Back in 2017, the Baltierra family was on a lookout for a brand-new home. Since a peaceful setting was an ext attractive to them, they chose to purchase a beautiful Michigan-based farmhouse.

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The family’s old home was likewise based in Michigan, and also the fans were quite supplied to see it ~ above the television.


Old versus New


“Another room renovated in our 126-year-old victorian home,” Tyler common a photo back in 2015.

Cate & Ty had been resolving up your old Victorian residence for the apparent lifestyle reasons, potentially boosting upon its style for one upcoming sale.

Evidently, the couple does all the DIY occupational themselves, according to Tyler’s Instagram hashtags, #DIY, #LateNightProjects.

A brand-new chapter because that the family


The Baltierra family members recently welcomed another family member, baby Vaeda, and they couldn’t it is in happier.

They announced the news on September 13, 2018.

Their latest home purchase could be the last one, every family’s words.

When asked on Twitter even if it is the household plans to drop the round or not, Tyler responded with:

“It’s ours FOREVER home.”

It’s our FOREVER residence ❤️

— Catelynn Baltierra (
CatelynnLowell) September 7, 2017

In June that 2017, the couple announced the the work had begun.

“When you check out a home & obtain that specific feeling in your gut…you understand it’s her mission to make that residence into a HOME. Me &
catelynnmtv have dreamed of having actually an old farmhouse v character & building ever since we were kids! who knew earlier then ours childhood desires would actually come true!? permit the renovations begin!”

Catelynn proclaimed that she doesn’t miss city-living,

“I don’t miss city living at all,” she revealed.

To placed things into perspective, the family members loves your animals and enjoys every second of breathing fresh air!

Farmhouse renovation efforts pay off

The farmhouse had actually undergone renovations for rather some time now, and also after months of hard work and DIY, the house ultimately looks and also feels choose a home.


The octagon farmhouse has actually a bit of background behind itself, as it’s developed by Captain George W. Smith.

The Baltierra family hopes come make countless lifelong memories at the new place, and also the an initial one was yes, really something special, as the family’s very first meal in the new home to be ‘Thanksgiving dinner.’


“The an initial meal as a family members in the brand-new house to be Thanksgiving dinner & that’s a memory the will always be cherished. A lot of time (& contempt obsessive attention to detail) has gotten in the reconstruction of this residence & ~ tonight…it finally feels choose a house & not simply a house!” the proud dad gushed top top Instagram.

Tyler’s DIY ‘addiction’ lugged the house an remarkable transformation, both external & inside.


The living room definitely shows up to be the love of the house with the spacious, comfy sofas and the resource of warmness coming from the custom-designed French fireplace.


The grasp bathroom looks spectacular v horizontal subway walls and ceramic monochrome colors!

“…master bath is DONE!” Tyler revealed top top Instagram (late 2018).

Novalee’s room is everything a tiny girl could wish for!

In situation she gets boring of the remarkable scenery inside, she have the right to just walk out and also enjoy the calming atmosphere outside, along with chickens!


“Our forever residence is coming follow me so nice! We have been renovating for almost a year and now it’s gaining so close to being done!!! i cannot wait to move in and also start making memories on our little farm…” Catelynn common an update earlier in 2018.

“Getting old and also sitting on that porch together in our rocking chairs… watching ours grandkids operation the property and growing old v you…
tylerbaltierramtv you have done an exceptional job,” Catelynn added.

The residence shines in ~ night


The family’s octagon legacy is especially beautiful at night, together the lights rotate up native all around the home.

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Tyler recalled exactly how it every looked like prior to him and also Catelynn stepped in.

“…You often tend to forget what it initially looked like because you obtain so captured up with developing the brand-new look.”