In the complying with guide, you can find a substantial list of vital terminology supplied in combat, in addition to their definitions and effects.

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User team– a team composed by up to 6 fighters managed by the player.

Enemy team– a team created by approximately 5 fighters or any variety of walkers regulated by AI (artificial intelligence).

Turn– duration which all members of a team has actually opportunity to carry out an action.

Action– activity is an activity a fighter have the right to perform, as of variation 9.0, actions are: Attack, Defend, Adrenaline Rush, and active Skill.

Understanding rotate Granularity

Start turn ActivationMid TurnEnd revolve Activation

A combat circulation follows this sequence:

User Start revolve ActivationUser Mid TurnUser end Turn ActivationEnemy Start turn ActivationEnemy Mid TurnEnemy end Turn Activation

. . . Repeat until any kind of Victory/Defeat is satisfied.

Mid rotate lasts till all fighters of the existing turn have actually acted. Stunned fighters are accounted as having actually acted.


AttackDeal damage to the stated target calculated native the appropriate characters’ Attack and also Defense stats

DamageDeal damage to the specified collection of targets with a multiplier top top the damage calculated from the appropriate characters’ Attack and also Defense stats. A character that would usually do 150 damages to your target performing a 300% damage activity would transaction 450 damage.

Critical DamageCritical damages increases the damage given on vital attacks. This is summed on top of the consistent 150% damages multiplier of an essential hits.

DefendUse the character’s safeguard action, by swiping right, to provide the fighter a +50% Defense status for one turn. That standing will stack with any type of other present defense statuses. Part Specialist skills activate through the use of the protect action.

DisarmA character affected by Disarm will certainly not have the ability to use/trigger their one-of-a-kind weapon impacts (usually the 3rd slot effect).

Permanent stat increases from weapons still apply, however.4th Slot effects on tools cannot be disarmed.

HealRecover HP top top a character as much as a specified % of your max HP. Heal 40% on a character through 1000 HP will recuperate up to 400. If castle are right now at 800/1000 HP, castle will just recover 200.

ReviveBring a dead character earlier to life with a specified % of your max HP. They may then action if they did not already act the turn.

RecoverRemove the mentioned status form from the target character. This wording is supplied for removing an adverse effects native allies.

RemoveRemove the mentioned status type from the target character This wording is offered for removed positive effects from enemies

AP Generation (Mechanic)Characters gain AP as soon as they deal damages from a straightforward attack and also when they take damage. Tools that add a bonus to AP as soon as attacking add a flat amount the AP generation come the base AP generation of 20. Once a character takes damages the formula is kind of complex, yet in basic terms, the greater a percent of their max HP they take in damage, the an ext AP they will certainly gain. Weapons that enhance this impact lower the percent thresholds every AP point. Dealing 0 damages will result in no AP get for either side. The AI it s okay a multiplicative rise to AP generation together a balance balance out for going second in combat.

AP acquire (ability)Grant a loved one amount that the character’s maximum AP come the target Character

AP DrainRemove a flat amount that AP indigenous the target character

Multi AttackMulti strike is an Adrenaline Rush impact that allows a personality to instead of dealing damage with a solitary attack, to rather make multiple straightforward attacks. This attacks enable for the character’s weapon results to activate, uneven a common AR’s damage.


Status impacts are displayed on top of characters. Characters can have actually multiple status impacts simultaneously and also can last multiple turns.

Attack Boost/PenaltyThese Statuses change a character’s current strike stat. They ridge with adjustments from Leader and also Weapon Effects. A character can have both a buff and also a punish status used at the exact same time. If a second buff or penalty is attempted to be applied, the stronger one will certainly take priority.

A character with 1000 basic attack, a +30% strike Leader Skill, a + 20% strike Weapon, a +30% attack Status, and also a -20% strike Status would reach their last value together such1000 * 1.3 = 13001300 * 1.2 = 1560

1560 * 1.3 = 2028

2028 * 0.8 = 1622

Attack up BlockA character affected by strike Up Block is unable to receive any kind of Attack up status and any temporary attack Up currently applied is inactive as long as this result is active.

Attack Ups from Specialist an abilities such together Berserker and also Hold The Line room inactive as well.

BleedA character under the result of Bleed will take that specific amount of damages to your HP at the end of your team’s turn.

Multiple Bleeds deserve to stack with one another on the same character. Hemorrhage is a distinct variant that Bleed described in the Specialist an abilities section.

