Hello, military here, but additionally your constant resident psychic power healer bitch here to deliver you some uncomfy truths but 200000% sureball healing. I deeply adore the presence of bangtan in this current lifetime together per they’re yes, really this real ball that energy, vulnerability and light that has a momentum that is simply so UNPARALLELED.

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It’s really crucial to move power in the body and also the concert — close to religous experiences of trust and also love, and simultaneous expression the excitement and singing of things we desire for ourselves and other people. Bangtan Sonyeodan room truly magickal people. Now I won’t get into the nitty gritty of speak — Tae’s communication with angels, or the spell spreading of songs like Magic Shop, Pied Piper or 2!3! (maybe the is for one more post) however instead let’s talk around your crushes — five I average BIASES.

And what it says about you, energetically and also what you have the right to reflect on and work with. These are much more or less generalizations and also obviously don’t apply as carbon duplicates to all human being as we are multi-faceted beings, yet for the services of this write-up let’s go in addition to the an extremely straightforward idea that attributes that you magnetized in the direction of a certain person space things friend really require in her life, or characteristics you at some point learn.

Also this is based upon my personal experience of army & BTS and ofcourse there might be a thousand more different interpretations that this article. This is simply one and also we’re all valid and glean different things from our various biases. Ofcourse us do!

(quick eg: Liking Namjoon’s means with words, HIS ways W WORDS particularly — way you want to develop your own relationship v words, or don’t have as much accessibility to it together you’d desire to. V out this article try to observe yourself prefer a stranger if the points I mention are points you’ve repressed within yourself or things you’re jealousy of and wanting for yourself)

So let’s obtain started!



Tae is a intuitive — but also! a really unconventional visual. The goes for very unconventional poses, and makes weird vintage pieces work and also look high fashion. (It’s no only due to the fact that he has Capricorn energy) but what ns really watch in V is a deep partnership with just accepting himself and also the method he is.

In older interviews friend can also pick-up RM stating of just how he himself uncovered Tae monster at an initial but eventually started to concern what’s typical in the very first place. Also Tae has actually explained prior to that his challenge is really expressive but also so quickly misinterpreted as he has a very stoic resting and also neutral face which can feel stand-offish and rude once in truth he is just processing an event and taking his time. In this way, Tae has a an extremely calm internal energy, and a strong inner boy archetype together being among the maknaes the the group.

What this says about you is that you probably have something really quirky and also unconventional about you also that you might tend come hide, but makes you easily relate come Tae and celebrate how open he is with just how he hold it. It can likewise mean that you’re having difficulties with sharing her own unique self-image, especially with the problems of being misunderstood, and also admire Tae’s distinctive charm and confidence for the camera. He inspires all of us to be ourselves unapologetically and also share all of our deals with — yes! even the funny weird ones come the people as well.

Additionally Tae additionally has a deep relationship with sadness, top top the deaths that surrounding some eras of his career, and also experiences that burn-out as provided in the track blue & grey and his other solo songs. Personally speaking i feel prefer he’s still really much in the process of catalyzing this things and also the energy he has actually with approaching these things have taught me come accept whereby ever world are in the process.


What parts of yourself you think room too artsy, too odd to share come the world and also maybe pick to share the to several of your nearby friends?

Dare yourself to short article a couple of selfies wherein you feel more at ease v what you really like — and also don’t care about what’s famous or supposed of you! be yourself!

Grief and also your partnership with your own winters. How you have the right to possibly make arts from then



Jungkook is the golden maknae of the group who quickly excels in so countless things! he is the main vocalist, a solid member the the dance line, and also has a thousand hobbies favor drawing, boxing and playing the guitar. In interviews girlfriend can conveniently glean that Jungkook is among the hardest on themselves among the members (alongside Jimin) and is constantly propelled to make himself better.

Personally, I additionally find Jungkook to have actually one that the many open and youthful encounters in the group, and also has a deep expression that his within child and play. The is! the youngest the the group, so he it s okay away w/ so countless of his really “extra” shenanigans and also competitiveness in Run! BTS, babied by his hyungs and is also so naturally athletic. In this method you can additionally see a really straightforward above-the-table earnestness in the method he writes his songs and even performs his dances.

It’s not that he’s no deep. It’s simply that that doesn’t yes, really complicate and ruminate his feelings, it’s just that the cries so much more easily 보다 the other boys, and confesses that many of his troubles room worrying about the various other members and also not really his. He’s honest and also open on and off set.

What this says around you is the you more than likely want to be together free, and an easy as Jungkook. To love that would most likely be a straightforward love — no one that complicates itself v too plenty of burdens. You present ea other light and also relish ea other’s achievements. Him gift the youngest, i also an alert a lot of ARMY’s who predisposition him also have a strong nurturing archetype, constantly loving the idea of taking treatment of such a precious maknae and also assuaging his anxieties. In a way, you have the right to feel like a mom number cheering for your child and also you love being proud the him. He additionally helps people who cannot focus only on one passion, or no so keen on being book smart come feel just as valued and acknowledged in society.

