Welcome come The Orchestral Bassoon, a digital source that concentrates on the history, performance, and also pedagogy of the bassoon"s most influential orchestral excerpts. This site was originally completed in 2012 as the last research task for my doctor of Music level at Indiana University"s Jacobs school of Music. The considerable scope the this website includes:

Over 450 unique pages that content

Parts and also scores because that excerpts indigenous 60 pieces

Audio samples from much more than 300 commercial recordings

Over 60,000 native of composed material, including in-depth discussions of the historical context and performance obstacles of the bassoon"s 25 most important orchestral excerpts

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The Orchestral Bassoon CompendiumA recently revised and edited paperback compilation of all composed content indigenous The Orchestral Bassoon.

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"surfacetoairnewyork.com is a godsend come bassoon instructors anywhere (like myself) who teach high school bassoonists. So often high institution bassoonists play primarily in band and not in orchestra--this tool enables me come introduce more bassoon students to precisely the most essential bassoon moments they have to be conscious of. Everything around the website is top-notch; this is also a great site for composers together well. Now my students know that playing high institution band bassoon is no the can be fried goal!"

Paul HansonJazz & digital Bassoon record ArtistPrivate class Faculty, California Jazz Conservatory

"As a teacher and performer I discover myself continuously utilizing and recommending The Orchestral Bassoon website together a go-to recommendation tool. I discover the access it offers to precise parts, scores, recordings, and also pedagogy invaluable to myself and also my students. Thanks Dr. Van Gansbeke for every your difficult work, dedication, and generosity!"

Shawn MouserAssociate major Bassoon, Los Angeles PhilharmonicAdjunct Instructor, university of southerly California

"In developing this invaluable resource, Dr. Valve Gansbeke has actually not just compiled an enormous amount of valuable information, however has listed an exemplary demonstrate of what it way to truly study and also understand the context of orchestral excerpts."

William ShortPrincipal Bassoon, The city OperaFaculty, The Julliard School;Manhattan institution of Music;Temple University

"I am really grateful to Brett van Gansbeke for producing The Orchestral Bassoon - one invaluable resource for professional and also aspiring bassoonists. The presentation the a vast spectrum of standard excerpts in the type of parts, scores, lot of esteemed recordings, evaluation and pedagogy elevates this source to the condition of one indispensable tool, offered its comprehensive yet succinct qualities. The discussions top top fundamentals beautifully accumulation viewpoints and also quotes from leaders in the ar into one meaningful, rapid reference on each topic. Thank you for collecting and also focusing this vast amount of product which simply a decade back was equally essential to the research of orchestral music, yet required a wild goose chase to obtain!"

Dr. Brett van Gansbeke is a freelance bassoonist and also private class instructor in the higher Houston area and Adjunct Instructor of Bassoon in ~ the college of St. Thomas in downtown Houston. Students in Dr. Van Gansbeke"s exclusive bassoon studio have been selected for Texas All-State Band and also All-State Orchestra, and have also won height spots in ~ All-Region Band, All-Region Orchestra, 5A Area, and also 6A Area auditions.

Dr. Van Gansbeke holds a physician of Music level from Indiana University’s Jacobs school of Music with minors in Music Theory and Early Music, and during his time at IU studied contemporary bassoon v William Ludwig and Arthur Weisberg, baroque bassoon through Michael McCraw, and also chamber music coaching through James Campbell. He likewise holds a grasp of Music degree from Florida State University, where he was a teaching assistant for the bassoon studio, and also a Bachelor of Music degree from the university of Kentucky. His other primary bassoon teachers incorporate Jeff Keesecker, Peter Simpson, and Roger Soren.

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As an orchestral musician, Dr. Van Gansbeke formerly served as contrabassoonist with the Owensboro Symphony Orchestra, and also has additionally performed v the Louisville Orchestra, Evansville Philharmonic Orchestra, fort Wayne Philharmonic, Symphony of south-east Texas, Bloomington Camerata Orchestra, Tallahassee Symphony Orchestra, Albany Symphony Orchestra, Valdosta Symphony Orchestra, and Lexington Philharmonic.

Concerto in B-flat major for Bassoon K. 191 -II. Andante ma Adagioby Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (cadenza through Peter Simpson)

Concerto in B-flat significant for Bassoon K. 191 -I. Allegroby Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (cadenza by Peter Simpson)