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Nobody"s Gonna Know describes a tik trend set to an audio clip from the American television collection Bad girl Club. The audio clip consists of a dialogue starting with the phrase, "Nobody"s gonna know. Nobody"s gonna know," come which a second person responds, "They"re gonna know." The an initial speaker climate responds, "How would they know?" Videos under the #GonnaKnow hashtag function TikTokers performing obviously cheat actions if lip-syncing to the clip, acting together if no one will notice what they"re doing.


On in march 25th, 2020, TikToker cgleason22<1> uploaded a video captioned, "me debating myself on whether or no i have to make a fake account simply to write-up comments on mine videos" making use of the Gonna understand audio clip (shown below). Cglaeason22 is the initial uploader that the audio clip. The video clip garnered end 1.7 million views and 202 thousand likes in 6 months.


On April 16th, 2020, TikToker seanghedi<2> posted a Gonna Know video clip captioned, "me gaining my septum pierced against my parents wishes." The video clip received end 496,000 views and also 108,000 likes in five months. TikTokers continued to post videos making use of the sound clip, leading it to the trending page in September.

On September 13th, TikToker jakefresca<3> uploaded a Shrek themed Gonna Know video captioned, "Fiona trying to hide that she i do not care an ogre every night." The video clip gained 2.2 million views and also 447,000 likes in four days. ~ above September 17th, TikToker coracolerugs<4> uploaded a Gonna understand video, garnering over 5.5 million views and also 1.3 million likes in 2 days. Together of September 17th, over there were end 49.6 million see under the #gonnaknow hashtag and over 19.3 thousand videos making use of the audio clip.



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