W/ this heat of thought THINK ABOUT:

Where have the right to you unapologetically it is in the youngest baby, be babied, it is in cute and just play? through whom? do you let world you love have accessibility to this also no matter what your period is?

What hobbies perform you want to explore w/ just as lot passions Jungkook?

In the same way that you want to guarantee Jungkook the he’s always worthy for having actually done his best, how do you develop your very own self up once you see your accomplishments fall short alongside her goals? how would you desire Jungkook to talk to himself? how have the right to you celebrate an ext of her work?


PARK JIMIN! our resident libra, all-gender charmer and ethereal singer and dancer. I’ll say this as straightforwardly as I can. Jimin has the largest divine feminine energy among the members in the group, in the textures of his dances, his clothing, the means he generally speaks and holds himself. This is comes from someone who in debut era days put a lot of of initiative into seeming masculine and had a lot of body image problems with maintaining a an extremely visible 6 pack.

When observing Jimin through eras you’ll see how much he is accepted much more of what his soul’s expression is, whatever society says. Contemporary & ballet dance, often seen as effeminate, is something he constantly showcases in his dance division (black swan, solo stages) and showcases so lot of the softer movement textures in the group.

Also, ns really need to confess i’ve only had actually a deeper knowledge of Libras top top observing Jimin with the rest of the boys. Libras are the many relational in the zodiac, he is constantly asking for fist from the boys and when inquiry questions about himself, he virtually always spins the in a method that has some body rather or in relationship to someone else in the group. He likes to include, and also would constantly frame his woes in relationship to the group or army itself. It’s never his thing alone, and takes his relationships very seriously and also obviously concerns a lot about them.

What this says about you — and I have to admit it the military I understand who bias Jimin, have actually a deep deep appreciation of Beauty, and also either really desire to embody or are currently deeply embodying so many facets of the divine feminine. You can also deeply relate with Jimin’s human body issues and appreciate how mindful and also thoughtful that is that the relationships about him. Also worthy of note, the times that Jimin has actually cried due to the fact that of army (losing his voice; and also ARMY chanting earlier it’s it s okay — and needing come forgive himself in the process, finding out to go simpler on himself) can be important to you. Together you’re also trying to lull yourself the end of perfectionism and also relying on various other people also for agree you for things you may be doing not have in.

*QUICK NOTE: I know that Jungkook has actually gone through something similiar through his fishing eye injury, yet it’s noticeable exactly how much more Jungkook would certainly bury his feeling or brush points off. Jimin is remarkably so much more mental through his worries constantly caught in the loop of what other civilization might think or just how he can try harder. Jungkook at the same time physicalizes his stress around the expectations roughly him through burying himself in tasks like video shooting i m sorry isn’t as purely psychological thought-spiral nature that i observe Jimin would acquire into.


What components of me takes note of whereby other people are constantly? who’s opinion that me matters? What societal expectations deserve to I drop? what’s my genuine opinion around myself?

(esp if she a libra or a relational sign) am I surrounded by world who love and also support me? execute I listen and also trust their support and advice?

How have the right to I celebrate more of mine beauty? specifically if you have actually blocks about vanity — how have the right to you unapologetically memory yourself? especially if you’ve to be judged together plain before — every time you view Jimin shot to dear answer those charming around yourself and discover your own truth

WHO’S your HOPE?? it’s J-HOPE!! J-hope is the resident dance machine, rapping sexy ball of sunshine, streetwear and also of course magnificent aquarius power of the bangtan boys. First of every — hobi stated so self hope to be a name that was developed for the — in a sense every time the intoned it, he to be really aware of embodying hope because that everybody else.

He is the battery of the group, exceptional for his bubbly personality and easy outgoingness and also playfulness. His visual isn’t typical for one idol group and also horse jokes were a point he had actually to triumph above in previously eras the BTS.

To it is in honest, even if J-hope is part of the maknaes, he yes, really vibes favor a hyung. He is deeply responsible and detail-oriented together a dance teacher, and an extremely thorough in terms of maintaining his next site clean wether it be Bon trip or Run!BTS.

There’s this inkling wherein I really feel that hobi has actually a really strong mature archetype in him, continuous tackling solo step with raising complexity, and rapping around things such as giving thanks come his mom or consciously gift and setting off a party with dance hits prefer Ego or Just! Dance! also his contribute in the recent album, ‘BE’ center around his partnership with work and his solo mixtape revolve approximately themes about growing up and flying high — developing his own civilization whereas before he only supplied to look approximately his music idols. Remarkable additionally is how the team says that hobi is the scariest once angry due to the fact that it’s really rare.

