Getting access to that kind of website traffic comes at a price, and also that price is eBay seller fees. 

But seller fees ~ above eBay, like with many of the ecommerce platforms, aren’t always straightforward. 

Sure you’ve acquired your standard listing fee, yet there room circumstantial fees that come right into play only in specific scenarios, and those are what sellers need to obtain their heads around.

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Why? therefore they can anticipate them, plan for lock or readjust strategy to minimization them. 

In this article, we’ll be concentrating on one type of added fee in particular: eBay final value fees.

You’ll acquire a firm understanding of what they are, how they’re calculated, and also what you deserve to do come make taking care of eBay final value fees easier.

In this overview on eBay final value fees:

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eBay last Value Fees: What space They? exactly how eBay Calculates final Value Fees eBay last Value Fees: exactly how To Pay less eBay last Value Fees: A an easy Solution

Let’s gain started.

eBay final Value Fees: What space They?

An eBay final value fee is the charge that occurs when you sell something on eBay. It’s used right in ~ the end of the transaction, or “post-sale”.

eBay last value fees are based on a portion of the price an item sells for and the shipping and handling choice your the person who lives chooses.

They are likewise charged also if a the person who lives doesn’t complete the sale, however in these cases, the fee is occasionally refundable. 

Your eBay last value fee can depend on i beg your pardon eBay website your items are noted on. For example, the final value fee might be higher on contrasted to or

Other affecting determinants include:

eBay subscription modelBusiness account typeCategory that item

NB: eBay last value fees perform not encompass sales tax.

eBay last value fees are changing with eBay controlled payments

Back in august of 2020, eBay introduced a tiny something called “managed payments”. This is basically a way for eBay to simplify the selling and payment process for sellers.

For sellers using regulated payments, eBay final value fee percentages work-related differently.

Final value fees are currently calculated together a portion of the total amount of the sale + 30c per order. See greater detail on this here.

How eBay Calculates final Value Fees

Final value fees space not a collection amount and also are dictated by a number of different factors. 

These include:


The shipping technique your the person who lives chooses effects the last value fees you’ll be charged unless you’ve opted for 1-day or global shipping options combined with a cheaper (or free) option, such together domestic.

In this case, the last value fee will certainly be calculated utilizing the cheapest accessible method.

Learn an ext about eBay’s shipping fees here.

Subscription model

If you’re in search of an easy way to alleviate your final value fees, a new subscription model can be the answer.

Sellers with a keep subscription room charged much less than those without. Whereby non-store subscribers pay 10% for eBay final value fees, those with the subscription can expect to pay as low as 3.5%.

The eBay final value fee caps (i.e. Constraints to exactly how much they deserve to charge you) are also lowered through a store subscription – more on this in a moment.

Country and account type

Depending on i m sorry eBay marketplace an ar you’re making use of ( vs, etc.), you could be paying an ext or less for final value fees.

The form of account you organize with eBay may likewise contribute to this:


Source: eBay export.

The over eBay final value fee chart demonstrates how both this variables can adjust the amount you’re eventually charged for final value fees on each sale.

Product category

For sellers v an eBay simple account (no keep subscription), the standard last value fee for many categories is 10%. In this case, eBay last value dues caps at $750 every item.

However, the following categories room subject to various final worth fees and also in some cases, different caps:

Books, DVDs, Movies, and also Music (excludes Vinyl): 12%, capped in ~ $750.Musical instruments & gear > Guitars & Basses: 12%, capped in ~ $350.Men > Men’s shoes > athletic Shoes: 0% for listings priced at $100+.Women > Women’s shoes > strong Shoes: 0% because that listings priced at $100+.Heavy equipment Parts & Attachments > hefty Equipment: 2%, capped in ~ $300.Printing & Graphic art > Commercial to press Presses: 2%, capped in ~ $300.Restaurant & Food organization > Food Trucks, Trailers & Carts: 2%, capped at $300.

Items the are listed in two categories are only charged one last value fee. 

NB: vehicle sales work-related differently. Find much more information ~ above this here.

Other eBay last value fees to save in mind

There room a few less noticeable fee contributors worth keeping in mind, due to the fact that these are avoidable and depend upon exactly how you operate as a seller, fairly than what girlfriend sell. 

Low-performance seller fee

eBay expects sellers to fulfill the minimum that what they call Seller power Standards.

These deserve to vary from one nation to the next, but for united state sellers, you’ll be charged second 5% on top of your usual eBay last value fees when your noted item sells.

Above Standard and eBay optimal Rated Sellers room exempt from this extra fees.

To inspect your existing Seller Level, visit your Seller Dashboard.

Inaccurate item summary fee

eBay runs organization metrics come assess how accurately sellers room describing their detailed goods.

The “Very High” brand = not good. 

When a seller’s organization metrics are displayed as very High (on the scale of inaccurate-item description), they will certainly be fee an extra 5% on top of the regular final value fee rate.


Source: Returns.Guru

The additional final worth fees added to your complete cost space not subject to the maximum last value dues caps that ordinarily apply, as they are penalties. 

To job-related out the fees you can expect to pay using various versions that eBay, shot this eBay last value fee calculator.

So aside from completed, ethical listings, room there other methods to store fees low? 

Let’s see. 

eBay last Value Fees: exactly how To salary Less

All right, it’s time come make certain you’re no taking an ext hits come the wallet than you require to. This following section will certainly cover just how to prevent eBay last value fees being greater than necessary.

The finest ways come pay less on eBay last value fees:

Upgrade your store subscription

We currently touched summary on the services of having a save subscription end a straightforward account. Longer subscription durations can also lower her fees.

The longevity the a subscription deserve to play a major role in reduce your final value fees. At the moment of this publication, one eBay seller have the right to save up to $36 on final value fees by opting for a yearly subscription end monthly.

Become a Top-Rated seller

eBay supports sellers that carry out excellent customer organization with a rewards system known as the Top-Rated Seller Program.

Top-Rated Seller perks encompass things like boosted listing visibility, one-of-a-kind seller protection, and a 10% discount on your standard final value fees.

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Offer fast N’ cost-free shipping

To eliminate the last value fees on shipping costs, you can pick to offer rapid N’ cost-free shipping.