Bonus HPA character granted Bonus HP will acquire extra HP that is stored and also displayed in a different blue bar 보다 their common HP red bar that health.

Bonus HP maxes out at an same amount come the affected character’s max HP, and is granted in relative values. A character v 1000 max HP granted 25% bonus HP would acquire 250 HP. Bleed, Burn, and Maim damage ignore bonus HP and influence the character’s really HP directly. All various other sources of damages will subtract native bonus HP before affecting yes, really HP.

BurnA character under the effect of Burn will certainly take that exact amount of damages to your HP in ~ the end of your team’s turn.

Differently native the Bleed effect, Burn can not stack v one an additional on the same character. Once dying, if over there are any kind of turns continuing to be of the Burn effect and any surrounding fighter, Burn will certainly pass on to a random adjacent target.In the case that a character is afflicted with both Bleed and also Burn, Bleed damages resolves before the Burn damage.

CamouflageA personality under the impact of Camouflage take away no damages from assaults or abilities once they room not the primary target (status impacts are quiet applied). Lock will additionally become invisible to walker enemies and also will no be struck or viewed as a target to move towards if the Camouflage is active.

ConfuseA character under the impact of Confuse automatically performs a regular attack to a arbitrarily target, through a 50:50 possibility to assault an enemy or a teammate.

If the adversary team is safeguarded by a human Shield effect, the odds space 50:50 to strike the person shield professional or a teammate. The confused strike will always act prior to regular teammate actions.Weapon impacts that trigger when attacking have the right to still activate when attacking while confused.

Critical UpThis status rises a character’s odds that they will carry out a an important hit when making an Attack.

Adrenaline Rushes cannot become a critical hit. This number is not a % value. A score of +100 Crit go not median the character will crit 100% the the time.

CrosshairsIf a character dies while they have this result active, that character is decapitated and also cannot it is in revived.

DazeA personality under the result of Daze deserve to no much longer perform an active Skill action while the Daze is active. Debilitating status.

DecapitateA personality under the impact of Decapitate cannot be revived by any means.

Defense Boost/PenaltyThese Statuses change a character’s existing Defense stat. The math and also the rules space the same as the strike status above.

Defense down BlockA personality under the impact of Defense down Block will have actually any energetic Defense under statuses suppressed and be prevented from receiving brand-new Defense under statuses while the block is active.

DisarmA character influenced by Disarm will certainly not have the ability to use/trigger their one-of-a-kind weapon impacts (usually the third slot effect).

Permanent stat increases from tools still apply, however.

ElusiveA personality under the impact of Elusive won’t cause enemies come receive any AP indigenous the damages it causes when attacking, and also any enemy attacking a personality under the Elusive impact won’t knife AP indigenous their attack either.

ExhaustA character under the result of exhaust receives a stated amount of Maim damage for every 10% the AP gained from a rush, active, specialist skill, or weapon skill. This damages is no blocked by Guardian Shields.

AP obtained from normal attacks does not count towards triggering Exhaust.Weapons which offer extra AP because that normal strikes or taking damage does not cause Exhaust.Maim damage is handle instantly upon the affected character receiving the AP amount.For every interval of 10% gain, rounded down, Exhaust will certainly deal that is damage.Example:Exhaust = 100 Maim DamageAP acquired = 25%Damage handle = 200If the lot of AP acquired is much less than 10%, then no Maim damages is dealt.Maim damage dealt indigenous Exhaust deserve to be resisted.Exhaust does not protect against the afflicted character from receiving the created AP; it only deals damage when AP is gained.Exhaust only deals damages for “actual” AP received.Example:A character is in ~ 95% AP and receives 50% AP native a rush – they execute not gain Exhaust damage because they only received 5% AP.

FocusA personality under the result of emphasis cannot be forced to auto assault if under Taunt or Confuse, and they space able come target any kind of fighter under a person shield’s shield.

Player managed focused characters will display screen a blue ring glow approximately their character portrait.

Heal over TimeA character through a Heal over Time impact will recuperate the stated amount of health at the start of your team’s turn.

The initial healing happens immediately. For example, a personality whose sirloin is “Heal one Teammate because that 30% of your max HP because that 2 turns” will instantly heal the ally for 30% and also apply a Heal gradually status. At the begin of that character’s following turn, the impacted character will receive one more 30% heal, and the status will end.

