Botox is the most renowned cosmetic treatment in America for an excellent reason. It considerably decreases the visibility of facial lines and wrinkles, permitting men and women to appear significantly younger and also revitalized. This FDA cleared therapy is formulated for targeting wrinkles on the forehead and also between the brow, and fine lines around the mouth and eyes and each year, countless people choose Botox together a non-surgical substitute for invasive solutions choose a brow background or facelift. Once administered by a skilled injector, Botox is safe and effective, requires no downtime, and results in a natural appearance that doesn’t interfere v facial expressions.*¹

Tired of feather tired and older than you feel? Botox may be the ideal, non-surgical equipment for you. Learn more by signing up because that a cost-free consultation or by calling new Beauty & health at (203)-644-4507 . New Beauty & well-being is the height provider of Botox in Westport and also is entirely committed come our patient’s safety and also satisfaction.

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Benefits the Botox

#1 Non-Invasive cosmetic therapy in the worldThe only FDA approved therapy to alleviate frown lines & crow’s feet¹Proven for sure & reliable in 470+ clinical studiesRejuvenates the area about the eyes, brow & forehead²Quick & convenient v no downtimeResults look herbal & maintain expressionPopular amongst men & women, age 20 on upHalts the formation of dynamic wrinkles in young adults³

What is Botox?

The Botox substance is a purified protein the is distilled native Botulinum toxin. It acts together a neuromodulator, which means that that relaxes the muscle task that generates indicators of aging choose fine lines and wrinkles.¹

How Does the Work?

Botox is most frequently used to soften lines and dynamic wrinkles the are resulted in by repetitive muscle contractions. Every laugh, smile, squint and also frown girlfriend fold and also crease the skin. After year of repetitive muscle contractions, these creases come to be permanent, developing into dynamic wrinkles. During a treatment, her injector will certainly inject Botox right into the muscles that lay listed below these wrinkles. The neuromodulator suspends the muscle’s capability to contract, enabling it to relax and also lengthen out. This in turn, relaxes the skin the sits on height of the muscle, smoothing out the well lines and wrinkles.⁴

Botox Before and After*






Botox Before and After pictures show patients who space purposefully frowning or scowling in stimulate to demonstrate the softening of facial lines the Botox can assist you realize. Results might vary, as with any kind of cosmetic procedure. However, this Botox before and also after images depict real patients and also real results.*


Botox has been broadly researched and is approved by the FDA; making that a treatment through a markedly high safety profile.⁵ Botox side effects are no common. The lion’s share of Botox side effects occur in cases in i beg your pardon counterfeit Botox remedies were offered or inept and careless injectors were administering the procedure. By selecting a very qualified and fully trained medical expert as your preferred Botox Westport provider, you deserve to assure your safety and satisfaction.

During your complementary consultation at new Beauty & wellness in Westport, we comment on side results in detail and also we answer any kind of other inquiries or involves you can have.

Botox is a reasonably inexpensive an approach of ensuring friend look youthful and rejuvenated. The exact cost of Botox depends mainly on every client’s individualized food of treatment. Throughout your consultation, precise Botox prices will be totally discussed. If this treatment is right for you, we will customize a treatment plan that fits both your goals and your budget.

Treatment outcomes usually become obvious within 3 to 4 days of the early stage treatment, yet some patients see outcomes as quickly as 24 hours after the treatment. Separation, personal, instance experiences might vary, yet results last up to four months for some of our patients.*

While many world seem to think Botox is a reactionary treatment, meant to be supplied after lines and also wrinkles crease the face, this treatment is popular among younger patients interested in maintaining their youthful appearance

Preventative Botox is the most renowned cosmetic therapy for the 20-40 age group, and also those who start to manage their skin treatment by avoiding signs that aging have the right to realize even an ext impressive profit in the future. Botox popularity among young adults is clinically validated by arising research that mirrors Botox proactively prevents the advance of dynamic wrinkles by disabling expression muscles previously in adulthood. This avoids the recurring muscle contractions that cause the long-term creases in overlying skin that Botox looks for to minimize after-the-fact in various other patients.²

As listed in a study released by JAMA Dermatology, “Initiating constant treatment with a neuromodulator in an individual’s 20s or 30s will have a dramatic impact on the appearance of the challenge as viewed in the person’s 40s or 50s. There will be few, if any, imprinted currently of facial expression present.”³

A current study published in Archives of face Plastic Surgery supports these findings. By complying with identical twins over a 13-year period, researcher were able come track results after one pair received regular Botox injections throughout your young adult life when the other twin obtained no injections. Comparison photos reveal that the pair receiving injections emerged significantly under frown lines, forehead wrinkles, and crow’s feet. The researchers conclude, “Long-term treatment v Botox have the right to prevent the advancement of imprinted face lines that space visible at rest. Botox treatment can also reduce crow’s feet.”⁴

Cosmetic injections are method sensitive treatments. The skill and training the the separation, personal, instance administering the injection has actually a huge impact on the appearance and also longevity of Botox results. An unskilled operator significantly increases the likelihood that encountering side effects and sub-par results. When an experienced performs this procedure, Botox results have actually a organic look and also offer no impediments to full facial expression. Therefore, trusted expertise is important when recognize a Botox provider. Hence, notified patients living in Westport, and also surrounding neighborhoods such together Fairfield, Weston, Easton, and New Canaan choose new Beauty & well-being as their trusted Botox CT provider.

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Botox close to Me

Turn ago the clock v the #1 cosmetic treatment in the people from the #1 Botox provider in Westport. Sign up for a complimentary consultation with new Beauty and also Wellness today by calling us at 203-644-4507 or by filling out the online form below.