"My Galaxy S7 Edge has actually been to run slow, the freezes and it takes much longer to unlock making use of my fingerprint after the last upgrade was installed, exactly how do I settle it?"

When friend buy a luxury phone favor the Galaxy S7 and your Samsung S7 running slow, it is yes, really frustrating. This is not something you supposed from your maker after having spent a significant amount of money ~ above it. Now that girlfriend have currently purchased it, there yes, really is no anything you have the right to do about it except for finding methods to fix the issue.

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Luckily, over there are methods to fix a Samsung Galaxy S7 running slow. There space actually multiple methods to get roughly the slow speed issue on the S7 and also make it operation at that is optimum speed. You deserve to follow the methods offered in the following guide to get the issue fixed on her device.

Why Is mine Samsung S7 running So Slow?

Before you go ahead and implement the methods, you might want to discover out what the is that is bring about your phone call to operation slower.

Heavy appsCorrupted or clogged application CacheBloatwareRun the end of inner storage (ROMAn ageing batteryInsufficient storage (RAM)Too plenty of background processesOutdated OSPhone updateIssue v phone system

Quick ways to speed up your Slowing/Flagging Galaxy S7/ S7 Edge?

With the factors out that the way, allow us inspect out just how to settle a slower S7 phone:

Way 1. Clean the app Cache

Your application cache files can have gone corrupt or they might be clogged. This sometimes causes your phone to come to be slower. The an initial thing girlfriend will should do is clear the app cache. Head into Settings > warehouse > various other Apps > > Storage and tap on clean Cache.

Older Android versions provided you the option to delete every cached files at as soon as by walking to settings > warehouse > Cached Data. Native there, merely tap OK when you watch the choice to delete every cache files.


Way 2. Eliminate Bloatware and also unused apps

Bloatware is the apps the come preloaded on your device. Occasionally there space a variety of these share apps on your maker and they cause your call to slow down. Getting rid that bloatware and unwanted apps will help fix your slower phone. Head to setups > Apps & notifications > and tap top top Uninstall.

Way 3. Close out of Apps

RAM is what decides the power of your phone, and also if that is fully used, your phone will certainly not run fast. Leave the apps that are open yet are no being used. Tap the application switcher switch on her phone and also then near the apps you are not using.

Way 4. Free Up Phone storage Space

All the apps, photos or videos need breathing room to operation smoothly, and if it"s short on storage, it can start to slow down. If your S7 is in short storage space, you will need to totally free up the phone storage space.

Head to settings > Storage. From there you will have the ability to see just how much an are is gift used and by what records or apps. Tap cost-free up room (Clean now or similar) girlfriend will have the ability to delete downloaded papers you no much longer need or uninstall infrequently offered apps.


Way 5. Disable Unnecessary lift Processes

If you have actually a number of apps to run at the exact same time, this could slow down your device. Disable the processes that space running however are not being used by you.

Go to settings > About an equipment and tap on build number seven times come unlock the Developer options.Go to setups > Developer choices and look for Running solutions or procedure statistics

You have to see live RAM status at the top, through a list of apps and also their associated processes and services at this time running below. You can tap on energetic apps and choose come Stop.


Way 6. Disable Unnecessary Animations and Extras

Animations consume rather a most your phone"s resources and disabling castle should offer your phone more resources to rate up the system. Head to setups > Display and you will get the option to disable your phone animations.

Way 7. Optimize her phone"s battery

An old battery may also be the factor why her Samsung S7 Edge to run slow. You desire to acquire an app from the Play keep to calibrate the battery of your device. This will certainly let her battery be supplied at the fullest capacity.

Way 8. Examine Your internet Speed

Ensure your Internet link provides good speed or you will certainly think the is her phone the is slower while the fact is the is your web that operation slower.

Way 9. Wipe cache partition in recovery Mode

Removing cache indigenous the cache partition in recovery setting should also assist fix her phone. Instead of start recovery setting using keys, right here we have a totally free way to get in recovery mode with just 1 click.

When the recovery mode opens, pick the choice that says wipe cache partition.



Repair Android OS to speed up Galaxy S7/ S7 Edge because of Slowing Android System

IIf her phone still operation slower, it probably needs an operating mechanism fix. ReiBoot because that Android.should help you resolve the whole operating system on her device. That is likewise pretty easy to use on your computer.

Download and install the software on your computer. Plug-in your phone to her computer and also click on fix Android system in the software.

attach Android DeviceClick ~ above Repair now on the complying with screen.

repair NowChoose your phone model and also then click on Next come download firmware package.

Download Firmware PackageWait for the firmware to download to your computer. Choose Repair now to begin repairing her phone.

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start Repair


If you have been in search of solutions for "my Samsung S7 is to run slow", the over should solve the worry for you. ReiBoot because that Android is a extremely recommended Android device repair software if you have any Android concerns caused through OS error.