T or F: A hard boot takes an ext time 보다 a soft boot.T2T or F:The progressed Boot alternatives menu shows up when a user presses F8 as windows is loading.T3T or F: there is no alternative for networking accessibility when utilizing Safe Mode.F4T or F: A windows 7 system repair disc can be created using the Backup and Restore utility.T5T or F: together you work to resolve a windows problem, constantly choose the technique that renders the most alters to the device as feasible in bespeak to young jim the machine.F6What is responsible for obtaining a device up and going and finding an OS come load?Startup BIOS7What is the name of the program that reads the setups in the boot Configuration Data (BCD) file and manages the initial startup the the OS?Windows boot Manager8What program is provided to begin the part of the Win32 subsystem that displays graphics?Smss.exe9Under the progressed Options screen, what startup option must be allowed in bespeak to check out what did and also did not load during the bootup?Boot Logging10In windows 7, what startup option can be supplied to restore the registry settings from the ahead login?Last Known good Configuration11What command that have the right to be offered to regulate hard drives, partitions, and also volumes?diskpart12In order come remove any type of partition or volume info from a selected disk, what diskpart command need to be used?clean13What command deserve to be provided to scan for windows installations not stored in the BCD?bootrec /scanOS14The advanced Boot options screen deserve to be displayed by pushing what key during the boots sequence?F815What an essential will reason the windows Boot Manager to show up as long as that is pressed throughout the home windows startup process?spacebar16What command have the right to be supplied to check for file system errors?chkdsk /r17What is a typical symptom that can indicate the MBR document is damaged?Invalid partition table error18If you doubt corrupted system papers are resulting in issues, what command have the right to be run to search for and also replace the corrupted files?sfc /scannow19What is the document name given to the windows kernel?Ntoskrnl.exe20Where is the Windows system registry hive?C:\Windows\System32\Config21What command can be offered to repair a double boot system?bootsect22What dynamic attach library handles low-level hardware details?Hal.dll23Registry files, if deleted, deserve to be revived from those conserved in what folder?C:\Windows\System32\Config\RegBack24What command have the right to be issued within home windows RE to enable networking?wpeinit25What Windows process is responsible because that authenticating users?Lsass.exe26What two programs room utilized as soon as Windows resumes indigenous hibernation, depending on the motherboard’s BIOS/UEFI?winresume.efiwinresume.exe27What error messages suggest that the MBR sector is damaged, or the active partition is corrupt or missing? (Choose all that apply.)Invalid partition tableError loading operating systemMissing operating system28What occasions can occur throughout BootMgr’s duty in startup? (Choose all the apply.)the setups in the BCD room readDual-boot food selection is displayed29What are some of the responsibilities of the kernel throughout the startup process? (Choose all that apply.)starts crucial servicesActivates the HALStarts the session Manager30Which that the following text error messages deserve to indicate that BIOS can not discover a tough drive? (Choose all the apply).No boot device availableHard drive not found31a skinny operating system that deserve to be supplied to troubleshoot troubles when home windows refuses come startWindows restore Environment32registry setups and an equipment drivers the were in effect when the computer system was last logged into successfullyLast Known good Configuration33a self-diagnostic program provided to carry out a basic test of the CPU, RAM, and various I/O devicesPOST (Power-on self test)34for a GPT tough drive, the bootable partition provided to boot the OS and contains the boot manager regime for the OSEFI device Partition (ESP)35a small Windows database structured the exact same as a registry record and includes configuration information around how windows is startedBoot construction Data (BCD)36to restart a pc without turning off the powerSoft Boot37a command to control hard drives, partitions, and also volumes.diskpart38in home windows 8/7/Vista, the program responsible for loading Windows.Windows boot Manager (Bootmgr)39restarts the computer system by transforming off the strength or by pushing the Reset buttoncold boot40A home windows 7/Vista command the repairs the boot sector of the system partition.fix boot

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