The skeletal mechanism is split into 2 parts: the axial skeleton and appendicular skeleton. The axial skeleton has the skull, spinal column, ribs and sternum. The appendicular skeleton consists of all upper and also lower extremities, the shoulder girdle and also the pelvic girdle. Bones in the person body come in 4 main shapes, long, short, flat and also irregular and also are created of web of collagen fibers reinforced v calcium and phosphorous.

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The collagen provides flexibility while the minerals provide tensile strength. There room 5 features of the skeletal system in the body, 3 of which are external and also visible come the nude eye, and two of which room internal. The external functions are: structure, movement and protection. The internal functions are: blood cabinet production and also storage.

Like the steel structure of a building, the attributes of the skeleton and also the skeleton is to provide rigidity, which provides the body shape and supports the load of the muscles and also organs. Without this structure, the body would collapse in top top itself, compressing the lungs, heart and also other organs--impairing your function.

Some creatures do not have internal skeletons and instead lock have outside shells (or exoskeletons) v muscle attachments on the interior. The rigid structure of the skeletal mechanism also permits it to perform one more one the the 5 features of the skeletal system: movement.


The nervous system sends the electric impulses the activate the muscles, the bones system offers the levers and also anchors for the muscles to pull against. All skeletal muscles have an origin and also insertion point.

The beginning is the anchor, the bone that stays immobile when the muscle works. The insertion is the bone the moves together the muscle works, which is among the main features of the skeleton. So, because that example, in the situation of the biceps, the top arm and also shoulder room the beginnings (anchor) and also the skeletal of the forearm space the insertion. Interestingly, the quantity of strength the muscle demands is straight related come the size of the bone (or lever) and where that is attached.

This way that much shorter people actually use less power to move than taller people due to the fact that they have shorter bones, and the point of attachment is closer to the allude of origin.


Arguably the most essential of the 5 features of the skeletal mechanism is protection. The most noticeable example of the attributes of the skeleton"s protective nature is the person skull. The vertebrae and also ribs likewise have protective features by encasing vulnerable structures choose the spinal cord, heart and lungs. The rib cage not only surrounds the organs of respiration, however it’s also really flexible and also is built to expand and contract through each breath.

The bones of the skull space actually several level plates joined together by sutures. This sutures permit the skull to pass with the bear canal and also expand as the brain continues growing. The sutures fuse with each other in early childhood, developing the classic shape of the skull.

The vertebrae are all irregularly shaped bones in the human being body that carry out both protection and also flexibility for movement. There are additionally fibrous disks in between each vertebra, which provide shock absorption.


Red and white blood cells space made in the red marrow that bones. At birth and in early childhood, every bone marrow is red. As the human being ages, about fifty percent of the body marrow turns to yellow marrow – i beg your pardon is created of fat cells. In an adult human, a majority of the long bones contain yellow marrow, and also the red marrow is only uncovered in the flat bones of the hip, skull and also shoulder blades, the vertebrae and at the end of the lengthy bones.

However, in the occasion of major blood loss, the human body can transform some yellow marrow ago to red marrow to rise blood cabinet production.


The body provides calcium and phosphorous because that bodily processes choose muscle contraction. Several of those mineral are uncovered in our diet, yet they are likewise taken from the bones in the person body. Once the body demands calcium, if there isn’t a all set supply in the blood, the endocrine device releases hormones the initiate the process of acquisition calcium indigenous bone and also releasing it into the bloodstream. As soon as there is a excess of blood calcium, the put ago into the bones.

This is why diet calcium and also vitamin D space so important. The body provides calcium continuous and, if over there isn’t enough calcium in the diet, the will repetitively take calcium native the bone to compensate – resulting in osteoporosis. Having enough dietary calcium ensures that there is sufficient calcium because that bodily functions and replenishes the back-up stores in the bone.

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