Heal ReductionA character under the result of cure Reduction will certainly have any kind of healing provided to them lessened by the amount.

For example, a character v 1000 max HP receiving a 40% Heal would regularly obtain up come 400 health recovered. V a reduction of 40%, castle would only receive 240 HP in healing. This uses to both resurgence health and also regular healing. A heal Reduction that 100% will an outcome in no healing received and likewise block renewal while it is active.

ImpairA character under the impact of Impair have the right to no longer get AP or execute an Adrenaline Rush action while the impair is active.

InfectionAfter a mentioned amount that turns, the afflicted personality is immediately killed uneven healed for a specified total of %HP before the expression expiring.

MaimMaim damages is a specific type of damages that transaction a level amount of damages rather 보다 being calculated through Attack and Defense stats.

A personality afflicted through Maim damage will have actually their max HP diminished by the exact same amount as the amount of Maim damages received. This affects the % calculations for exactly how much heal they receive. Maim damage can be stacked, reduce max HP every time a brand-new instance of Maim happens.

NormalizeA personality under the result of Normalize obtain no services or triggered effects from your Specialist Skill.

Any Preexisting effect or Specialist ability (such as protective shields) room not influenced by Normalize

Pain SplitA personality that supplies Pain break-up will use a condition to their highest possible HP ally and themselves.

A character have the right to only have actually one Pain break-up status used at a time. Because that example, if ally A has the highest possible HP, if ally B offers Pain separation they will sign up with with A. If ally C then additionally uses pains Split, then B’s standing will be removed, and also A+C will certainly be offered the status. When the status is active, if either character takes damage, the damage they would typically receive is split evenly across both attached characters.

SlowA personality under the result of slow has the AP price of your rush raised by a percentage value when the standing is active.

StunA character under the impact of Stun can no much longer perform any kind of actions throughout their team’s turn while the shock is active.

If a character starts their revolve stunned and is recovered of stun by an ally, climate they can make their activity for that turn. If they were stunned together a result of acquisition their action, recovering the stun will not provide them a brand-new action the turn.3rd Slot impacts from weapons obtain disarmed as soon as stunned.

TauntA personality under the effect of Taunt automatically performs a continuous attack versus the character that offered them the taunt status.

The taunted assault will constantly act prior to regular teammate actions. Weapon impacts that create when attacking deserve to still activate as soon as attacking if taunted. Taunt provides added AP to the taunting character when that character is assaulted by the taunted enemies. If the beginning target that the Taunt dies, the Taunt status is removed.

TraumaA personality under the effect of Trauma receive a stated amount the unmitigatable damages each time another an adverse status result is withstood by the character or recovered from that character.

Whenever you eliminate a debuff the enemy will take it a stated amount the damage. This stacks for every circumstances of a debuff removed.Trauma chin is not counted towards the debuff removed.Trauma damages is not mitigated and does the complete amount of damage.If Trauma to be to be recovered (e.g. – recuperate all penalties), the is recovered last.

Critical DamageCritical damages increases the damages given on crucial attacks. This is synthetic on top of the continuous 150% damages multiplier of an important hits.

GrazeGraze has a chance of reducing incoming damages from any type of kind of source: regular, rush, Maim.

Trait BoostTrait boost adds 1.5 damage when attacking directly or indirectly (Area the Effect and splash damages rushes) a target of that trait.

Trait ResistanceTrait Resistance to reduce incoming damage from one attacker the that details trait. If an attacker triggers an strike with a more powerful trait weapon effect, the trait checked for resistance is the strike trait rather the attacker’s trait.

Status result ResistanceOffers a flat percentage chance to stand up to a particular Status Effect. Status impact Resistance obtained from multiple resources will stack through each other.

Life StealWhen performing an attack, obtain a flat amount of HP back.ReflectOffers a chance to reflect a portion of damages received earlier to the Enemy. Note: The key percentage number displayed in the mod details tab is the amount of damage reflected and not the chance to reflect the damage received.


ArmorA pedestrian under Armor status always prevents any kind of incoming attacks from being an important Hits.

BeheaderA pedestrian under Beheader standing will instantly decapitate any kind of opponent that it kills.

CoverA walker under the Cover condition will split any kind of incoming damage with their Cover pair akin to Pain Split. However, if Pain break-up is always evenly divided, sheathe may have different department rates.

