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One exciting topic would be to examine the character of Arnold Friend. He certainly is a creepy character, and also he appears to know much more information about Connie than need to be feasible for a stranger to know. By remove the letter R from both names, you are left with an old...

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One amazing topic would be to examine the personality of Arnold Friend. He definitely is a creepy character, and he seems to know much more information about Connie than should be feasible for a stranger come know. By remove the letter R from both names, you are left v An old Fiend. I think an amazing thesis could be an examination of how Arnold girlfriend is the incarnation of angry or Satan himself. A thesis can look favor this: Arnold friend is more than just an weird eccentric personality and is rather the embodiment that evil. You can then research two or three areas where Friend appears to be an ext than merely a bad man. Additionally important in this thesis would certainly be those numbers the Friend reads off: 33, 19, 17. Together it transforms out, if you begin at the finish of the Old Testament and also count backwards for 33 books, girlfriend land on Judges. Right here is Judges 19:17:

When that looked and saw the traveler in the city square, the old guy asked, "Where room you going? where did you come from?"

The spiritual symbolism runs deep in the story, for this reason presenting Friend as Satan or evil can prove interesting.

Is Connie at every to reprimand for she fate? If she hadn"t been fairly so promiscuous, could she have avoided she outcome? one more thesis can examine Connie"s actions and also whether they directly led to girlfriend singling her out. A thesis could look favor this: Connie is/is not to blame for her eventual death.

An interesting character breakthrough is the Connie offers herself as a sacrifice to save her family. Mental what girlfriend tells her close to the end:

You"re better than them since not a among them would have done this because that you.

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In this way, Connie has undergone far-ranging character transformation, currently willing come sacrifice her life to conserve her family. And also Friend, who seems to understand the inner functions of people"s minds, assures her that her family members would not have done the exact same for her. It would be exciting to research this character development, tracing Connie"s superficial beginnings to her ultimate sacrifice. A thesis could look prefer this: Although Connie begins the story together a self-absorbed teenager, she evolves into a complex character capable of self-sacrifice.

I hope these ideas give you an edge to occupational with for your paper. This is such a well-off story, complete of possibilities because that a debatable and also defendable position. An excellent luck!