Land and also Hold brief (LAHSO) Operations permit ATC to clear a pilot to land and hold brief of an intersecting runway, an intersecting taxiway, or some other designated suggest on a runway. Prior to you expropriate a LAHSO clearance, there space a couple of things you must be really familiar with.

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What does LAHSO look Like?

ATC may issue a clearance come hold quick of a taxiway, runway, or any kind of other hold point designated for the runway. If you"re instructed come hold quick of an intersecting runway, the hold markings will certainly consist of 4 yellow currently (two solid and two dashed) spaced 6 come 12 inch apart, extending throughout the broad of the taxiway or runway. The solid lines always represent the next on which you"re required to hold short, similar to entering any kind of runway. There likewise may be in-pavement lighting and also red/white runway signage.

Why go LAHSO Exist?

LAHSO operations room only uncovered at tower-controlled airports. ATC might clear you come land and also hold short. You, the PIC, have the right to accept a LAHSO clearance if you determine that the aircraft can safely land and also stop within the accessible landing street (ALD). This data is released in the unique notices section of her Chart Supplement and also in the us Terminal Procedure Publications. If friend ask, ATC can provide you the ALD data because that the hold short operation. As the last authority because that the aircraft, you have the right to accept or decrease a LAHSO clearance if you think it will weaken safety.

Weather demands for LAHSO

ATC may issue a LAHSO clearance only as soon as the ceiling is at least 1,000 feet and the visibility is at least 3 state miles.

Many component 121/135 air carrier have extr operational constraints to boost these bare minimum weather criteria with second safety margin. Here are a couple of weather criteria you may uncover in the airline world:

LAHSO work on wet/contaminated runways are prohibitedLAHSO is not authorized come a runway without visual or electronic vertical indict (i.e. PAPI or glideslope)Weather minimums need a ceiling that no less than 1,500 feet and visibility that no less than 5 state milesWhere a VASI or PAPI is operational, the weather problems may it is in no less than a ceiling that 1,000 feet and also a visibility the no less than 3 state milesThe tailwind ~ above the hold-short runway should be calm (less than 3 knots)Nighttime LAHSO operations need functioning in-pavement lighting

If you"re paris under component 91 (especially in a jet), you might want to create down this airline criteria for your own personal use.

How to Prepare because that A LAHSO Landing

Before you land, make sure you"re familiar with all the easily accessible information concerning LAHSO in ~ your destination airport. Also, have actually the ALD data and also runway slope info readily easily accessible for every pertinent runway configurations and performance calculations. Brief every one of the landing/missed method considerations to you yourself or with your crew.

A great rule-of-thumb for pilots paris under part 91 GA pilots is to add at least 1,000" to your published landing distance to ensure you have actually adequate avoiding room.

If you cannot expropriate a LAHSO clearance, let ATC know as shortly as feasible (ideally during your early check-in with technique controller for her arrival airport).

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Once you"ve embraced a LAHSO clearance, you have to adhere come it unless you obtain an amended clearance native ATC. If ATC offers you a LAHSO clearance, ATC needs a complete readback that will sound something favor this:

ATC: " 123 clearing to land Runway 27C, Hold brief of Taxiway KK for Crossing Traffic, Boeing 737."

Who Can and also Can"t accept A LAHSO Clearance?

Student pilots or pilots not familiar with LAHSO need to not get involved in the program. Additionally, if weather conditions, landing performance, personal comfort, or operational constraints prevent a safe LAHSO, you should decrease the clearance.

Rejected Landing Considerations

What execute You Think?

Have girlfriend ever accepted a LAHSO clearance? Let us know your endure comments below!

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