Sophia Messa is a climbing 19-year-old singer-songwriter from new York. Not too lengthy ago, she exit a lyric video for she “What Am ns Gonna execute With You” single, released via Arista Records.

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Sophia Messa – “What Am ns Gonna perform With You” lyric video

“I guess: v I grew up a bit fast. New York have the right to do you like that. I lie to myself when I’m bad. You acquire me like nobody has. I don’t also know what ns want and none of my friends autumn in love. But you do me feel favor the one as soon as I didn’t feel like someone.” – lyrics

‘What Am i Gonna perform With You’ tells a flirtatious tale of a young woman who desires to be with an older separation, personal, instance in her life. Apparently, this person’s beauty provides her so nervous the she guzzles a pair of drinks to ease her nerves. Yet what she really desires is because that her new love interest to make a move before she loses she cool.

Sophia Messa – “What Am i Gonna execute With You” single


“The idea behind ‘what Am i Gonna do With You’ stemmed from constantly running right into this same man that ns was into. There was chemistry, however he wouldn’t totally go because that it. I didn’t desire to be the one to do the first move, so ns wrote about the disappointed of, ‘you’re so hot, i wish friend would male up!’” – Sophia Messa

Sophia Messa is quickly establishing herself as one of the most exciting artists this year. A breath of fresh air, she oozes self-confidence and also honesty if being one of the many qualified brand-new acts in the game. ‘What Am i Gonna execute With You’ arrives on the heels that Messa’s previously released singles, entitled, “offyourface”, and also “moneydontfixlonely”.

Sophia Messa


During her senior year at The experienced Performing arts School, Sofia Messa was welcomed into The Berklee college of Music. At just three main in, and 24 hrs after meeting with Arista’s CEO/President, David Massey, she signed a record deal and headed ago to new York to launch she music career.

We recommend adding Messa’s “What Am i Gonna execute With You” single to your personal playlist. Also, let us know exactly how you feel around it in the comment ar below.

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