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Wondering why my VTM-4 light comes on and why 4WD won’t engage. I have a 2005 Honda Pilot EX-L 4WD. I have actually no TPMS sensors ~ above the tires so mine tpms light and “flat tire” light is constantly on, I also have a check engine light because that a o2 sensor (that i changed 8 months back so not certain if it’s bad or if that the reality that i could have a bad catalytic converter) I’m usually wondering if any type of of those worries with my automobile might be throwing mine VTM-4 light on. Recently went camping got into a instance where i required to use 4WD and it wouldn’t engage despite doing everything correctly, so i can’t phone call if those other concerns are disengaging my 4WD or if my 4WD is screwed. Would certainly appreciate feedback thanks.

brunettebunnie ... Write-up whatever codes you have actually for net discussion. List any type of maintenance item that have been completed like trans fluid, rear diff organization etc. Neighborhood auto parts stores prefer Advance/Autozone can do free scans.

Code on auto is P2240, nothing maintenance done various other than oil readjust and brand-new tires haven’t had the automobile long just for a year. Don’t really require to gain anything scanned, have a scanner at residence for codes.

Check the end this video clip perhaps this might enhance the troubles you are having actually otherwise it has a great overview that servicing the behind diff fluid.
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Yes, definitely adjust out your VTM-4 liquid (no substitutes), specifically if you have actually no document of it ever being done.
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Yes, definitely readjust out your VTM-4 fluid (no substitutes), particularly if you have actually no record of it ever being done.
Check out this video clip perhaps this might complement the difficulties you are having actually otherwise it has actually a great overview that servicing the behind diff fluid.

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In most cases, if you have an impaired emissions system triggering the examine engine irradiate (CEL), that will certainly disable the VTM-4 system. The VTM-4 light illuminates and also the switch is no longer active on the dash.Honda incorporated the rear differential with the motor, so that anytime the vehicle is underpowered (anything to execute with emissions, misfires, etc.) the computer effectively disables the VTM system. The computer system thinks your vehicle is underpowered, so by disabling the VTM this directs every the power to the front wheels, which in effect turns her AWD right into a 2WD Pilot.My guess: v is there"s most likely nothing wrong with your rear end/VTM-4 system, and also if you fix the O2 sensor problem your VTM system will likely go earlier online. If you have a scanner the reads the VTM system and Honda codes you deserve to determine if you have actually a separate problem with the rear end, yet you"ll definitely need to deal with the CEL.