Birch plastic manufactures load poly pellets specifically offered to to fill cornhole bags and bean bag toss bags. Birch plastics is the yes, really manufacturer of this product. We space not a distributor or reseller of who else’s product. This means what we sell is a steady, reputable product the doesn’t vary from order to order. Our weighted poly pellets because that cornhole bag filler weighs approximately 7.5 ounces per cup.

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How come Buy load Poly Pellets for Cornhole Bag Filler Wholesale from Birch Plastics

Birch Plastics provides this product in all quantities. Due to the fact that we room the manufacturer, no a distributor or reseller, us only administer our product in 2,500 lbs. Increments and also greater. We offer help with shipping and private labeling if necessary.

How to purchase Weighted Poly Pellets Filler because that CornHole Bags

Our weighted Poly Pellets because that Cornhole filler is packaged in 2,500 lb. Boxes. This product is available to acquisition from 2,500 Lbs. Approximately 42,000 lbs. Per order.


Features of weight Poly Pellets because that Cornhole Bags Filler:

Birch plastic weighted poly pellets for cornhole bag filler is specially formulated for the perfect feel and weight. Weather resistant, weighted poly pellets are fantastic alternative come corn or beans and they will not decompose or ferment.

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OdorlessBPA freeConsistentNonporousHypoallergenicFDA compliantVirgin, non-recycledWasher and dryer safeCylinder and also round-cut blendMold and moisture resistantApproximately 7.5 ounces every cup

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