What this says around you, and also you’re going to have to provide me part leg room here. As this is just all guessing, but you’re a person who loves to work hard yet doesn’t desire to burden human being with how difficult it is and also in reality making it look easy. Friend value world who lug energy and happiness to a situation and keep points on a very efficient and also professional level. You treatment a lot, and in this means you also can placed up a smiling facade that wants to carry cheer/hope to people.


Yo if you’re a frustrated dancer due to the fact that of hobi walk take the dance class and also make this all around performer proud.

You’re probably likewise really specialized to her work, so save trying out new hobbies and learning about yourself so that you can take your mind turn off things once in a while. Hobi self is still experimenting a most things, and also if all else fails you have the right to have fun v your fashion. Also honor how far you’ve gone, celebrate.

Make sure to carve the end space/time whereby you don’t always have to be peppy, it’s okay if you don’t desire to be public around it. Just pick the right friends to process the person you’re becoming.


In the well known words the Min Yoongi, RM tote a many of hefty burdens together the leader of like a globally well known group, no to mention that the team in the pre-debut days was designed roughly him.

First that all, I desire to say together I’ve currently said in one example, Kim Namjoon is really smart and also has a means with words. I recognize that sometimes, Namjoon feels like this overplayed in the marketing facet of BTS, however read any damn interview of Namjoon (read the weverse one if girlfriend haven’t) and you’ll realize that Namjoon has a really huge and deep thinking mind. He is not only poetic in terms of meditating ~ above things, yet he has such a good grasp of the larger workings, positioning, and also influences of the things that are happening roughly the group, the world, the industry.

In this way, he’s so mindful and caring v what he claims to ARMY, but likewise comes together a dual edged knife as the is vulnerable to over-thinking and admits to himself that he is anxious. He’s suffered a many allegations in previously eras that bangtan and also he’s really had to prop himself up not just as a leader but as someone who has had actually to prove himself together an idol (without having actually the “face” of one) and also prove himself together a rapper/hip-hop (esp. In the previously days of bangtan through a lot of bashers). His familiarity through this difficulty with love yourself and accepting yourself is particularly what renders him resonant in speeches (not just as being the english spokesperson the the group) but likewise attunement with the boys and also ARMY v being able to say what lock really feel or what needs to it is in said. Nevertheless if say, jimin construed the english or not. “I felt it” as the remainder of BTS would certainly say.

Rare is the Kim Namjoon bias who’s no in love through his mind. His current love for art and nature also shows his expansiveness and appreciation of arts itself and also his penchance to destroy things honestly just humanizes him. If you predisposition Kim Namjoon let me tell you you have actually a deep affinity because that words and also please permit yourself to embrace it, discover from Namjoon the heartfelt attunement of being able come speak from love and speak her truth also in your pain, diss or worries. You’re additionally willing to be heard. Additionally if you’re handling some self-perceptions of being seen as a nerd or smart, please see RM and realize the you deserve to be smart and not feel so type-casted as that.


Write. I typical it. Likewise if you’re frustrated that you’re not as an excellent in other things as other people, probably bask in the evaluation of those things. In evaluation of the synergy and love that a group.

If friend are also a leader, understand that you room appreciated. Lean on others an ext and share her burdens. Don’t judge things when they lull you, wether the a toy collection or a bonsai, loss into what slows down your thoughts. Usage your mind to be sort to yourself.


I’ll it is in honest, Min Yoongi is hands down my bias and also I don’t think ns can ever objectively explain this part of the write-up with out imploding, however I’ll try.

Yoongi is ours resident, just wanted to be a producer, dead-pan humor, didn’t desire to dance at first, angst young from daegu and also he’s come a lengthy long way. Any yoongi stan is most likely in love likewise w/ Agust-D, his transform for an ext raw and also darker components of his song-writing. Yoongi is in love through music explain it saved him (First Love) and is continually obsessed v it, noticable in interviews and his obsession to store making songs also when they’re in tour.

In earlier eras, maybe it came from a location of having to prove himself. His household didn’t assistance his music other than for his brother, and also for the hip-hop scene, that alongside with RM, were dismissed as sell-outs for being idols. Together he joked in a muster “Hip hop can’t be cute, other than for me. I have the right to be cute”. Noticeable in his raps not only his mountain criticism of society but his deep id in civilization of having dreams and also ambition. It’s exactly what keeps him for pushing harder even when he is noticeably exhausted and also tired.

He’s not as passionate in stage performance together Jimin or J-hope, but his stance not just in state of psychological health and also dead-pan honesty about being one idol (jokes prefer aa capitalism) bring an unapologetic vulnerability to every one of BTS stages. Simply looking at shadow indigenous the Map that the heart album perfectly illustrates what yoongi is together a duty in the group and ARMY as a whole, the is the door come our very own shadows together someone that is for this reason unapologetic around how tired, terrified, and miserable he was in certain times in his life.

