There have been a variety of outstanding catchphrases in WWE, but few have to be as infectious as Enzo Amore and huge Cass’ “SAWT” line. It’s chanted along with by every WWE group they carry out in former of, it’s to be on many pieces of merchandise, and it together with their insurmountable charisma has made them stars. And, they fan it all to man Cena, and Damien Sandow’s butt.

On a recent episode of chris Jericho’s “Talk Is Jericho” podcast, large Cass talked about the genius of your iconic phrase.

“We wen’t on NXT in ~ all, we weren’t being provided on the tv show” big Cass said, “we to be nothing. We were just put to together as guys who carry out promos together, we didn’t even work live events together, and also then Enzo had actually that match versus Mason Ryan on NXT. That went out there, friend should acquire eyes on that footage. Enzo <…> almost went flying out of the ring. It to be excellent. But he cut a promo top top the means to the ring and also Cena to be backstage because earlier then NXT essential some WWE males to draw the house.”

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“Cena was there and also said ‘who’s the guy? good promo’, then he started asking around and also I remember Tyler Breeze to be sitting there and also Tyler Breeze was favor ‘oh, that’s Enzo. That and big Cass, you have to see this shtick the they do. It’s really funny.’ and Cena was choose ‘okay, are you kidding? are they actually really good?’ and Breeze said, ‘yeah, I’ll placed my rubber stamp on it.’ stated ‘which one’s Cass?’ and also pointed to me.”

“So, Cena was going the end there at the end of the night to carry out a dark segment v Sandow and also they had actually nothing planned. Therefore like 5 minutes before he went the end Cena came approximately me and also Enzo in the the town hall area and he request us, ‘would girlfriend mind comes out and also doing the dark segment through me and also Sandow?’ and we were like, ‘yeah, the course."” He to be like, ‘can you acquire your gear on real quick?"”

“So me and also Enzo ran under the hallway to the locker room, we put our gear on, we ran v the auditorium v the the town hall area every the method to Gorilla . And also Cena was currently out there with Sandow. So we don’t understand what’s walking on, we had actually nothing planned. But me and Enzo understand we have so much product from promo class we go out there. Us had endless material reason me and Enzo offered to sit in my life every Tuesday night in Tampa <…> and also we would simply stay up until we had a promo for the next day.”

“Our music hit and Cena’s favor ‘here’s my two friends.’ and also we came out and fans at full Sail had no idea who we were. They recognized Enzo together the guy who reduced a promo and got his head smashed in.”

“We walk out there and also pretty much start cut promos on Sandow and Cena join in and also then Enzo claimed something about how Sandow had a soft ass. Favor ‘there’s more dimples on her ass 보다 there room on a golf ball.’ and he claimed ‘you’re S-A-W-F-T SAWFT’ and also the fans started kinda speak SAWFT. And also Cena to be like, ‘what guys? What walk you just say?’ S-A-W-F-T SAWFT, we preserved repeating it and finally Cena to be like, ‘that’s right, you’re S-A-W-F-T SAWFT!"”

“So the segment ended, Sandow went with a table, and everyone went house happy. And as us were leaving full Sail the pan that are there they remain for autographs and also stuff, we’re walking come our car. Me and Enzo space leaving together, everyone was just saying SAWFT and S-A-W-F-T as we’re leaving the building.

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So we knew other had recorded on there, and from then on we started obtaining booked ~ above NXT. I mean, us were in handicapped matches, us were shedding to human being in handicapped matches, yet we were starting to get booked top top NXT together a unit from there on.”

If you use any section of these quotes, please credit “Talk Is Jericho” v a H/T come Still real To us for the transcription.