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For this question, we have to determine i m sorry of the complying with compounds have actually one or more asymmetric centre. We understand that that will have actually an asymmetric center if we uncover on Adam commonly carbon that is external inspection to four distinct groups, so none of them are repeated and also work teams are different. Therefore if girlfriend look personally A you recognize that 123 these three carbons Well, no he is metric centers due to the fact that they're each bonded to to hide regions. And since there's come hide regions on those carbons, they every the groups are no unique. For this reason those space not asymmetric centers. We look in ~ these two carbons, your involvement in the twin bond. For this reason the maximum variety of bonds or groups that's attached to is just three and also not because that it was attached to twin bonded come carbon wanted over here and also a hydrogen, so it doesn't have four distinct groups. So that leaves us v this carbon below responded to a metal group. Ah, hydrogen. That's no shown. And another two groups here in below are no identical. Therefore a has one asymmetric centre because that be. We can look a 12345 thes five carbons or each bond. It's as well high Christians, one more not shown, for this reason those can not be symmetric centers. That pipeline us through this carbon, i beg your pardon is born come a methyl group, a hydrogen. However the various other two groups are identical. The team stop begin here and also here the ring is it's much cooler all the means around. Those two teams will it is in identical. Sobhi has actually no asymmetric centers because that Percy. 12333 Carbons are not asymmetric centers due to the fact that they're each bulleted come to hide origins. The carbons here and here are affiliated in a double bond, for this reason we understand that that can't type for unique bonds that Lisa's through this carbon here. We just wanted come a metal group and a hydrogen and two other groups which are right here in here, which room not identical because the team of the peak of the carbon and also not another carbon. And at this carbon, the double going starts and also we look at the bottom 12 carbons in twin blind hasn't began yet, for this reason we recognize that there were no the same to see has actually one asymmetric centre because that party 1234 These four carbons responded to come hide regions. So those calculates metric centers guess: v carbon and this carbon are affiliated in the double bond. Therefore we recognize that that cannot have four distinct groups. For this reason none in that the carbons in the ring have asymmetric centre. The carbon at the end is lugged into three hydrogen and not for remote groups. So we know that D has no asymmetric centers, mainly for component e carbons here, here, hearing here, or each monitor to hide regions.

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And and the two carbons here in here are each bonded come a metal group he hydrogen, which is not displayed here in here. And also we look at this carbon peak launch regroup here and another one right here which one? Identical and the same goes for the other carbon down here, so he needs to asymmetric centers.