HiddenA walker under the effect of this condition cannot be actively targeted by adversaries that execute not have an energetic Focus status.

IgnitedA walker under Ignite condition will Burn enemies that are surrounding to it after finishing a movement action.

KeenSenseA pedestrian under Keen feeling status is immune come Camouflage condition on the foe team.

Move UpA walker under move Up buff will relocate farther top top its motion action.

Move DownA pedestrian under move Down nerf will move much less on its movement action.

Walker ShieldA pedestrian under the effect of this standing will have 70% of just arrive damage absorbed by the surrounding walker offering the status.


BeheadingBeheading is the union of two Specialist Skills, Execution and also Decapitate. Thus, when this character death an enemy, that character cannot be restored by any means. Moreover, if this character assaults an adversary with much less than 20% HP remaining, the assault will do enough damages to death it.

This specialist ability is overridden by Tenacity, if relevantThis specialist skill can be blocked by a Guardian Shield or pure Defense weaponThe Decapitate part of this skill applies to Adrenaline sirloin and active Skill assaults as well

BerserkerWhenever this character takes damage, they obtain +20% attack until the end of their following turn, in addition to any existing assault increases, consisting of prior activations the this skill.

This bonus stacks multiplicatively with any other assault altering statusesAny source of damage (Bleed, Reflect damage Weapons, puzzled teammates, fight Items, Attacks, and also Damaging Adrenaline Rushes), might all cause this effect

BideThis character shop the damages it takes native attacks, energetic abilities, and also rushes. After reaching 2000 stored damage (or if the Defend activity is used), transaction 150% of the stored damage to 1 adversary immediately. Stored damages is reset to 0 after ~ use. Bide does not trigger if this personality is killed.

Bide damage cannot it is in mitigated (same together “Payback damage”).Damage end Time results (e.g. – Bleed, Burn) carry out not add towards Bide.Stun (or other regulate effects) does not prevent Bide from immediately triggering.When making use of the Defend activity prior to Bide instantly triggering, the right now stored damages (+150%) is released. In other words, Bide have the right to be used before reaching the 2000 threshold, yet will deal whatever damages is save (+150%) at the moment of release.When managed by the AI, the AI will create Bide manually (i.e. – via the safeguard Action) if the stored Bide damage is sufficient to death an enemy.When provided on an attack team, and also Bide is manually motivated (via the safeguard Action), the Bide damages will be directed at the right now selected / target enemy.If an enemy reasons Bide to cause automatically, then that enemy will get the Bide damage.

Bide IIFunctions the very same as Bide, yet instead stores damage equal come 30% that the character’s Max HP.

BloodthirstWhenever this character assaults a character suffering from Bleeding, the damages of that Bleeding impact is doubled. Target deserve to be doubled as soon as per turn. If this personality performs a crititcal fight on an enemy, the adversary gets corsshairs for 3 turns.

Collateral DamageWhen this character performs a vital attack on one enemy, they will deal splash damages (50% damage) to approximately two surrounding enemies. The surrounding enemies perform not obtain AP native the damage.

This splash damage is equivalent to 50% the an strike the fighter would certainly make versus the nearby target, no 50% the the damages dealt come the major target.

Collateral damages IIWhen this character performs a vital attack on an enemy, they will certainly deal splash damages (100% damage) to approximately three nearby enemies. The surrounding enemies carry out not acquire AP native the damage.

This splash damages is indistinguishable to 100% the an attack the fighter would make versus the nearby target, no 100% of the damages dealt to the primary target.

CommandWhen this personality defends, the previous ally to take it an activity this rotate will receive a bonus action. That ally will be can not to action the next turn.

The specialist will gain the extra defense status bonus from a regular defend activity as well together triggering Command’s effectThe same character might not be given multiple extra Command actions on the same turn.

ConfoundingWhen this character performs a an essential attack on one enemy, they will certainly confuse them because that 1 turn. Confused characters will not usage rushes or active skills and have actually a opportunity to attack a random teammate.

CutthroatWhen this personality performs an attack or damaging sirloin on one enemy, if the foe is afflicted by any type of of the complying with statuses: stun, daze, normalize, impair, taunt or confuse, their damages is enhanced by 50%.

Cutthroat IIWhen this character performs an assault or damaging sirloin on an enemy, if the enemy is afflicted by any kind of of the adhering to statuses: stun, daze, normalize, impair, taunt or confuse, their damages is boosted by 100%.

