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64. The correct option is d. Forming 65. The correct option is d. They do not establish a an excellent enou…View the complete answer

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Transcribed photo text: inquiry 64 15 points A team of scientists and dentists coordinates to construct a toothpaste that have the right to instantly whiten this A conference is organized so that the team members are acquainted through each other. The members formally introduce themselves and also collectively establish group norms. This group is in the stage of team development. A performing b noming C. Storming d forming QUESTION 65 1.5 clues In the paper definition of regulating resistance come change, i beg your pardon of the following is an error that managers make in the change phase? a. They perform not create a an effective enough coalition. B. Lock overlook success after the an initial large-scale success c. Castle undercommunicate the vision through a aspect of ten. Od. They execute not establish a an excellent enough feeling of urgency inquiry 66 1.5 points conserve Which the the following finest defines technical discontinuity a it is the phase of modern technology stream in i beg your pardon a scientific breakthrough or unique mix of existing modern technologies ereates a significant breakthrough in power or function. B it is the i can not qualify of a agency to competitively offer its products because it counts on old modern technology or a nondominant architecture Click Save and also Submit come sqve and nubmit, Click conserve All Anncers come sqve all ansuers save All answer Saee amed S XCOD concern 66 i m sorry of the following ideal defines technical discontinuity? a the is the phase of technology stream in i m sorry a scientific advance or unique combination of existing technologies creates a far-ranging breakthrough in performance or role b. That is the inability of a company to competitively sell its products because it relies on old an innovation or a nondominant style c. That is an approach to innovation that presume a extremely uncertain environment and also uses intuition and hands-on suffer to reduce uncertainty and accelerate learning and also understanding d. That is the phase of a technology cycle in which service providers innovate by lowering costs and improving the fanctioning and also performance that a dominant technical design. 1.5 points question 67 1.5 points In the paper definition of job design, task to an additional a project empowerment b task enrichment )c job enlargement allows companies to maintain the economic benefits of specialized work since employees just switch indigenous one specialized Od task rotation question 68 1.5 points which of the adhering to is an example of the procedure of exporting? O a FootSoul, a US-based shoe manufacturing company, sellang its pair of shoes in the U.S, Gemany, and France b. BiteSweet Inc. And NutriPack Inc. Collaborating to kind a brand-new company, BitePack Inc, which manufactures energy bars c ally Pharmacy receiving aristocracy payment from wing Pharmacy for enabling it to produce and sell its trademark sneeze syrup d TechnoDorm, a manufacturer of cell phone devices, licensing its entire service to Dreamy technology 1.5 point out Sa inquiry 69 Click Save and also Submit to sqve and submit. Click save All answers to save all answers conserve All Anseers Savr mu