Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Links Card businessman Tier list of compelled items because that each tradable card available at the card trader NPC. The cost of each map varies on the rarity and requires Gold, SR Jewels and also Stones. Listed below we explain everything you have to know about the YuGiOh Duel web links Card businessman NPC.

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After you reach phase 7 the map Trader have the right to be found listed below the Shop.

Yu-Gi-Oh Duel links Card trader Tier List

S+ Tier Ranking

CardExplanationRelated decks
Riryoku *Unlocked at phase 17Could be used in many aggressive decks the don’t usage effect damages to acquire the victory.
High Score CerberusAny Beatdown deck
Mythical Beast Cerberus One fo the ideal YuGiOh Duel links Card businessman Cards come get. Compelled to fight high scores making use of a Cerberus Deck, however, you have to own atleast one.
High Score Cerberus

S-Tier Ranking

CardExplanationRelated decks
Bazoo the Soul-Eater A an effective reversal the strengthens itself up to 2500 ATK. This quickly can put you in the command if you’re primarily hefty on defense late right into the game.
Wonder BalloonAny Beatdown deck

A-Tier Ranking

CardExplanationRelated Decks
Gravekeeper’s Oracle The play making card of Gravekeeper’s deck. A good tribute summoning card.
Blue Dragon Summoner *Unlocked at stage 17Can help you easily obtain high ATK regular monsters, such together Axe Raider and an ext from your deck.
Two fusion DragonsBEWD ComboAny beatdown deck v non-effect monsters
Flash Assailant Can gain up to 2000 ATK easily due to the fact that your beginning start hand is 4 cards in rate duel.
HandlessWonder Balloon
Thunder Dragon You’ll require to attain three of this cards they are needed.
Dinosaur KingdomeWonder BalloonAny beatdown deck with fusion monsters.
Twin-Headed Thunder Dragon Another great YuGiOh Duel links Card trader Card. Required card because that Thunder Dragon Deck.
Dinosaur KingdomeAny beatdown deck with combination monsters.

B-Tier Ranking

CardExplanationRelated Decks
Big Shield GardnaCan inflict good battle damage it’s attacked
Chain ReactionParasite Infestation
Twin-Barrel Dragon1700 ATK is the pure highest amongst effect lower level monster cards. It additionally has impact to send a card your foe controls come graveyard.
Coin TossMachineLuck on your Side

C-Tier Ranking

CardExplanationRelated Decks
Embodiment of ApophisHas pretty high stats and likewise helps you continue to tribute summon.
Chain ReactionAny beatdown deck
Pot of Dichotomyonly few of these type of cards that assist you draw cards but the condition is quite hard to fulfill.
Cyber-SteinThis card has actually a superb effect and can be offered with LP for cards or with Tea’s “Life expense 0” Skill.
Ultimate Cyber-Stein
Wonder Wand *Unlocked at stage 17Gives her monster spelllcasters 500 ATK boost, can also be offered to draw added cards.
GravekeepersDark Magician ComboAny beatdown deck through Spellcaster monsters
Celestial Transformation1 of the few distinct summoned spell cards. Can perform Tribute Summons instantly.
Kazejin & BEWD
PolymerizationAnother YuGiOh Duel links Card businessman Card the is quite necessary because that decks with combination monsters, it have the right to be additionally received from leveling increase Joey.

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Two combination DragonsDinosaur KingdomAny beatdown deck with fusion Monsters
Jar of GreedAllowing friend to discover the cards girlfriend need lot quicker, an extremely powerful.
Chain ReactionAny deck dependency on combos