1. What are two factors for developing an OSPF network v multiple areas? (Choose two.)

to provide areas in the network for routers that space not running OSPF

to ensure the an area is offered to affix the network come the Internet

to minimize SPF calculations*

to mitigate use the memory and also processor resources*

to simplify configuration

2. What is supplied to facilitate hierarchical routing in OSPF?


the usage of many areas*

frequent SPF calculations

the election of designated routers

3. Which two statements correctly define OSPF type 3 LSAs? (Choose two.)

Type 3 LSAs are recognized as autonomous system exterior LSA entries.​

Type 3 LSAs are produced without request a complete SPF calculation.​*

Type 3 LSAs are provided for courses to networks external the OSPF autonomous system​.

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Type 3 LSAs are well-known as router attach entries​.

Type 3 LSAs are offered to upgrade routes between OSPF areas.*

4. I m sorry characteristic describes both ABRs and ASBRs the are imposed in a multiarea OSPF network?

They normally have numerous local networks attached.

They both run multiple routing protocols simultaneously.

They are forced to perform any kind of summarization or redistribution tasks.*

They are compelled to reload frequently and quickly in stimulate to update the LSDB.

5. What type of OSPF LSA is source by ASBR routers to advertise outside routes?

type 1

type 2

type 3

type 5*

6. What OSPF LSA type is provided to educate routers of the router identifier of the DR in each multiaccess network in an OSPF area?

type 1

type 2*

type 3

type 4

7. Describe the exhibit.


Which 2 statements room correct? (Choose two.)

The entry for to represent a loopback interface.

The routing table includes routes native multiple areas.*

To with network, website traffic will travel through the GigabitEthernet0/0 interface.

The routing table contains two intra-area routes.

To with network, website traffic will exit via the Serial0/0/0 interface​.*

8. What routing table descriptor is provided to identify OSPF summary networks that originate native an ABR?



O E1

O E2

9. A network administrator is verifying a multi-area OSPF configuration by checking the routing table on a router in area 1. The administrator notices a route to a network the is linked to a router in area 2. I beg your pardon code appears in front of this path in the routing table in ~ area 1?



O E2


10. Refer to the exhibit.


What can be concluded around network in the R2 routing table?

The network was learned indigenous a router in ~ the very same area together R2.*

The network to be learned through an introduction LSAs from an ABR.

The network have the right to be got to through the GigabitEthernet0/0 interface.

This network should be used to forward website traffic toward external networks.

11. I beg your pardon three procedures in the design and also implementation the a multiarea OSPF network are thought about planning steps? (Choose three.)

Verify OSPF.

Configure OSPF.

Define the OSPF parameters.*

Gather the forced parameters.*

Troubleshoot the configurations.

Define the network requirements.*

12. Which two networks are part of the review route (Choose two.)**

13. Refer to the exhibit.


What is suggested by the O IA in the router output?

The route was manually configured.

The path was learned from within the area.

The path was learned from external the internetwork.

The course was learned from an additional area.*

14. Describe the exhibit.


A network administrator has actually been asked to summary the networks displayed in the exhibition as component of a multiarea OSPF implementation. Every addresses are using a subnet mask the What is the exactly summarization for these eight networks?*

15. The network administrator has actually been inquiry to summary the paths for a brand-new OSPF area. The networks to it is in summarized space,, and also with subnet masks that for each network. I beg your pardon command should the administrator usage to forward the an introduction route for area 15 into area 0?

area 0 range

area 0 range

area 15 variety*

area 15 variety

16. Match each type of OSPF router come its description. (Not all options are used.)


a router in the backbone area => backbone router

a router with all that is interfaces in the same area => internal router

a router that contends least one interface that is attached to a non-OSPF network => Autonomous system Boundary Router

a router with its interfaces attached to multiple locations => Area Border Router

17. Fill in the blank. Perform not usage acronyms.

OSPF type 2 LSA messages room only created by the “designated” router come advertise courses in multiaccess networks.

18. Fill in the blank. Usage a number.

An ASBR generates form “5” LSAs because that each the its external routes and floods them into the area the it is connected to.

19. Fill in the blank. Usage a number.

A type “4” LSA identifies the ASBR and provides a course to it.

20. Refer to the exhibit.


Fill in the blank. Perform not usage abbreviations.

The “network area 1” command must be issued come configure R1 because that multiarea OSPF.​

21. Open the PT Activity. Carry out the work in the task instructions and also then price the question.Why space users in the OSPF network no able to accessibility the Internet?

The default course is no redistributed correctly from router R1 by OSPF.

The user interface that is associated to the ISP router is down.

The OSPF network statements room misconfigured on routers R2 and also R3.

The OSPF timers that room configured ~ above routers R1, R2, and R3 are not compatible.

The network explain is misconfigured on router R1.*

22. Open the PT Activity. Execute the tasks in the activity instructions and also then price the question.Fill in the blank. Do not usage abbreviations.

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What is the missing command top top router R2 to establish an adjacency between routers R1 and also R3? “network area 0” .