Got an e-mail yesterday saying that i"d failed to reset mine password also though i gibberish tried so i was a small concerned, I"ve make the efforts to affix to mine account, I deserve to see the iTunes save fine and also download complimentary podcasts that dont require a log in, yet if i try to log in to mine account i acquire the error "We might not finish your iTunes keep request. The requested resource was not found. There was an error in the iTunes Store. Please shot again later." anyone got any ideas?
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User profile because that user: SiP088 my error article has changed to "We might not complete your iTunes save request. The Network link timed out. Make certain your network setups are correct and also your network connection is active. Then shot again"
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I obtain the same error, do the efforts to accessibility my account, iTunes tries come connect and after about a minute I gain a message saying: "We could not finish your iTunes keep request. An unknown error occourred (-4). There was an unknown error in the iTunes Store. Please shot again later." however this has actually been keep going for number of hours.

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hey there.. i am gaining a message - "The requested source was no found" ... Nevertheless if I try to acquisition or download a free song...HELP!
Same, "we can not finish your itunes store request" here... Is this a hit and miss? Time of day issue? first time to buy via iTunes. If it matters i was trying to purchase audiobooks...I can"t for the life of me.
I"m additionally receiving the similar error message as soon as trying come log into my itunes. Room you still trying? If so, proceed to create messages in this forum. We will figure this out. {eace
I was having actually the same error when I do the efforts to register my new iPod. Ns logged the end of the save in iTunes and logged ago in. Every little thing works an excellent now. expect this helps! funny Christmas everyone!
I have a comparable issue. Ns had major problems with my iMac G5 which compelled my acquisition the machine to an store (still spanned by surfacetoairnewyork.comCare). They basically rebuilt the whole machine. However, as soon as I tried to get ago into iTunes, I discovered that i couldn"t play any of the music I had actually purchased. That told me come re-authorize my machine, but when i tried (and proceed to try), I obtain the message: "There to be an error in the itunes store. Please try again later." ns am currently in touch with assistance via email to watch if the can fix the problem. Ns cannot find the error code I receive anywhere (-9813), and neither have the right to So far, ns haven"t had any kind of luck either, yet if this adds to the swimming pool of information to generate any ideas, this is mine story thus far...

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My instance is an extremely similar. Around a week earlier I had actually to reinstall 10.4 on mine G4 PowerBook. Currently I"m make the efforts to it is registered a new iPod Nano, and I keep getting the error: *We could not finish your ITunes keep request.* *The requested resources was not found.* i did notification my purchased song were no playable in iTunes and I had actually to reregister this very same machine! an extremely frustrating.
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