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Define project Management and needs of task Management?

What is Project? describe project Management.

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Define the project. Explain the attributes of project.

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A project have the right to be characterized as a temporary endeavour undertaken to attain a distinctive product, services or results.

Project have the right to be order of task which is to plan from beginning to end bounded through time, resources, and also required result.

The complying with are the features of Project:

a. Time frame: since a project is a momentary endeavour, it must have actually a definite beginning and also end. Countless projects start on a details date and the day of perfect is estimated. Part project has actually an immovable date when the project must be completed.

b. Purpose: one IT job can produce any number of results such as a system, a software package, or a recommendation based on a study. Because of this a project’s goal should be to create something tangible and of value to the organization. A task must have a score to drive the project in state of defining the work-related to it is in done.

c. Ownership: The job must provide something of value to an individual or team who will own the project product after the is completed. Determining that owns this job is not constantly easy. Because that example, different groups might fight over the does and also does not own the system, the data, the support, and also the final expense of implementing and also maintaining the system.

d. Resources: IT task require time, money, people, and technology. Resources provide the way for afford a project’s goal and additionally act together a constraint. For example, the project’s scope, or job-related to be achieved is established directly by the project’s goal. If task sponsor asks that second feature to be added to the system, however, this will required additional resources in terms of an ext work ~ above the part of task team.

e. Roles: IT projects require various individuals v different an abilities set, they are detailed below.

1. Project Manager: She/he is responsible for ensuring that all of the job management and also technical breakthrough processes room in place and also being carried out properly.

2. Job sponsor: The job sponsor might be the client, customer, or organizational resources manager that will act together champion for the project.

3. Subject issue experts: The topic matter expert may it is in user or customer who has specific knowledge, expertise, or insight in a particular functional area.

4. Technical Expert: Technical professional is necessary to provide a technical equipment to company problems.

Risks and also Assumptions: all projects have an element risk. Risk have the right to arise from numerous sources, both and external and also internal to the project team. Because that example, inner risk may arise from estimate process. On other hand, exterior risk may arise due to dependencies on other contractors or vendors.

Interdependent Tasks: Project work requires plenty of interdependent tasks. For example, a network cannot placed until the hardware is delivered. Or particular requirements cannot be incorporated into design until an essential user is interviewed.

Organizational Change: job is planned business change. Readjust must it is in understood and also managed due to the fact that implementation the the IT job will readjust the ways human being work.

Operating in an setting Larger than the job itself: company chooses tasks for a variety of reasons, and also the projects liked can influence the organization.

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Project Management: Project administration is the applications that knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to project activities to accomplish project requirements. The planning and also organization of an organization"s resources in order to relocate a specific task, event or duty toward completion. Job management generally involves a one-time task rather than an continuous activity, and also resources regulated include both human and also financial capital.