The Moldovan design talks around the exhausting shoot for "What Do You Median," and also what it"s like to be scorned by the Beliebers.


Harper"s BAZAAR: How did you get your begin as a model?

Xenia Deli: Aphotographer, GavinO"Neill, found me onModel Mayhem. He readily available to photographme. Hesaw somepoint special in me.Modelingwas never what I wanted to carry out through my life, it was just a hobby. I constantly believed models had to be super tall, and also this and also that, yet I"m only 5"7".So,after we swarm together, he proved my photos to an agency and I got signed. I moved to South Carolina fiveyears ago.I"m from such a tiny villagein Moldova, withonly 3,000 human being.EvenSouth Carolina felt favor Los Angeles or New York City. Now I"m between New York and L.A.

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HB: How did you gain castin this video?

XD: It wasn"t simple, to tell you the reality. My agency gained me an audition fora music video but I didn"t understand that it was for.When I obtained tright here, there were10 other girls tbelow and I just believed, "of courseI"m never going to acquire this,"however I wanted it so badly. It wasn"t till I met with the producer that he said it was for Justin Bieber and I was so excited. They asked for girls who were able to act, so in the time of the castingwe had actually toshowdifferent emotions: happiness, pain, seduction—we had to show every little thing. That night my agent referred to as me and also told me they had actually put me on host. I simply believed, "please God I require this job, so so much," and God heard me!

HB: What was it prefer the first timeyou met Justin?

XD:I met Justin at the video shoot.I was sitting in the makeup chair, and he came overto me and was like,"Hi, nice to fulfill you, you will certainly execute a good job."

HB:Wereyou a fan of his music?

XD: No, I generally listen to Russian music, because I miss out on house so much. I kbrand-new some of his songs of course. One of my favorites is "Boyfriend"and now my favorite is "What Do You Mean?"

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HB: How did you prep for filming the video?

XD: We began filming twodays later on.I just had actually to prepare mentally because I was so nervous. I was nervous about Justin, how he would certainly act, just how the music video was going torevolve out. But he was cool, so nice, so respectful anduseful.It was so basic to work via him.

HB: Did you have to exercise making out with him?

XD: Imagine that, if we were going right into a edge and practicing , butno. We were on set, and we had actually been talking for a little bit, and we kbrand-new that this was our job, so we simply did it. The first scene we filmed wasonce I was lying on the bed, and he was singing—we did that for a pretty long time. We had actually been talking in between shots and also getting to understand each other much better, so it wasn"t that weird as soon as it came time to make out. But we had actually to make out a lot. We were trying itfrom various anglesa lot of times.

HB:Is he an excellent kisser?

XD: Yes, he"s a good kisser.

HB: How many type of days was the shoot?

XD: We shot for twodays. The second day we didn"t go residence for 24 hrs, we shotall through the night—it was exhausting.Yesterday, as soon as I observed the video for the initially time, I started crying, because I understand how tough it was for everyone.Butit was worth it.

HB: How have you been managing all the attention from his fans?

XD: Tbelow have actually been so many type of negative comments.I wasn"t expecting this reaction—I believed everyone would certainly be excited!I can not perform anything about it though. It"s not around me. Whatever they do,it doesn"t say anything around me, itclaims even more about them. But I simply desire to say,I didn"t do anything wrong, Iwas simply doing my task. I"m not taking Justin amethod from his fans.I"m so sensitiveto what human being think around me, so I just stopped reading the comments.

HB: What"s your dream job? Are you hoping to seek acting?

XD: Yes, Iwould love to perform movies, it"s my passion.I love to watch movies,I love acting.I"m obtaining into acting classes, and this is what I want to do via my future.

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