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Fortnite Season 9 continues with a new set of skin-focused difficulties called Utopia Challenges. These operate just like the Blockbuster, Snowfall and Discovery Challenges before them, however they have a new name the suits the design template of the Season 9 battle Pass. We"ll phone call you where to find the secret Battle Star utilizing Loading display screen #1.

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Where to uncover the an enig Battle Star in Loading screen #1

In bespeak to make the mystery Battle Star appear, you must very first complete all of the main 1 challenges that walk live Thursday morning. We"ve provided them listed below alongside links to relevant guides.

Free challenges

Stage 1: ride the Slipstream roughly Neo Tilted Stage 2: journey the Slipstream around Mega MallDeal damage to an foe within 10 secs after using a zero Bomb (200)

Battle Pass obstacles

Pick up a legendary item in different matches (five)Search Chests at happy landing or prey Lake (seven)Scoped Weapon Eliminations (three)Stage 1: Deal damages to enemies from at the very least two stories over (300)Stage 2: Deal damage to enemies from at least 4 stories over (200)Stage 3: Deal damages to opponents from at least six stories over (100)

After perfect each challenge you"ll unlock Loading display #1. Unlike few of the past displays we"ve seen, the mystery to this one is quite simple. Over there are 4 coordinates marked on the device Gun featured prominently in the image: I5, I6, J5 and J6. Every you need to do is go to wherein those works with meet to discover the mystery Battle Star.


Use the works with featured in Loading display screen #1 to find the very first Secret fight Star that Season 9.Epic Games

Where is the an enig Battle Star because that Week 1

Marked on the map below, the mystery Battle Star in Loading display screen #1 is situated at this spot phibìc of sky Palms and also east the Mega Mall.

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The week 1 an enig Battle Star is situated close come Mega Mall.Epic Games/wolker4
YouTubeThis is what the ar looks like as soon as you land there. That"s every you have to know about the mainly 1 Utopia difficulty for Fortnite Season 9.


This is what the mainly 1 secret Battle Star place looks like.Epic Games/wolker4
YouTubeWere friend able to find the mystery Battle Star in Loading display #1? What carry out you think the the Weekly difficulties so far? Tell united state in the comment section!