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ACS, Heptahydrate
99.0% - 103%
ZnSO4 •7H2O
UN3077, course 9, PG III
see Below.
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This Zinc Sulfate is not a diet supplement. That is a powder supplied in scientific research labs and is no in tablet form. Not supposed for interior use. We carry out not have the Zinc Sulfate supplement.

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Zinc sulfate is colorless, odorless granular material. Astringent, metallic taste, efflorescent (loses combined water molecules on exposure come air). Dissolve in water and also glycerin.

Uses incorporate rayon manufacture, mordant and also wood preservative. Helpful in some metal patina formulas and also science demonstrations.

Do no buy this if you are seeking the Zinc Sulfate supplement! This is a powder offered in science labs and also is no in tablet computer form. Not expected for interior use. We perform not have the Zinc Sulfate supplement. Try Google Shopping

Used in the following patina formulas:







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