Each season, I expect three things from Project Runway: Fashion so marvelous I’m tempted to burn my entire wardrobe, fashion so terrible I question whether I can make a far better sequin skirt, and at least one cheeky contestant v absolutely no filter. Folks, it’s episode 1 the Project Runway season 19, and we’ve currently got every three.

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Welcome come surfacetoairnewyork.com’s weekly recap the Project Runway, the present famous for offering you Tim Gunn and “Not also to dinner through the Kushners?” I’m taking the baton from our former staff writer R. Eric Thomas, who has because moved ~ above to compose TV shows and bestselling publications (here’s hoping I capture a small bit that his pixie dust and also write the next Squid Game someday). In the meantime, I’ll be right here talking around 16 fashion designers fighting for $250,000 (supplied by Pilot FriXion Erasable Pens, lest we ever before forget!).

In the an initial moments of the premiere, our merry tape of hopefuls gather at Lincoln facility to fulfill the judges—host and season 4 winner Christian Siriano, fashion designer Brandon Maxwell, journalist Elaine Welteroth, and, of course, our really own editor-in-chief Nina Garcia—and learn the fate of their first challenge. They’re in luck: it’s all about color! The twist? It’s a team challenge. And also the final nail in the coffin is the one team gets to work during the days, when the various other will be compsurfacetoairnewyork.comd to occupational the graveyard shift. This is specifically the sort of mental torture Project Runway loves come play off as fun.

The group splits right into two teams, one focused on warmth hues and also the other on cool, and practically immediately the conversations go off the rails. The word “cohesive” is tossed around roughly 800 times, though no one seems to agree what such a word could mean in practice. It sounds nice, though! (Perhaps choose something Pilot FriXion Erasable Pens would award $250,000 for!) over on the cool team, self-proclaimed “juicy b*tch” Meg Ferguson is busy making certain plus-size women are stood for in the collection, yet most that the other designers are much more concerned over whether bows or flowers will certainly make the arsenal more, ahem, “cohesive.” Y’all, just pick one and—forgive me—make that work!

The heat team eventually decides they’ll do their arsenal cohesive when they currently have all their fabrics. I’m no military strategist, but picking your tactics after her troops are currently on the ar sounds, i dunno, ill-advised? Anyway, no time come reconsider—they’re top on their very first Mood date!

At Mood, the sunny-hued soldiers have actually 45 minutes and $400 to choose their fabrics, but Octavio Aguilar’s currently sweating into his red mustache, and also Darren Apolonio’s hoarding yellow sequins because he wants his “first development to it is in 100 percent Darren.” Yeah, uh... Much more on the later. Best now, he’s also busy flirting v Christian: “Are friend single? ns am! simply putting it the end there.” to which Christian offers a predictably gorgeous response: “Oh? Ugh. I’m too old because that this.” Houston, I believe we’ve located our contestant through zero filter. Success!


Finally, after some expected panicking, the warm team gets under to business in the workroom while the cool team does their shopping. Your Mood suffer is slightly less harried, yet when they too sit prior to the dreaded sewing machines, all goes awry. Sabrina Spanta wants a bow coming the end of a flower. Chasity Sereal desires peekaboo details. Kristina Kharlashkina is wearing her muslin “like a Russian queen” as Christian inquires, “Is over there a story behind the bow? Why? What’s the reason?” Literally nobody has solution other 보다 Sabrina, who says the mrs she’s dressing is “going to Costco!” I, personally, am honored; Christian is horrified. The team then stages an intervention to decision why their woman is for this reason obsessed through bows—in no small component because “Nina is going to ask that!” Cool team, honey, I’m asking it.

Back in the apartments, the heat team elects skeleton Jones together their leader and also “spokesperson” before heading come the workroom. The models waltz in because that their an initial fittings, but Christian has mental sabotage on the brain: He gives Darren’s gold dress a knowing double-take and also unleashes a zinger. “For me, this scares me the most. We’ve got a the majority of issues.” Cue the beginning of Darren’s unraveling.

Oh, but it it s okay so lot better, friends. The heat team present up your models alongside one an additional so they have the right to compare looks and also see if the repertoire is—wait because that it—cohesive. “We love everything,” one designer proclaims. Christian’s voice shoot up about three octaves: “W-We do?!”

The adhering to passage is precious re-visiting in full.

Bones: “We love everything in this room.”

