2a : a description so lively or graphic regarding suggest a mental picture or give an accurate idea of miscellaneous the publication gives a detailed photo of what is happening

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pictured; picturing\ ˈpik-​chə-​riŋ
, ˈpik-​shriŋ \

Synonyms for picture

Synonyms: Noun


Synonyms: Verb

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Noun i hung the picture ~ above the wall. The book has a lot of pictures. draw a picture of your house. The staff looked at the jae won picture of the company. The overall economic picture is improving. Verb I have the right to still picture the residence I thrived up in. ns can"t picture an altering jobs at this suggest in my life. Picture what it would be favor if you didn"t own a car. have the right to you picture him together a teacher?
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Recent examples on the Web: Noun through Trump out of the picture, Biden"s now standing ~ above his own record -- one the a lot of independents seem much less than impressed with. — bother Enten, CNN, 8 Oct. 2021 Upcoming games versus the Pittsburgh Steelers, new Orleans Saints and also Jacksonville Jaguars hardly represent the most imposing that schedules, however, on file the an initial two are close to also contests through Wilson out of the picture. — Nicholas Mcgee, Forbes, 8 Oct. 2021 lot of the rest of the picture, however, would suggest not. — Bilge Ebiri, Vulture, 8 Oct. 2021 yet the resilience debate misses necessary parts of the picture: namely federal government actions, specifically by successive U.S. Administrations. — Anthea Roberts, Fortune, 7 Oct. 2021 and with Gilmore out of the picture, new England have to have included incentive to prolong Jackson provided the fourth-year player"s contract expires after ~ this season. — Nate Davis, USA TODAY, 6 Oct. 2021 new Miami and also Hillcrest Academy are currently out of the picture. — Scott Springer, The Enquirer, 5 Oct. 2021 Bilal came into the picture in January 2020 at Nolan’s 30th-birthday trip. — Julie Beck, The Atlantic, 1 Oct. 2021 Now, through Williams the end of the picture, Boxberger’s function could change and come to be even much more important. — Tom Haudricourt, Milwaukee journal Sentinel, 1 Oct. 2021 Recent instances on the Web: Verb Then, picture yourself walking with the former door of her building, confident, poised, and prepared. — Gabrielle Moss, Marie Claire, 20 Sep. 2021 When civilization picture candidates for these roles, men an ext readily to the right the bill. — Brian J. Lucas, Scientific American, 17 Sep. 2021 This summer in south Florida, picture yourself lounging in the clouds, hoisting one agave tequila cocktail in the cool the shade of a swimming pool cabana. — Phillip Valys, sun-sentinel.com, 11 Aug. 2021 There’s just one nice restaurant here, and also Corinne can picture the scene: this woman waiting in the entrance for she date, and also meanwhile yes sir the ex inside with his, leaning over a candle, his fork in she spaghetti. — Rebecca Makkai, Harper"s Magazine, 17 Aug. 2021 come picture the world, or come tell a story around it, is currently to imagine yourself apart indigenous it. — Washington Post, 11 Aug. 2021 Dubrovnik, v its historic old city and old walls, is a an essential stop off for cruise liners, however the whole shore is a joy, indigenous Roman continues to be in Pula and also Split come picture perfect islands such as Korčula. — CNN, 10 Aug. 2021 That’s straightforward to picture: The farms are staffed by a brand-new breed that young farmers that wear lab coats rather of overalls, and prefer computers to tractors. — New York Times, 6 July 2021 in ~ its core, the #ShowYourStripes project is a intuitive one, design to highlight something inherently challenging to picture: exactly how much the earth has warmed. — Rachel Ramirez, CNN, 21 June 2021

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First known Use of picture


15th century, in the definition defined at feeling 1


15th century, in the an interpretation defined at sense 1

History and Etymology because that picture


center English, from Latin pictura, indigenous pictus, previous participle that pingere to repaint — much more at repaint