate the malefactor.If the doesn"t work, it may be time come factory reset the call completely. If friend can"t obtain into the phone, monitor the indict to manufacturing facility reset the phone native the restore menu.

How to factory reset her phone

There room myriad factors your phone might be bogged down, and merely deleting apps, transforming launchers or disabling some functions may not carry out enough.

If you"re running right into a online brick wall, back up whatever in Google Drive, Google Photos, Dropbox, or wherever rather you have tendency to keep your digital goods, and also start over.

How carry out you perform that on her Galaxy S7 or S7 edge?

Go to your Settings.Scroll down to General management.Tap on Reset.Tap on Factory data reset.Read the warning, scroll down and tap Reset device.If you have actually a lock display screen pattern or PIN, you"ll need to confirm it.

Once the phone call restarts, it will be as though you"ve never used that — sign back into her Google account, and let it reclaim your apps and also data indigenous the cloud.

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Other issues?

What room your main issues with the Galaxy S7 or S7 edge? We"ll store this article updated as brand-new information becomes available!

Update June 2018: boosted our help and tips because that those who have been making use of their Galaxy S7 for over 2 years, and finding bugs ~ updating come Oreo.