Christian: “I gambling ya don’t.”

Bones: “I bet ns do. Guys, don’t allow anyone else’s exterior opinions distract from what we’re doing.”

Christian, audibly offended: “What room the exterior opinions? an interpretation mine?”

Bones, not also slightly apologetic: “Yes, I’m sorry.”

I know I’m more than likely not claimed to encourage this type of behavior, however this is exactly what i asked for. You space banishing Christian Siriano native the workroom! Christian! Siriano! We’ve uncovered a brand-new filter-less champion! every hail!

The rest of the cool team whirls ~ above Bones because that offending Christian prior to the heat team come in for their design fittings. Points go... Fine, ns suppose, and also the camera zips back to drama re: Bones. The sheds his leader standing with all the subtlety of a dumpster fire, and also soon both teams space reunited, each scrambling for sewing room in the workroom. Christian stop by come remind us that the money in ~ stake is from PILOT FRIXION ERASABLE pens and, also, this particular day is runway day.


Bones is ago in control. He apologizes, sort of, come Christian, finishes his garment, and then timeless realizes that Darren is having actually a complete and also utter meltdown. Together the last repeatedly attempts to escape the workroom for a exhilaration break, skeleton intercepts him, climate decides to make an entirely brand-new dress for his teammate, ~ above the significantly probable opportunity Darren will certainly not have anything all set to present the judges. In various other words, the “100 percent Darren” look at the designer wanted to current on the runway? no happening. Blame the nicotine addiction!

Finally, we make it come the present time. Karlie Kloss is missing as host—she’ll show up as a guest judge later this season—but Nina has no trouble stepping increase to acquire the party started. I’ll provide a more detailed malfunction in future episodes, but since we have so countless to go through ideal now, let’s take it a speedy jaunt through this week’s looks.

First up, from the heat team:

“Darren” presents his strapless yellow sequin dress. It’s not his, however it’s elegant and also classic, perfect adhered come his model’s curves.Octavio’s model procedures out in a red bandeau, ruffle jacket, and baggy cargo pants, perfect off v bows. It’s an prompt favorite of the judges, though personally I uncovered it too mainstream because that a location in the top.Finally, bones reveals his own ensemble: a yellow satin tank and a jacket and pants combo v asymmetrical shoulder straps. Bones can have a large mouth, however there’s no denying his garment is stunning.

Next, native the cool team:

Next is Sabrina’s irradiate blue dress, which has a sort of sad-looking bow in ~ the chest with a trailing satin skirt. I must not be the target audience because that Kristina’s look: a sheer blue bubble dress through a high ruffled neckline and ties in ~ the wrists. It has actually no obvious shape various other than “big,” but Nina loves it, for this reason what do I know?Chasity’s slate blue gown has actually an intriguing concept—there are cut-outs at the chest and also back—but the as whole effect is that of a bridesmaid dress, and a poorly tailored one at that.Meg’s garment bag a purple V-neck blouse with an eggplant-colored midi cleft skirt. Pretty, yet not particularly inspired.

Predictably, the cool team drops to the bottom, when the warmth team bags a win and also temporary safety. The judges roll v their favorites: Octavio’s red look, Bones’s yellow satin ensemble, and also “Darren”’s yellow sequin dress. Basically, skeletal wins—twice. Darren semi-confesses come his acting break-induced blunder, yet he squeaks by due to his teammate’s ingenuity and also speed.

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Next, the judges breakdown the cool team’s worst garments: Sabrina’s sad bow gown, Caycee’s sharp-boobed bathrobe, and also Chasity’s bridesmaid dress. They eventually decide ~ above Bones as the week’s champion, climate send Caycee house for failing to adopt her model’s curves. “You do poor design choices and also sent an loose garment under the runway,” Elaine tells her, and while it’s always terrible come watch these talented artists walk home, it’s the right speak to here. Chasity’s gown to be poorly executed, but there to be intriguing concepts at play; Caycee’s, by comparison, to be an unsophisticated principle from the start. Ns don’t make the rules!

So far, ns haven’t viewed anything to make me gasp—alas, other than bones throwing the shade at Christian—but the purple sequin gown the Anna’s is sufficient to store me hungry because that more. This crop of designers might be a happiness to watch, though no word yet on whether we’ll find a replacement for Eric’s adoration of last season’s Dayoung Kim. In the meantime, we’ll view you sartorial snobs next week.

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