DisarmingThis character will certainly never cause a special or epos weapon result that activates when an adversary character is defending.When this personality lands a an important hit on one opponent, they cause 2 turns of the Disarm condition for the target.Disarmed personalities lose any type of slot 3 Special effects granted by your weapons.

DecapitateWhen this character kills an enemy, lock will placed the decapitate standing on the enemy, which stays clear of that foe from gift revived.

DexterityDexterity is the union of 2 Specialist Skills, Tenacity and also Evasion. If this specialist takes damage, the amount take away is reduced based upon their present AP. The more AP the specialist has the less damages they take. If this specialist’s health is over 20% and they take damages that would kill them, their wellness is lessened to 19% of their max health and wellness instead.

This reduction can not take the damage listed below 0 to result in a healing effect.It will certainly not create in the case of damage being Maim type.

ExecutionWhen this character attacks an enemy that has actually 20% HP or less, the adversary will be instantly defeated.

This specialist ability is overridden by Tenacity and Dexterity (which combines evasion and also tenacity), if relevantThis professional skill have the right to be blocked by a Guardian Shield or absolute Defense weaponThis ability does not apply to Adrenaline sirloin attacks.Adrenaline Rush assaults that space multi-hit simple attacks can execute.

EvasionWhenever this character takes damage, lock will minimize the amount based upon their present AP multiplied by 1.2

This reduction have the right to not take it the damage below 0 to result in a healing effect.

FirestarterWhenever this character attacks a character experiencing from Burning, an nearby target will certainly be influenced with a copy of that Burning effect. This burn copy doesn’t ridge with any kind of other burn instance nor deserve to it replace any kind of other burn instance on the surrounding target.

Follow UpWhen a character through Follow increase performs its an initial kill that the turn with an strike or adrenaline rush, they will get a bonus action. Any type of following kill in the same revolve will not grant a brand-new action.

GuardianWhen this personality performs a an essential attack on an enemy, lock will apply a damages negating Shield on one ally v the shortest HP. The Shield will certainly remain active until that negates 1 just arrived attack against that ally.

A maximum of one Guardian shield have the right to be used to a team per turn with this skill.The shield will block and also be spend by just arrive damage strikes / ARs.The shield does no block incoming effects that space statuses only.The shield will block and also be spend by incoming impacts that are damages alongside a status.The shield is used at the time of the crucial hit occurring.The Guardian experts may provide a shield to themselves if they are the lowest HP on their team.

Guardian IIFunctions the very same as Guardian, but uses shields to the 2 lowest HP allies.

A maximum of two Guardian shields deserve to be applied to a team per revolve with this skill.

HeadhunterIf this character performs a crucial hit on an enemy, the adversary gets “Crosshairs” for 3 turns.

HemorrhageWhen this specialist lands a critical Hit on an enemy, that enemy suffers excessive bleeding that worsens every turn. (+150 bleed damages per turn)

This special bleed can stack alongside normal bleeds.This deserve to be recovered v Bleed recuperate abilities.

Hold The LineFor every dead teammate, this specialist receives +25% Defense and +25% Attack.

This status have to refresh and also update as soon as a new turn begins or a teammate either die or is revivedIf the teammate is eliminated by an AoE damages that also hits the specialist, this buff is used after damages is taken and also the teammate’s fatality is processedThese bonuses stack with any type of existing buffs, including prior activations that this skill.If you dispel the HTL Buff from the Specialist, it will be given earlier in the following skill update.

Human ShieldWhile this personality is defending, all attacks from human opponents may just target them

This restriction deserve to be bypassed by characters under the impact of Focus.When defending, a character likewise gains a +50% defense bonus.

IndomitableWhile not Stunned, at any time this personality takes damage, they obtain +30% Defense until the begin of their following turn, in addition to any type of existing Defense increases, including prior activations the this skill.

This bonus stacks multiplicatively with any other Defense altering statusesAny source of damage (Bleed, Reflect damages Weapons, confused teammates, fight Items, Attacks, and also Damaging Adrenaline Rushes), might all trigger this effectStunning the specialist will not remove current stacks, but simply prevent an ext from being generated.When the defense bonus is gotten rid of by an active skill effect (like remove optimistic status effects) the Indomitable defense bonus will certainly be reset to 0.

LaceratorWhenever this character attacks a character enduring from Bleeding (hemorrhage included), double the damages of that bleeding effect. The Lacerator can only cause this result once per turn.

