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Why are you striving these daysWhy are you trying to earn graceWhy are you cryingLet me lift up your faceJust don"t revolve awayWhy are you trying to find loveWhy are you still browsing as if I"m not enoughTo wbelow will certainly you go childTell me where will you runTo wbelow will you run"Causage I"ll be by your sideWherever you fallIn the dead of nightWhenever before you callAnd please don"t fightThese hands that are holding youMy hands are holding youLook at these hands and my sideThey swallowed the grave on that nightWhen I drank the world"s sinSo I could carry you inAnd provide you lifeI desire to give you life(Chorus 2x)Causage I, I love youI desire you to knowThat I, I love youI"ll never let you go(Chorus 2x)
By Your Side lyrics © Peermusic Publishing, Spirit Music Group, ESSENTIAL MUSIC PUBLISHING, CONCORD MUSIC PUBLISHING LLC
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