Amongst the group he’s among the most complicated to receive and also give physics affection (tsun, btw expect is up over there in terms of expressiveness) and also confesses to having mental health and wellness problems. To be honest, together a psychic I have a difficult time city hall some operation eps and also stages where I might really energetically tell that Yoongi was in a self-destructive moment, it’s really difficult to watch as soon as he isolates or is means too hard on himself.

Which makes listening to his latter mix-tape D-2, and also his general manner in latter periods — an ext self-forgiving and also calm and soft (it’s the baby pisces power coming out) that just makes you want to assistance this young harder. His volume to adjust (killing the old Agust-D in a music video) and also his very own vulnerability in their variety shows (SOOP, Bon Voyage) yes, really portrays the healing facet of water indicators when they display their scars to world they trust and also learn to cure from them.

IF YOU room BIASED to MIN YOONGI, I’ll it is in honest, ns feel like you have actually a deep connection with your darkness too. Probably you’re a small envious with how he transforms his pain into songs the he can perform so publicly — and also want to execute the exact same thing around your very own hurt. Perhaps you feel just as broken as him and also aspire come do just as much an excellent regardless that your mental health. Every little thing reason girlfriend have, I average god everyone you bias in BTS, ns really perform support you. If you predisposition Yoongi,


Journaling around your developmental years and relationships ala an initial love or D-1, trying to ground her experiences and also making castle beautiful. Girlfriend don’t have to publicly release them but being able to feeling them and acknowledge castle is critical part the the process.

If you’re in an sector where you’re said you’re not supposed to be there, or one outsider, how have the right to you feel & celebrate that you’re the exception? are there times and ways where you have the right to be much more honest (not necessarily deadpan) and also even humorous around the irony of part situations?

How can you spend an ext time act & concentrating on the point you love about your career more? also if you’re scared, is there a part of you that wants to dream as big as yoongi?

If there’s a part of you that desires to readjust dramatically, divest a history, dramatically readjust hair color — whatever, have the right to you do it now? can you forgive you yourself for doing what friend did at the moment that girlfriend did those things? Yes girlfriend felt those things, yet it doesn’t likewise stay that means forever. How can you allow yourself come change?


WORLDWIDE HANDSOME, ours MOON, JINNIE! also hands down one of my favorite Sagittarius power out there. The hyung the the group, he’s constantly joked to “grow up” he has actually a strong inner child archetype is playful past words in his on screen persona together a performer and also even as a host/player in Run!BTS.

His jokes frequently ease increase the stress in rooms in interviews, and also it’s noted in among the FESTA’s that among the members, he’s among the many “consistent” in terms of not having huge mood swings of insecurity or performing consistently in tour. Come be honest one of the most impressive points I find from Jin (though also permitted by his family member privilege and what not) is his deep gratitude and allowance because that the existing moment.

I boy you not. I usually check out the boy’s energies/auras when they have appearances, and also though some of them have high and also low days, this 2020 jin has actually been continuously just really open and present no matter what the situation. His human body reads as an extremely light, he’s very simple and straightforward choose a fire authorize that way.

He’s has actually his very own troubles through his shadows, in state of improving his dancing and vocal ability. And even his very own angst of not wanting come share the dark components of him to army except when it’s a song, mourning the ns of his dog or the emotion of sinking right into the s depths, or feeling undeserving of success when other civilization are for this reason much much more passionate around music.

If you’re bias is Jin, what it says around you is that you have actually a deep appreciation because that light, and gratitude and also appreciating the present moment. Not overthinking too many things, and really finding a method to have people have an easier or more fun time choose a true entertainer. Straightforward what’s ~ above the table and just earnest love.

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What parts of your life can you enjoy more, be grateful an ext in the moment? in ~ what components of your life have the right to you be much less serious and much more fun, an ext funny, more entertaining?

Where deserve to you take it yourself less seriously, and also to who carry out you love which you can be for this reason much much more unapologetically expressive to? (think Jin’s heart events or the choreography come spine breaker)

And that about sums up the whole article! ns did mine best and I expect you find some components of this helpful and also insightful. If you have a favorite or would prefer to ass an ext thoughts around what your prejudice says about you, feel complimentary to comment below! I know I can’t probably cover everything and would love come hear about your ARMY-BTS experience.

That’s it because that now, if you desire any an ext articles, or power readings about BTS comment that below. Watch my solutions is you desire to obtain an power reading native me or avail of any type of other soul services or simply want to reminder me or something. This is one old blog and also I i can not use updated that in a bit yet thank girlfriend for reading anyway!