If you room dealing with huge numbers in her game, you could have encountered the worry of correctly formatting them. Little numbers such together 1.000, 10.000 or also 100.000 room OK, however as you walk larger, you’ll run out of an are quickly. I mean, how have the right to you to the right in a button?

But let’s say, you found a way. Let’s to speak you were able to put in a switch properly and it looks great (I can’t imagine how, however for the sake of the argument let’s i think it is possible). However, friend still have actually the UX difficulty of clarity. No one will have the ability to see this number and also say “oh my gosh, I have one quintillion cookies!”. I am a mathematician and also even ns can’t review it there is no counting zeros first.

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There space two solutions to this problem and also they both have actually pros and cons:

Scientific notation

Mostly offered by scientists and engineers, this notation is formatted as follows:

m x 10n

Where m is a genuine number dubbed coefficient, and also n is an integer dubbed mantissa. In order to make this much more concrete, let’s have actually a look at at some examples:

NumberScientific notation

The great thing around this notation is that you deserve to format any kind of number. Moreover, by using only 2 (or as lot as you want) number after the decimal point, you deserve to make your numbers right in a minimal amount the space.

The difficulty is that this notation is provided by scientists and also engineers (as I discussed earlier), and it will certainly not make any kind of sense to most people. Even if that does, superscripts (I mean this) would look yes, really tiny on cell phone screens and also would cause minor UX problems.

Single letter notation

There is no scientific research backing increase this notation, it’s something completely linguistic: single letter after ~ the number. This is the notation you usage in your everyday life.

NumberSingle letter notation

Since it’s already used by everyone, this notation has actually the benefit of being accessible. Virtually everyone deserve to tell 1.25m way one million two hundred fifty thousand. However, no many human being would recognize that q in 1.25q means quadrillion and it becomes more of an worry as you go larger. Check out for yourself: quintillion, sextillion, septillion, octillion, nonillion. Execute you see anything familiar? most likely no, since these units space not used in everyday life unless you are a scientist or a mathematician. We require something much more intuitive.

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The “aa” notation

A much better solution is the mix of the two: solitary letter notation up until (but not including) quadrillion and a two letter depiction of clinical notation ~ trillion. It might sound confusing, but you’ll agree the it’s actually rather clear once you view it in action:

NumberWrittenScientificSingle letter“aa”
1.000one thousand1×1031k1k
1.000.000one million1×1061m1m billion1×1091b1b trillion1×10121t1t quadrillion1×10151q1aa quintillion1×10181?1ab

So, one quadrillion (1015) will certainly be represented with aa. Because that every strength of 1000 we’ll relocate the second letter up, so one quintillion (1018) will be ab, one sextillion will be ac, and so on. After az, we’ll relocate to ba, bb, bc etc. This algorithm gives an incremental depiction of big numbers and also it does not require any kind of scientific or math knowledge. The algorithm because that this notation is rather straightforward and it’s really easy to implement in any kind of prosurfacetoairnewyork.comming language.

First we have to represent the number in a contempt modified clinical notation. Due to the fact that we change the unit for every power of 1000 we’ll convert our number come this: m x 1000n . In stimulate to find m and also n, every we have to do is revert the formula and apply it: