Learn just how to properly use demographic segmentation in your eCommerce marketing strategy. Acquire inspired by real-world instances from household brands.

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If you want an effective means to target her marketing, customer segmentation is great entry point. Segmentation groups customers based on different factors and enables you to use messaging the speaks directly to your needs.

There room 4 main varieties of industry segmentation: demographic, psychographic, geographic, and behavioral. Each provides different ways come look at her customer base, and also define what the is that will help you offer to them.


In this blog post, we’re walking to execute a deep-dive right into demographic segmentation, and also see just how generic non-character traits prefer age, religion, or level of education can assist guide your eCommerce marketing strategy. Let’s begin!

What is demographic segmentation?

Definition: demography segmentation groups customers and also potential customers together by concentrating on certain traits such together age, gender, income, occupation & family members status.

It’s one accessible form of industry segmentation, together it calls for fewer data points to implement 보다 psychographic or behavioral segmentation, whilst offering an ext selective nuance than geographical segmentation. There room plenty of ways to segment markets using demographics.

The most commonly used demographic segment factors are:

AgeGenderEthnicityIncomeLevel of educationReligionOccupationFamily structure

The simplest way to embrace demographic segmentation is through using factors like age gender income, but there are plenty of non-character traits the you can emphasis on. Income and also family structure are particularly useful determinants for retailers, enabling them to solitary out details groups that might be interested in purchase a particular product or service.

Business-to-business (B2B) marketers, however, are much more likely to count on occupational segmentation to for sure they are pitching their products to the world who in reality make purchases for their company, and not an intern who has no purchase power.

Segmentation vs. Targeting – what’s the difference?

It’s necessary to identify that segmentation and also targeting differ, despite they deserve to be closely linked.

Market segmentation isn’t around targeting certain customers, but about creating groups based upon the various traits that they share. Demographic segmentation enables you come collate your customers in a method that then allows you identify the best method to encourage your items or solutions to them.

Once did you do it segmented her market, you could look come target a segment – targeting chin is the action of looking in ~ an currently defined sector segment and also asking yourself exactly how you deserve to reach them specifically.

One way to far better explain how segmentation and targeting space different however work together is via the STP marketing model.

STP (Segmentation, Targeting, Positioning) is a three-step approach that combines every of the above practices to hone in and also successfully industry to consumers.

First, we segment the audience using market segmentation practices. Next, we choose which of those segments to target.Finally, we usage this details to guide our positioning and identify the most effective marketing mix to with the audience we want to focus on.

What that can look like in real life is a theoretical food agency that offers demographic data to segment its sector by period group. Looking at sales across these segments, they might acknowledge that 25-30 year-olds are not purchase as numerous yogurts together older segments. Therefore they would look to target your marketing projects towards the 25-30-year-old team in stimulate to change this.

Having liked this demography segment as its target, the firm can begin working top top its placing to do it youthful and its marketing mix to reach the target sector via networks they usage most.

Demographic segmentation benefits

If you use demographic segment as part of your marketing strategy, you’ll benefit from the following:

1. Improved personalization. A segmented market enables you to present different message to various demographic segments. The very same product deserve to be displayed in various ways – because that instance, a vehicle might it is in marketed as a family-friendly car to parents, whilst couples that don’t have kids are displayed other benefits, prefer its suitability for long driving holidays. So her marketing strategies should resonate a many better.

2. Boosted product relevance. As a an outcome of this, you deserve to ensure human being seeing your marketing space presented through products an ext relevant to them. Demography marketing is specifically useful for heralding kosher or halal assets to the right audience. One advert reflecting a non-halal meat product come a Muslim can risk isolating the customer and putting them turn off making future purchases native you.

3. Improved declaring effectiveness. To take the above example further, you’ve additionally wasted her marketing spending plan in declaring that non-halal product come a Muslim, together they are never ever going to it is in a buying customer. Demography segmentation enables you to target the many relevant customers, and ensure that there is minimal rubbish in your advertising budget, greater ROAS, and lower CACs.

Is demography segmentation right for me?

The quick answer is: that depends. Demography segmentation is not constantly the many effective kind of segmentation to use. It’s necessary to look in ~ what you space selling, the dimension of her business, and also who you are marketing to. It can be that there are other strategies that would work better.

If you are an online apparel retailer you can want to take into consideration if friend have enough data to implement behavior marketing, which potentially provides even much more personalization opportunities.

A firm that only has the infrastructure to organization a regional area could be much better served using geographical segmentation, and one that sells hobby-centric assets like canoes or rock-climbing devices will most likely benefit an ext from psychographic segmentation.

