A core tenet of humanity is our capability to think critically and also with imagination and also creativity. Therefore, it makes sense that our ability–and the decision to–do this repetitively in some ways specifies us as a species. Vital thinking, in part, requires simply avoiding cognitive biases.

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Further, it’s not a vast leap to say the the capacity and tendency to think critically and carefully and creatively supersedes content understanding in importance, however that’s a conversation for an additional day. In general, it is our position that an important thinking is of huge importance for students, and also as together is a big part of our content and mission in ~ surfacetoairnewyork.com.


In pursuit, the sketch note over from Sylvia Duckworth is a nice addition to the index the content. Sylvia has actually consistently done a great job converting ideas into basic visuals–on our 12 rules Of good Teaching, because that example.

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We’ve take away the visual and fleshed that out with some comment from Wikipedia (a source we love, through the way).

3 settings Of Thinking: Lateral, Divergent & Convergent Thought

1. Convergent Thinking

Summary: making use of logic

Also called: Critical Thinking, upright Thinking, analysis Thinking, direct Thinking

Wikipedia Excerpt & Overview

‘Convergent thinking is a hatchet coined by Joy Paul Guilford’ (who additionally coined the term because that the ‘opposite’ way of thinking, ‘Divergent Thinking’).

‘It generally method the capacity to give the “correct” answer come standard questions that execute not require far-reaching creativity, for instance in most work in school and also on standardized multiple-choice tests for intelligence.

Convergent thinking is regularly used in connect with divergent thinking. Convergent thinking is the type of thinking that concentrates on comes up with the single, well-established answer to a problem.<1> Convergent thinking is supplied as a device in creative problem-solving. When an separation, personal, instance is using critical thinking to settle a problem they consciously use criter or probabilities to make judgments.

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<2> This contrasts with divergent thinking where referee is deferred while looking for and also accepting many feasible solutions.’

2. Divergent Thinking

Summary: making use of imagination

Also called: an imaginative Thinking or Horizontal Thinking

Wikipedia Excerpt & Overview

‘Divergent thinking is a thought procedure or an approach used to generate an innovative ideas by experimenting many feasible solutions. That is regularly used in conjunction v its cognitive colleague, convergent thinking, which follows a particular set of logical procedures to come at one solution, i beg your pardon in some cases is a ‘correct’ solution. Through contrast, divergent thinking frequently occurs in a spontaneous, free-flowing, ‘

By contrast, divergent thinking typically occurs in a spontaneous, free-flowing, ‘non-linear’ manner, such the many ideas are generated in one emergent cognitive fashion. Many possible solutions are explored in a quick amount the time, and also unexpected relationships are drawn. After the process of divergent thinking has been completed, ideas and also information space organized and structured utilizing convergent thinking.’

3. Lateral Thinking

Summary: using both Convergent and also Divergent Thinking

Also called: ‘Thinking external the Box’

Wikipedia Excerpt & Overview

‘Lateral thinking is solving difficulties through an indirect and creative approach, using reasoning that is not automatically obvious and also involving ideas that may not it is in obtainable by utilizing only timeless step-by-step logic.<1>

To know lateral thinking, that is crucial to compare lateral thinking and an important thinking. Critical thinking is primarily came to with judging the reality value the statements and seeking errors. Lateral reasoning is an ext concerned with the “movement value” that statements and ideas. A human uses lateral thinking to relocate from one well-known idea to creating new ideas.’