There are particular ideas and also notions about entrepreneurs that may discourage you from beginning your own business.

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These myths no necessarily all true.

Furthermore, there are some theories about business owner that might encourage you to develop a startup company.

Some that these room myths together well.

I want to clean up any misconceptions you might have around entrepreneurship.

We’ll go through the peak 10 most typical myths around entrepreneurs.

The info I’ll give you can help you recognize if you an employee or an entrepreneur.


There’s nothing wrong through being an employee.

Personally, I uncover entrepreneurship more financially rewarding – however it’s not for everyone.

Being an entrepreneur bring away commitment.

Once you start your business, the takes simply as much initiative to save up and running.

You’ll should learn various strategies like exactly how to use connection marketing to affix with your customers.

If she on the fence about building a startup company, take a look at at several of the myths and also misconceptions about entrepreneurs.

Then you have the right to make a more informed decision about your future.

Myth #1: businessman don’t have actually a an individual life

Lots of civilization think the entrepreneurs occupational 24 hours a day, 365 work a year.

Working nonstop means that girlfriend won’t have time for your family, friends, and recreation activities.

While that true the entrepreneurship have the right to take grueling hours and also commitment, it’s not true that you can’t have a an individual life.

Part of gift your very own boss method that you can schedule your own hours – to part extent.

I’m not saying you deserve to take time off whenever friend want, yet there’s still sufficient time for family and social activities.

One the the secrets to being a effective entrepreneur is mastering her time monitoring skills.


If you can establish a suitable working routine, you won’t have actually trouble finding cost-free time.

Sure, it can be overwhelming as soon as you have 100 things on your to-do list that need to get done.

But you can not do whatever at when – you deserve to only carry out one point at a time.

Stick to her schedule.

Don’t worry around tasks that you’re not concentrating on in ~ the specific moment.

Entrepreneurs should limit multitasking.

Multitasking to reduce productivity.


So, just how do you limit multitasking and increase productivity?

Schedule certain times to check and also answer emailsPrioritize your to-do listPut her phone on silentGet turn off social media (for an individual use)

These space a couple of tips to acquire started.

Answering calls and emails while you’re working on a job is not an effective use of her time.

Instead, pole to her to-do list.

Make certain you’re working on the most crucial tasks first.

Don’t garbage time on social media – unless of course, it’s organization related.

You do not do it be uploading old pictures of you yourself from high college or holidays photos from critical winter to your an individual social media pages if you’re ~ above the job.

Get ago to work.

Entrepreneurs who can master their time management skills will have plenty that time because that a an individual life.

Myth #2: business man take many risks

Entrepreneurs take it risks.

With the said, they don’t necessarily take it lots of dangers or put themselves in high-risk cases all the time.

Are over there risks associated with starting and running your own business?

Of course.

Entrepreneurs learn how to take it calculated risks.


It’s all about balancing the risk and also reward.

You won’t have much luck gaining high returns if you’re no willing to take part risks.

If over there weren’t any kind of risk – everybody would be law it.

Entrepreneurs aren’t gamblers. Gambling implies there’s luck involved.

Sure – businessman may have actually some great or earlier luck end time.

But ultimately, you can’t count on luck to run your business.

Learn from your mistakes.

Sometimes you’ll take a hazard that doesn’t pay off.

It’s bound to happen.

Not every idea will be a home run.

The vital to persevering through mistakes is by limiting your initial risk.

You can’t take a hazard that will put your company out of organization if the fails.

So, yes – entrepreneurs take some risks.

But they’re not gamblers. They take it calculated risks.

Myth #3: Entrepreneurs are only urged by money

Would entrepreneurs start a business if lock couldn’t generate a profit?

I doubt it.

However, financial obtain is not the only an ideas for little business owners.

It’s no even first on the list.


Achieving a lifelong dream is the main an ideas for entrepreneurs.

Financial security is 2nd on the list.

Being financially stable method that you comfortable and able to make ends meet.

It no necessarily mean you’re filthy rich and also buying Ferraris.

Money is certainly a motivator, yet it’s not as crucial to businessman as human being assume.

Interestingly enough, the quantity of money you have can influence how happy you are.


These numbers contradict the saying, “Money can not buy happiness.”

So you can’t fault business man who have a financial motivation.

There are plenty of other incentives to starting your own company as well.

Entrepreneurs have flexibility and control.

Earlier we debated how you might have a great personal life if you find out to use management skills.

Your hours deserve to be flexible, and you have control over her life and decisions.

You additionally don’t need to answer come anyone other than for yourself.

Leaving a heritage is another motivational element for entrepreneurs.

Their service is something that deserve to last even after they happen away.

It’s additionally something they deserve to leave behind for their families and future generations.

Entrepreneurs are additionally motivated through freedom.


People have restricted freedom in your jobs.

75% the workers don’t think their bosses store the team motivated.

The absence of motivation in their existing job have the right to inspire human being to leave and become an entrepreneur.

Money is not the only driving force in this decision.

Myth #4: Entrepreneurs progressive money from undertaking capitalists

Not all entrepreneurs progressive money from venture capitalists.

So where do world get funds to start a company?

Let’s take a look in ~ the top funding sources.


Venture capital money is ~ above the list, but personal loans, credit, friends, and family much outweigh the venture capitalist funding.

If you desire to it is in a successful entrepreneur, you have to put up your very own money.

You can’t guarantee on securing your finances from banks, angel investors, or VCs.

This relates back to what we disputed earlier around risk-taking.

Yes – entrepreneurs take risks.

Risking your very own money is component of being an entrepreneur.

Based ~ above the number above, friend may likewise be risking money elevated by her family and friends.

This no necessarily a bad thing.

Sure, girlfriend don’t desire to let you yourself down.

But the extra motivation when you room responsible for repaying debts to her loved ones.

How lot money do you must raise to begin a business?

It counts on the industry.

Starting a company may take much less money than you think.

Let’s take it a look in ~ some famous companies.


Hewlett Packard is worth end 30 billion dollars today.

They started with less than $600.

Obviously, this is one anomaly.

I’m not saying you deserve to turn $600 right into a multi-billion-dollar corporation.

I to be saying that you have the right to raise sufficient money in between your personal savings, credit, and loans from family to gain your startup turn off the ground.

You don’t must secure capital from endeavor capitalists.

Myth #5: businessman have great ideas

Some people may no attempt to begin their own business because they don’t have actually a distinct idea.

You don’t should reinvent the wheel to it is in an entrepreneur.

There’s nothing wrong v taking an currently idea and making your own organization out of it.

As lengthy as you’re no infringing on everyone else’s trademarks, patents, or pundit property – the fine.

Let’s look in ~ an example.


I’m certain you’re acquainted with Uber and Lyft.

Uber to be founded in 2009.

Lyft launched in 2012.

These 2 businesses are more or less the same.

Are the co-founder of Lyft not entrepreneurs?

Of food they are.

Just since they offered an existing principle to create their company, doesn’t adjust anything.

You don’t require a brand-new idea to be an entrepreneur.

How countless pizza shops space in her city?

Those restaurant owners didn’t create a brand-new concept when they chose to market pizza.

With the in mind, learning how to create ideas can still help your business.

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Once you obtain started, you’ll desire to come increase with creative marketing techniques to thrive your business.