We’re gift asked i m sorry of the given solutions will have the greatest buffering capacity.

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The maximum buffering capacityof a systems is if pH that the solution is equal to pKaand the buffer range of a solution is pH = pKa ± 1.

maximum buffering capacity: pH = pKabuffering range: pH = pKa ± 1

Recall the Henderson-Hasselbalch equation:

pH=pKa+logconjugate baseweak acid

• the ideal bufferis once the quantity of conjugate basic is same to the lot of the weak acid.


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Which that the adhering to buffer systems would be the best an option to create a buffer through pH = 9.05?

a. HF / KF

b. HNO2/ KNO2

c. NH3 / NH4Cl

d. HClO / KClO

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