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29. A monopoly firm is a sort of sector structure in which over there is only one seller and many buyers, because of this a monopolist firm has actually market power both in the short-run and also in the long-run. For this reason a monopolist firm is price searcher. A monopolist f…View the full answer

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Transcribed image text: del has the least number of 29. Which sector mod A Monopolistic compete B. Pure competition C Pure monopoly D. Ollipoly manage over price by firms in: 30. Over there is no manage 1. Oligopoly B. Pre monopoly Pure vain D. Monopolistic competition of a purely competitive mal een firms developing the same produse 31. I m sorry is a attribute of an A. Price differences in between B far-reaching barriers come entry inte C. The industry's demand curve products are standardization or homo Geant barriers to entry right into the indu e demand curve is perfectly elasti dardized or homogeneous 32 vain firms space assumed to: A. Advertisement B. Be price takers C sell where marginal price is lessened D. Challenge demand curve that are perfectly ineleri crectly inelastic 33. In pure competition, the need fo A. Elastic since the firm produces a distinct product B. Inelastic because the for sure produces a unique product C. Elastic due to the fact that many various other firms produce the very same no D. Inelastic due to the fact that many various other firms create the exact same product the demand for the product of a solitary firm is perfect e the very same product 34. In pure competition, marginal revenue is: A. Same to full revenue B. Same to product price C. Much less than product price D. Higher than product price 35. A profit-maximizing certain in the short run will expand output: A. Till marginal cost starts to increase B. Until total revenue equals full cost C. Till marginal price equals mean variable expense D. As long as marginal revenue is higher than marginal price In calculating the joblessness rate, part-time workers are: Counted together unemployed because they are not working full time Counted as employed because they are receiving payment for work-related Used to recognize the dimension of the labor force, however not the unemployment rate Treated the exact same as "discouraged employees who are not actively seeking employed staff 37. I m sorry is a correct statement? A Frictional joblessness is the result of frictions between labor and also management over how best to perform work-related B. Structural unemployment is unemployment resulting from transforms in the structure of consumer demand of an innovation C. Cyclical joblessness is likewise called wait unemployment because this unemployment depends on the time of the company cycle D. Search unemployment is the broadest joblessness category because it covers all other varieties of joblessness 38. A nation has a population of 300 million people. That these, 80 million space retired, in the military, in school or under 16 year old. There room 210 million who are emploved and 10 million who are unemployed. What is the unemployment rate? A. 3.3 percent B. 3.6 percent C.4.5 percent D. 5.2 percent 39. The amount through which potential GDP exceeds actual GDP is one measure up of the A. Natural rate of joblessness B. Accumulation cost of joblessness C. Difference in between real and also nominal GDP D. Difference in between real and also nominal revenue 40. If the customer Price Index to be 170 in one year and also 180 in the next year, climate the price of inflation native one year come the following was approximately: A. 55 percent B. 5.9 percent C. 6.3 percent D. 7.2 percent