Lore and challenge are 2 core pillars that specify the Dark Souls experience. Each video game in the collection beautifully interweaves storytelling with boss fights and item descriptions the players discover scattered across the landscape.

among the finest examples that this storytelling through combat is the Abyss Watchers, the very first Lord that Cinder players fight in Dark Souls 3. Their acrobatic assaults with greatswords make them distinctive enough, but there is much more to this hit than most think. Here are 10 points everyone need to know around the Abyss Watchers in Dark Souls 3.

Author"s Note: This short article contains quest and progression spoilers for Dark Souls 3.

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Artorias is just one of the most iconic characters in the Dark Souls series. Those who have actually played the original Dark Souls will understand of his disastrous fate and also the legacy his wolf, Sif, need to live up to. Their fighting styles are distinct and use acrobatics alongside slashes come take under opponents.

The Abyss Watchers studied their approaches well and also use lock in their boss fight, mimicking the gigantic sword Artorias supplied with the sweeping strikes Sif offers in the very first game.

Bloodborne fans might have acquired a feeling of déjà vu fighting the Abyss Watchers. That feeling isn"t unfounded, together the Abyss Watchers seem come take heavy inspiration indigenous the keeper of the Old Lords from Bloodborne.

showing up as a Chalice Dungeon boss, the goalkeeper of the Old Lords is a grasp at both swordsmanship and also pyromancy. Quick sword slashes space complimented through flaming assaults that mimick what the Abyss Watchers carry out in their second phase.

as for the struggle proper, the Abyss Watchers have actually two phases that players should beat. Uneven previous bosses such together Gundyr, their health and wellness bar need to reach zero prior to the next phase begins.

The very first stage entails multiple Abyss Watchers that fight the player in ~ once. Once they are defeated, a solitary Watcher will then hit the player v fire-infused strikes that deserve to be disastrous for newer characters.

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together the surname suggests, the Abyss Watchers room sworn to death anything the becomes tainted by the Abyss. This likely stems native the corruption the Oolicile faced and also would eventually influence Artorias.

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together Lords of Cinder, your duty come uphold the fire is paramount, which is why Darkwraiths spawn external of their arena and also why the Abyss Watchers fight among each other.