The Lacerator deserve to only create this result once per rotate on a target, yet can, if commanded, lacerate 2 separate targets top top the same turn.

Life StealWhen this character lands a vital hit, lock will restore 15% of their max health.

If death a character who has the Parting Shot specialist skill, the Lifesteal result should occur prior to Parting Shot’s result is resolved.This capacity can cure Infection even if the character is at 100% HP.

Lightning ReflexesWhen this personality is no stunned, and is target by one opponent’s Adrenaline rush that causes damage, they will automatically counterattack.

This assault will occur prior to the enemy activates your Rush’s effect. If the target the the counterattack is killed, their rush will certainly not get to in reality take effect.If the target the the counterattack is killed and also has Parting Shot, your Parting shot will follow the counterattack.This attack will never cause weapon impacts from either character.

ManicEvery turn, if this character’s HP is at or listed below 75% the their health (excludes Bonus HP), this personality gains 50% additional AP in ~ the start of that turn.

The professional cannot acquire the additional AP if impaired.

NeutralizeWhen this character attacks an adversary that has actually 80% Adrenaline or more, the foe will it is in Impaired because that 1 turn. Impaired personalities cannot acquire AP or use Adrenaline Rushes.

The AP generated by the Neutralize specialist damages is not taken into account come the 80% threshold. For example, a character has a max AP that 76. 76 * 80% = 61 ap, because of this if the character has 61 or an ext ap, they have the right to be neutralized.

On A RollThis character’s attack increases by +20% in ~ the start of each revolve after the first, as much as a max that 120% after 6 turns. Bonus resets if killed, stunned, or impaired.

It can stack v other strike boosts.Stacking is multiplicative.

OutlastWhen this specialist is defeated, their death is delayed for 1 turn and they may still act, and gain 100% AP.

For the objectives of win/lose conditions and revives, the character is treated together living.The character need to be ignored in heal targetingThe character will certainly actually die once the status wears outThe fighter might not be target by adversary attacks, but they have the right to be affected by statuses.AP will not it is in granted if Outlast professional is under impair status.

OverhealIf this character to be to it is in healed over 100% HP, this character gains Bonus HP equal to 50% that the amount healed over 100%. Because that example, character is in ~ 80% HP, and also receives 50% Heal, it will certainly fill their HP, and the 30% staying (80% – 50%) will certainly be converted right into 15% Bonus HP (50% of 30%).

The personality cannot receive Bonus HP so the it goes over its max HP (Maim cap applied).

Parting ShotIf this personality is killed by a straight enemy attack (damage end time effects do not count), castle will immediately perform a guaranteed critical attack against the enemy.

This skill will not create when being eliminated by another Parting ShotIf the damages from Parting Shot death the enemy, the enemy’s fatality is counting as arising before the specialist’s death.If this skill kills the critical enemy during a PvP match or the final wave that a PvE stage, bring about all characters being dead, the specialist’s team will be the winner.If before the fatal assault the Parting Shot specialist is stunned, it will not trigger parting shot.

PaybackIf this character were to take an ext than 30% of your max HP (Maim lid applied) indigenous a single Rush, or energetic Skill, transaction that very same damage back to the attacker and up to 2 additional enemies.

ResilientThis character has actually a 50% resistance versus all standing effects. This stacks with all other resistances.

Stacks additively – if the character has a 50% or more resistance mod, the long lasting specialist i do not care immune to claimed status effect.

RetributionWhen this character is defeated, every one of the character’s surviving teammates will immediately receive up to 25% of your max AP.

If teammate has complete AP, it may not receive any kind of AP.If a teammate is impaired they will not receive any type of AP.

Retribution IISame as standard retribution, however teammates acquire 50% of your max HP

TenacityIf this character’s health and wellness is over 20% and they take damage that would kill them, their wellness will be diminished to 19% of your max HP instead.

It will not trigger in case of damages being Maim type.

VitalityAt the start of each turn, this professional regains health based on the quantity of unspent adrenaline it has. Complete AP provides them 20% of their max HP healing, anything listed below that is a direct interpolation. So, fifty percent AP full provides 10% max HP healing.

Waste NotWhen this specialist death an foe with an strike or Adrenaline Rush, any excess damage is dealt to one surrounding target.

