Which one of the adhering to applies to a premium bond?A) Yield to maturity > current yield > coupon price.B) Coupon rate = current yield = yield-to-maturity.C) Coupon price > yield-to-maturity > current yield.D) Coupon rate E) Coupon rate > current yield > yield to maturity.

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Which one of the complying with relationships applies to a par value bond?A) Yield to maturity > present yield > coupon rate.B) Coupon rate > yield-to-maturity > current yield.C) Coupon price = present yield = yield-to-maturity.D) Coupon price E) Coupon price > existing yield > yield to maturity.
A premium bond that pays $60 in interemainder each year matures in seven years. The bond was initially issued 3 years back at par. Which one of the following statements is accurate in respect to this bond today?A) The challenge worth of the bond this particular day is greater than it was once the bond was issued.B) The bond is worth much less this day than once it was issued.C) The yield-to-maturity is less than the coupon rate.D) The coupon rate is greater than the present yield.E) The yield-to-maturity equates to the existing yield.
Which one of the complying with bonds is the leastern sensitive to interemainder rate risk?A) 3-year; 4 percent coupon.B) 3-year; 6 percent coupon.C) 5-year; 6 percent coupon.D) 7-year; 6 percent coupon.E) 7-year; 4 percent coupon.
As a bond"s time to maturity boosts, the bond"s sensitivity to interest price risk:A) Increases at an increasing price.B) Increases at a decreasing rate.C) Increases at a continuous rate.D) Decreases at an increasing rate.E) Decreases at a decreasing price.
Which among the adhering to rates represents the adjust, if any, in your purchasing power as an outcome of owning a bond?A) Risk-complimentary price.B) Realized price.C) Nominal price.D) Real rate.E) Current price.

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The Fisher effect generally emphasizes the effects of _____ on an investor"s price of return.A) Default.B) Market movements.C) Interest price changes.D) Inflation.E) The time to maturity.
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