So you"ve already decided that you"re a Royal. You think that civilization should follow their destinies. There are countless reasons why. However you want to know which EAH personality you are, right? Yes. For this reason let"s go.

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But one much more thing: DO. NOT. CHEAT. Girlfriend may currently know i beg your pardon character would answer the details questions, yet just cheating ONCE might make your quiz completely inaccurate. Think v each question. Go!

Created by: Cupid Lockes

What is your age? Under 18 years Old 18 to 24 year Old 25 come 30 year Old 31 to 40 years Old 41 to 50 years Old 51 to 60 year Old over 60 years OldWhat is your gender? male FemaleWho would you like your parental to be? snow White. Cheshire Cat. Sleeping Beauty. Queen that Hearts. Goldilocks. Cinderella.Which story would certainly you most want to it is in in? Alice in Wonderland eye White and also the seven Dwarves The sleeping Beauty Cinderella Rapunzel Goldilocks and also the 3 BearsWho would you most like as a roommate? Lizzie hearts Kitty Cheshire Poppy O"Hair Briar beauty, beauty Ashlynn Ella apple WhiteWhich name sounds the most enchanting? Kitty Cheshire Duchess Swan Ashlynn Ella Lizzie mind Blondie Lockes Madeline HatterWhat magic touch would certainly you choose most? to disappear and also run super-fast through the Otherworld appropriate inside ours world. To talk to plants, animals, pixies, etc. To have the ability to turn right into a swan whenever i want and dance ~ above water. Every lock that ns touch instantly unlocks! Super-valuable and super-strong hair that I have the right to turn into anything. To do anything the end of cards, be the finest a croquet, and sense when animals (hedgehogs in particular) room nearby.What is her "Oh curses!" moment? When human being don"t believe what ns say due to the fact that I joke approximately too much. Anytime I"m late for class, my clothing turn into rags. World take mine jokes method too literally. I fall asleep randomly every the time. Ns look destructive when I"m mad. I have a devastating destiny.What would certainly be your favorite subject? Something favor Kingdom management or imperial Student board of directors Geografairy Damsel-in-Distress controversy Grimmnastics Che-myth-stryWhat would be your least favorite subject? Grimmnastics basic Villainy Princessology arts & Crafts cooking Class-ic Muse-icWhat is your favorite food? Apples! to apologize pie, baked apples, new apples; to apologize anything! Chocolate! Mmmmm.... Vegan. Cinnamon oatmeal with mixed berries. Salmon and also greens. Porridge and honey.What sort of pet would you choose to have? snow fox Unicorn Trumpeter swan Phoenix Hedgehog Grizzly be affected by each other cubWhere would certainly you many like come live? A lock of Wonderland A pink royal residence A castle on the outskirts of a city A cottage by by a lakeWhat"s your shoe style? White heels v ruby apple straps. Strappy heeled sandals with de-thorned briar branch straps. Fur-cuffed black color flats. Gold-studded shoes v a white flower.What"s her hair style? Curly blonde and also a crown or bow. Curly brown-and-pink locks and crownglasses. Curly purple-and-turquoise hair and also a Hat-of-Many-Things. Curly lavender ponytails. Cinderella hair with lengthy locks hanging under from a bun and also a pink headband with pet designs ~ above it. Long caramel hair with a braid or two and also a purple tiara.What is/are your signature color/colors? Red and gold. Purple and turquoise. Hot pink. Periwinkle blue and canary yellow. Lavender/silver-grey. Aqua and cotton liquid pink.What nail polish shade do you like best? White through gold and also red designs... Or angry versa. Polka dots! French nails. Warm pink and also black. Blue and yellow.What is your favorite scent? apple Roses Vanilla Strawberry HoneyWho is her favorite? (1/2) apple White Madeline hatter Briar beauty, beauty Kitty Cheshire Duchess SwanWho is your favorite? (2/2) Ashlynn Ella Holly O"Hair Lizzie hearts Blondie Lockes

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