This calculation occurs after any kind of reductions native Evasion, Weapon Effects, etcThe difference between damage and also HP is dealt as a brand-new instance the flat damages to a random adjacent ally of the TargetThis damage is flat and also thusly walk not should account for the strike or defense stats of the affiliated fightersThis reasonable does not use again if the overflow damages kills the an additional target

Understanding Weapon Effects and their triggers:

When an impact states “When attacking…”, that result has opportunity to create when the fighter performs a regular strike (Multi strike ARs are considered as consecutive continual attacks).When an effect states “When defending…”, that impact has opportunity to cause when the fighter is not stunned, and is gift targeted (must be the main target, Collateral damages or Splash damage extra targets carry out not cause defensive weapon effects) by a regular assault (Multi strike ARs are taken into consideration regular assault as consecutive regular attacks)…When an result states “When killing…”, that effect has possibility to create when the fighter kills the target (must be major targeted, Collateral damages or Splash damage extra targets carry out not cause killing weapon effects) .

Keep in mental that throughout an strike routine both ‘when attacking’ and ‘when defending’, impacts are calculation immediately. The being said, if one on assault stun total stuns the target, the target still has actually a chance to create its very own defending impacts for the attack. Same story because that on killing and defending shock gun. If the attacker death the target and also the target stuns the attacker, that still can create its on death effect.

Weapon effects … and some survival road walkers effects.

Generic +x(%) Increases the equipped character’s appropriate stat. This stacks v leader skills. (Multiplicative because that %, Additive because that non % )

Bonus AP as soon as AttackingAdd a level amount that AP come AP got when make a effective attack.The amount of the bonus counts on the Prefix offered in the ability description:

Minor bonus: +3Small bonus: +4Medium bonus: +5Large bonus: +7Very huge bonus: +8Huge bonus: +10

Bonus AP once taking damageIncreases the proportion of AP gained per % that Max HP taken together damage

Conditional (Attack/Defense/Crit) BonusA wide variety of weapon effects fall under this umbrella (ex. “35% Def as soon as taking damages from opponents with much more than 60% of their HP”), and simply grant their described bonus come stats because that the relevant assault instance. As soon as the strike is resolved, the appropriate fighters’ stats go ago as castle were prior to the effect.

Conditional Status/ActionA wide variety of weapon results fall under this umbrella. (ex. “When killing an enemy, a much better chance come revive a teammate with 40% HP and +100% Def because that 1 turn”, “When attacking, a far better chance to impair the foe for 3 turns”, “Receive +20% AP in ~ the start of every wave”) These results simply wait because that the trigger condition, perform a check versus their odds to activate (if relevant), and also then deal with the described action much as an Adrenaline rush or energetic Skill that used the same result would. The trigger chance is identified by the prefix provided in the ability description:

Better: 35% opportunity it will happenGreat : 50% possibility it will happen

Absolute DefenseWhile not stunned, whenever this personality is targeted by a continual attack, over there is a possibility of to reduce that damage to 0. The odds is a flat percentage possibility not influenced by defense, attack, statuses, or noþeles else. That doesn’t avoid Execution.

Double AttackWhen performing a consistent attack, over there is a chance of make a 2nd attack causing 150% of continuous damage. This 2nd attack doesn’t create AP. The odds is a level percentage chance not influenced by defense, attack, statuses or anything else. It may reason the Indomitable skill to create twice.

AP at start waveAt the start of a wave, before the activation the the user’s team, the pertinent character may receive some AP if not impaired.

AP generation top top Defense:Defending teams obtain a bonuse to AP generation, contrasted to attacking teams. The defending team it s okay a bonus 40% AP as soon as attacking and a bonus 100% AP as soon as taking damage.

Splash DamageWhen performing a consistent attack, over there is a chance of giving added damage come the target’s surrounding allies bring about 80% of the damage a continuous attack against those surrounding characters would certainly do.

Stronger TraitWhen performing a continual attack, there is a chance the damage will it is in modified come the trait kind advantageous end the opponent’s trait. Can still technically cause if there is currently advantage, yet doesn’t give dual effectiveness.

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Reflect DamageWhile no stunned, at any time this character is targeted by a regular attack, there is a chance of handle 80% the the just arrive damage back to the attacker. The odds is a flat percentage possibility not impacted by defense, attack, statuses or something else. In the instance that a Parting shoot attacker dies from the reflect damage, it won’t cause Parting shooting on the target.