Disadvantages of demography Segmentation

As highlighted over using demographic segmentation may not be the right relocate for everyone. Together you’re only concentrating on an easy data that excludes actual customer behaviours and desires its effectiveness is limited.

Limited RangeFor example, just because we have two people in the exact same demographic segment doesn’t average they desire the same things.

Using the wrong demographic variablesIn some instances it won’t make sense to use every demographic variable over there is. So don’t. Because that example, if you’re selling deluxe luxury commodities segmenting your sector by revenue makes sense. If you’re offering food, segmenting by gender may no be the most useful variable to use.

Demographics will always play critical role in identifying your target customer but it’s critical to incorporate demographics through other species ofmarket segmentationto obtain the complete view.

Examples Of demography Segmentation In Marketing

Because there is together a wide range of demographics that you deserve to use come segment your market, there’s additionally a wide range of choices for utilizing the strategy. Let’s look at some demographic segmentation examples in action.

Segmenting based on age

Whilst it isn’t a global truth, it’s fair to to speak that human being of different ages frequently have really different desires and also expectations. Taking this into account together you arrangement your marketing strategy can be a useful tool.

Age segmentation example

Saga Holidays offer travel packages exclusively to those end 50, and their marketing reflects this.


The photos they usage to show their holidays space serene and peaceful, the world represented in the way of living shots are well in the target audience’s period range, and the agency goes the end of its method to highlight the USPs crucial to their age segment: airport choose up, door-to-door travel service, insurance, etc.

This i will not ~ necessarily appeal to anywhere 50 year-olds, however those who room still trying to find busy, interesting adventures room not Saga’s target sector anyway, so utilizing demographic segmentation in marketing this means makes a the majority of sense.

Segmenting based upon gender

Gender-specific marketing deserve to be a very powerful tool once done well, but it’s increasingly crucial to take into consideration your messaging.

Pen manufacturers Bic have actually twice been called out for utilizing lazy stereotypes to market to women: an initial by creating a Bic for Her that was nothing an ext than a pink pen; and 2nd with an worldwide Women’s Day project that told ladies to “Look like a girl, act like a lady, think like a man, work-related like a boss.”


Effective sex marketing isn’t about playing up sex stereotypes, but around presenting clear, effective, and also targeted marketing. Wonderful example the this is our customer War repaint for Men, a men’s make-up brand that gives clear and also effective marketing towards their chosen market segment: from the brand name to the imagery to the content, their post is decision clear.


Segmenting based upon income & occupation

A really useful marketing tool is to segment by occupation or associated demographics, such as earnings bracket or the level of education and learning the person has reached.

Students space the frequent target the marketers, together a segment that are conveniently defined and also have distinct interests and also needs. Maybe the most typical of these methods is income-related segmentation.

Marketers discover this tool valuable as human being in different income brackets have the right to have drastically various approaches to making purchases. Crudely speaking, those in reduced brackets are more likely to be swayed by good value, conversely, those with an ext disposable earnings will be happier come spend much more for a better product.


Compare the bright and also casual tone that mass-market alcohol brand Barefoot uses, above, v that of the high-end sparkling wine brand Nyetimber, below.


Segmenting based on cultural background

Demographic segment also allows us to group our customers by ethnicity, religion, and nationality. This is maybe most advantageous for those in the food sector, particularly for businesses selling food or assets from specific cuisines.


WaNaHong is an online oriental supermarket selling primarily to asian expats life in the UK. Your website features numerous familiar products from China, Japan, Taiwan, and also other eastern nations, and also is also skewed greatly towards giving the ideal experience for your customers, with plenty of headings and products explained in both Chinese and also English.

Their COVID-19 details page was presented in Chinese very first to ensure maximum clarity for their customers.

Segmenting based on family status

We can uncover our last group of demographic traits in the house – looking in ~ marital statuses, household structure (for instance, how many youngsters a household has), and the life stages of those in each family.

This could include things like how much each boy is right into their education, whether the human is renting their residence or own it and, in the situation of the latter, even if it is or no they have actually paid their mortgage off.


Department keep Kohl’s presented brilliantly conceived earlier to school marketing project during the COVID-19 pandemic the both spoke to parents’ requirements to buy tools for the new school year, but additionally acknowledged the very specific and unique situation they were facing – highlighting that children might it is in heading back to school, yet might also just be logging on for remote finding out at home.

Either way, they existing themselves as a equipment and enable for those in this particular life phase to feeling catered for.

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In conclusion

Demographic segment is wonderful way to carry out relevant and targeted message to potential customers and also existing client alike. The key for your service is identifying which demography segments are most relevant come you, and how ideal to use the avenues segmentation affords you.