a.William Paley. b.The counting de Buffon. c.Jean Baptiste Lamarck. d.All the the Above

The concept of adaptation have the right to be described as the adjustments in fit between organisms and also their environment.

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a.true b.false

What is the driving force behind adaptive evolution?

a.better regulation that body heat b.more reliable digestion c.increased reproductive success d.increased size

Which the the following are "problems" that drive evolutionary adaptation?

a.all that the listed below b.availability of food c.predator-prey relationship d.climate

What is the main reason why penguins construct a special layer that blubber?

a.It acts together a reserve keep of energy. b.It serves as insulation native the cold. c.It offers cushioning top top the difficult ice. d.It permits them to toboggan on their bellies.

Many animals have behaviors, such as preening, the are straight related to their evolutionary adaptations. What objective does preening offer penguins?

a.it helps waterproof feathers b.it helps feathers grow better c.it helps during reproduction d.it offer no purpose

Why execute penguins sometimes expose their feet?

a.as a sign of aggression b.to warmth them in the sunlight c.to cool turn off d.to enable them to dry

How execute Emperor and also King penguins store their eggs and young chicks warm?

a.by transporting them on their feet b.by breath on them c.their eggs and chicks do not should be kept warmth d.by sitting on them

The procedure of evolutionary adaptation is limited to

a.penguins. b.only cold weather animals. c.all animals and plants other than humans. d.all living organisms.

Which statement below best describes the relationship between natural selection and adaptation?

a.Natural choice and adaptation both explain how pets change. b.Natural selection describes exactly how organisms adjust and adaptation defines why. c.Natural choice is the opposing pressure of adaptation in the environment. d.Organisms experience adaptive development as a response to organic selection.

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A certain species of seed-eating bird stays on a far island. Countless young have actually recently to be born with shorter beaks that deserve to crush seeds more quickly. What aspect is most likely responsible because that this adaptation?

a.A decrease in competition for shelter. b.A to decrease in temperature. c.An rise in competition because that food. d.An boost in predators.

Organisms space constantly adapting so the they

a.are may be to have a selection of food resources. b.are far better able to survive and also reproduce in your environment. c.can increase their populace into new areas. d.can push other competitive types out of your environment.Score Quiz